View Full Version : Who wants a trebuchet?!

10-18-2012, 10:33 PM
Okay, who needs a medieval Trebuchet to toss pumpkins & such?
This is a WORKING catapult, built as a bizarre little sideshow game at a popular St Paul Halloween haunt. It is small compared to its historic cousins, but is a fairly faithful copy of those siege engines. It is approximately 8' long x 6' high plus the 8' throwing arm. It has two stabilizing legs making it 8' wide, while the main structure is approx 3' wide. I made it to be broken down to its components so it may be easier to transport and store.
No, I do not know how big an object it will throw, or how far. That greatly depends on how much weight one puts in the gravity box (pea gravel may work best). It works beautifully, but I myself did not operate it at the haunt event.
Ideal for people like me who watch "The Addams Family" and thinks they're perfectly nice, normal people.
Priced to move, surely won't last - New pieces start at $4,000, and go up from there.

"Release the prisoners"!

11-27-2012, 10:53 AM
This piece has been moved to a new location for sale, and is now listed at $2,000. New ones can be made, and the price per will vary on the size and complexity of the new machine. Like many of my creations, both large and small, we can discuss, design and build to suit your needs!