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10-26-2012, 10:49 PM
I withdrew our name from a local "vote for your favorite haunt" thing with a local tv stations website. It was a farce. People were on facebook admiting voting for a haunt they had never been to because it was a relative of a relative...friend of a friend. Seriously though...I DO NOT EVEN WANT TO BE PART OF THAT BULLSHIT. I contacted the tv. station ad salesman I dealt with and told him my website made reference to the vote we were part of and my website said the vote was as refer to on the farm "what came out of the west end of a bull facing the sunrise". We were promptly removed. Lunacy to turn down the free info I suppose.

This vote was nothing more than a farce to get people onto the tv. stations website. Probably ruffled some feathers in my relatives because I got on their facebook status where they said "vote for Bestmaze" and said while I appreciated their enthusiasm and support it was nothing I wanted them doing...cease and desist basically.

Wicked Farmer

10-27-2012, 02:35 AM
I also have noticed a certain website that rates haunted houses across the country and noticed 2005 pics for the haunted houses that they rated. I know you should not show the new pics so you do not ruin the show but those are WAY old. When was the last time they were really out at the haunt? Questions/ Questions