View Full Version : Guess where I am right now?!

10-23-2012, 04:43 PM
BLACKOUT IN NEW YORK WITH 7 FRIENDS! And it's sketchy as fuck, review to come! :) Wish us luck! Hahaha

10-24-2012, 12:39 AM

For anyone who isn't a freak who likes S&M, you will be disturbed. Otherwise you might get a stiffy.

Luckily, I was highly disturbed and felt really satisfied for making it through. I can see why they're sold out for the rest of their season already...

They have NO costumes. It's a maze of black curtains. And they're ballsy enough to put the exit NEXT to the entrance. It's so well choreographed and professionally done it isn't funny.

It was clever. I will freely admit I was mindf*cked from the start. And although a few actors were naked or got naked...it didn't click in my head that they were really naked until AFTER I got out...the stuff they had you do and perform made me more sick and want to cringe as opposed to scared. It was honestly a new definition of disturbing. Having to hold a music box to my ear while dancing with a naked man was just uncomfortable, then having some chick vomit on me, put a bag over my head and be actually licked and bitten was just insane and uncomfortable, only to have a practically naked girl shove my hand in a bucket of what was really convincing poop and then being given pliers and sent into a room where a girl had her teeth ripped out by me apparently was just really REALLY twisted. And at one point....I can't even repeat in words what I think was done...so much happened and it was just.....terrible...major kudos to their professionalism though, I still felt safe and was glad I went, an experience well worth the money.

Then drinking in Times Scare afterwards and almost getting a tattoo at a bar was just great! Lol. A very fun night in New York City, and in a few hours I have a chem lecture...so goodnight :)

10-24-2012, 12:26 PM
That sounds incredible! I want to go if for nothing else just to see this!