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05-18-2007, 05:51 AM
I am taking orders for custom 4x8 sheet clown panels, I have been doing the panels in florescent ( blacklight ) paint, ( Email me for pictures ) which if used with 3d glasses look very nice. ( or you may choose not to use the 3d glasses they still look nice ) If you are interested in custom work shoot me a message or email me. If you are interested in other panel artwork please let me know and we will see what we can do. There are panels out there costing 250.00 a piece we will beat this price by more than half at 100.00 per panel or a package deal of 10 for 700.00

We are open to offers.... If the package price isnt appealing to you, contact us with an offer and we will see what we can work out.
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(((( ( Tell us what you think we love criticism ..... ) ))))
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Brian Halm
Malicious Studios

Website will up and running soon, but you can find us on myspace


We are currently doing some panels for Terror Town - Mark Roberts
here are some examples below....


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05-18-2007, 09:58 AM
Thank You for he nice reply,
we have made the prices tollerable. ( I think )
But I am sure I will hear that they are priced way too high. I figure others sell their work for 250.00 per panel and that is a bit high. We will have other pieces for sale soon, full bodies, torsos, flatbacks and etc. We have been working for a couple independent film companies and havent had the extra time to get any stock built up. Independent films are fun Im sure you know....


05-19-2007, 04:42 AM
Brian, When someone tells me that our items are NICE but to much money, I simply ask them whats their time worth, I recently lowered the prices on all of my products, only to be told againat the next TRADESHOW NICE but to much money...... when you break it down in time , ask yourself how much are you making a hour to paint those Panels, Is it really to much money?

Frighteners Entertainment
05-19-2007, 04:47 AM
That is true!!
BTW, nice work!

Jim Warfield
05-19-2007, 06:13 AM
Those people who demand a "Discount" to go through my house , who have never been through my house , are the ones who really get to my sore-spot!
It would be as if I told the Ferrari dealer that he's just selling a car.
Cars aren't That expensive. I wunt a discount.
I really try to remain nice and friendly for at least the first five minutes of such a stupid debate then I may point out the value of the car they are owning compared to the value of my car...why should I give you a discount? We are usually comparing a new or year old BMW, Mercedes to my 1989 Olds station wagon.
Being an azz-payne to maybe save a dollar? They must not be enjoying their money-spending too much?
Suks to be them! HAHAHAHA!

05-21-2007, 06:08 PM
It really surprises me that I didnt get too many bites on the panels.... I thought for sure someone ( out of almost 200 views ) would see it and want something done. Hell, I even said that I was open to offers..... anyways, I dont think I will be dropping the price any further, (( Can you believe that I had 2 people ask if I would sell 2 - 5 panels at 25.00 a piece? )) Kind of insulting ... Nope.... sorry when you look at the price of material what is my time worth? 10.00 ?? Anyways as for the rest of you, if you are interested.... contact me and we wil see what we can work out I am a little flexible just not that flexible.

Greg Chrise
05-21-2007, 09:50 PM
The going rate established by Stewart Smith Airbrush Guru is $5 per square foot. If it is on a panel, it is plus materials so, your price is fair. Unfortunately to market them you have to have them all done and here they are for sale, firm. And september is here, better hurry.

Then if they don't get serious offers it might be the level of detail like they need to have clown themes back grounds instead of just black or accents with airbrush shadows etc.

I can easily see 6 hours involved in such a panel at least the first time around with a design. With big stencils or projection and doing a great number at one time it might be lessened to 3 hours per panel in performance.

You will have to realize that some forum "potential customers" were making cardboard puppet stages in their mother's basement just last year or the year before. They are still getting over the sticker shock of a real submersible submarine that seats 2 that you can put in your pool for $6.38 plus shipping and handling from the back of a comic book. I saw this add 45 years ago and I still want one just to see what it is.

You will have to have the merchandise ready to go, be able to show pictures of it and even still, it might take weeks or months waiting for the real customers schedual and desired quality to match when or if these are needed. People will get desperate later in the year what to fill in with. The total time delay needs to be it ships in a week rather than I can have them done in a week and a half and they will then be on the road another week if every thing goes right.

The ones selling at $250 and $300 a panel are very groovy 3-D designs and are using the $100 per gallon paint, most likely fire retarded and included all the shipping details.

Some design time went into the development of the image, ( the selected images out of many proposed) some expense went into the person doing it, the materials, the shop it was constructed in, someone answering the phone, someone posting on a web site, and paying taxes on all of this oraganization. To make it worth it, it was marked up a bit or it wouldn't be worth investing in, having the space to set them in and so on.

Or, you just put on a show and the patrons pay per view and you never have to sell and make more like some kind of a job or something.

05-22-2007, 06:31 PM
Okay, first of all, ... I am using the same paint everyone uses for blacklight applications. yes its not cheap I believe the last gallon was 160.00 per gallon ...and who said that there wasnt going to be backgrounds to these pictures? second, you seem to miss the definition
" CUSTOM " ( if I am doing "CUSTOM" panels how do I keep them in stock? ) And finally .... third, noone has panels in stock go ahead ask around if they are doing custom work they usually either do the work in their shop ( like us ) or they drive or fly to the haunt and do the " custom " work in person. You say I do shotty work ?? The panels shown are examples of what is being done " works in progress if you will " The reason other companies sell their panels for 250.00 a piece is due to the fact that its hard damn work, and not everyone is born with the talent to do the work. Allot of thought ( DID ) go into the artwork I am painting I did not just throw them together. I will say this.... " the panels look 10 times better now that they are almost finished." I am sure that anyone from the biggest haunt to the smallest would be proud to display them in their clownhouse. The panels at this price are a BIG bargin.... If they dont sell for 100.00 per panel then they wont sell at all.... 25.00 per panel is an insult I dont care who you are sir.... its insulting. They will grace the halls of some fine local haunts and those that want the panels for 25.00 will miss out on a hell of a deal.
( just ask anyone who has seen the panels in person )
25.00 a panel is just silly. Am I the best ( no ) I am decent yes.... cheap prices for decent work. I would never be referred to as a " Guru " no would I want to. The problem in this industry is that allot of people have big heads they think they are the best at what they do. Its easy to loose to loose touch we get blinded by technology and forget about simplicity. Sometimes ...NO ALLOT of times it is the " small guys " that produce good things. For example.... look at the horror film industry, who is making movies these days ? Spielberg? Wes Craven ? Nope its the independents the small guys making movies these days.

05-22-2007, 07:48 PM
Hello, for those of you still interested in the panels.... ( even though Im not a "Guru" ) here are a couple of new pictures. REMEMBER these arent done yet, I will finish them next time ( yes some with backgrounds ) and yes Im using expensive paint with an expensive airbrush.... blah

White light makes these panels look okay but they truley look cool under blacklight with 3d glasses !!

Picture #1 White background is only primer....


Picture #2 Straight Jacket Clown is painted on crappy paneling it will be repainted.


Picture #3 Jack in the box is almost done maybe next time.


Jim Warfield
05-22-2007, 09:56 PM
Maybe I am beyound comprehending any of this, but clown pictures on a wall?
Personal taste? It just comes acrost as ??? I dunno?
What are they supposed to do for the customer? Distract them?

I know my ideas aren't usually exactly like anybody else's for the most part but I do try to give the customer at least something strange to think about, if indeed that part of their brain has made the trip? (Which it doesn't always)
I am not the "Master" of any artistic discipline by anybody's standards, I do what I can do to ellict a laugh, scream, groan, some kind of reaction that might find it's memory playfully tucked away within their brain to enjoy much later, often, I hope.
Here is a description of a wall painting I made here and have had on display for many years: It is a 4ft. wide by almost 8 ft. high panel.
I have attempted to duplicate a sleezy 1950's Men's Magazine cover.
There is a painting of a circus train stuck at a railroad crossing in Iowa.
A big game hunter is shooting the lions and tigers in their cages as the train sits there."The Great Iowa Tiger Hunt!"
"Buddy Rimmington's Hunting Tips!"
One of the story teasers mentioned on the cover are "Nazi Babes!"
Those old magazines featured such silly fantasy drawings and storys regularly, scantilly clad Babes wearing mostly jack-boots, armbands , helmets and not much else as they bullwhip a helpless G.I. POW. (and this was light-years before "Ilsa She-Wolf Of The S.S" series of movies(which I could only stand to see 5 minutes of one of them).....
.....and then they turn a couple of corners and there are the" Nazi-Babes" waiting for them on top of the Panzer Mk.4 tank, right in the middle of the battle for Stalingrad!
I don't imagine that most people would have expected to find a World War Two German tank on the second floor of an 1880 Italianate house, but they just did!
(It is not full-scale but it is close enough to fool alot of people)

Greg Chrise
05-22-2007, 10:24 PM
I like the jack in the box one very much, I was trying to be supportive. I don't think anyone said they were shotty. I own some expensive airbrushes too (15 years) but, all too often people get on here telling the choir how much hard work it really is. It comes off like reasons not to do something only you don't know that yet. You didn't say in the first post that they were in progress. Not completed they look like the plywood cut out Santa you can buy at Christmas time that just haven't been jig sawed yet.

I have been in pricing conversations with supposed big names and they want to pay $6 a panel and dream of selling it to another party. The paint costs that much. In comparison, some of the work I have done if put into a square footage price is $175 per square foot. Needless to say, it never was going to happen.

There are diplomatic ways of just saying no thank you to an offer. It isn't necessarily the potential customer being a slug either, if you want inexpensive images, every town has a 36 inch gerber vinyl printing machine that they can go to and get clip art spit out.

So there must in addition to being cost effective be some tremendous benefits, like they have to look like $400 and sell for $100 and they support you because you are just hell of a nice guy.

I mentioned Stewart not to imply he is a guru or anything, but in the haunted house industry, he has done it and taken the jobs and worn out the air brushes and thrown them in the trash. It takes a lot of square footage to kill an airbrush and I never heard him tell anyone how tough it is to do. He is the example of expected behavior in what in reality is a very stingy customer base.

On the lower levels of buying power you have the art student willing to do it for free to show his work, the former tattoo artist that will do it for a case of beer and the never tiring Gerber Machine. Those that do get the money seem to only get one job.

Welcome to the machine.

Greg Chrise
05-22-2007, 11:41 PM
Hmmm, wonder how many $25 Christmas Elves I can get out of a piece of plywood? I think if they are doing something it's $35. A reindeer should be $35, all 8 for $250. The sleigh goes for $65 and Santa for $40, then you have the whole cottage industry of Flintstone characters in a nativity scene, then power rangers. Then a little snow white action and some of those little dudes.

I'm off to the dollar store tomorrow for coloring books. Hold all my calls.

I'm gonna work up to the half naked nazi babe werewolf thing, those should be $100 each. It'll be like the Raven's Grin Inn CGI Effect (carboard girl illusion)

Now the board is far away, now it is close to you, now it is far away again. Wow.

Greg Chrise
05-22-2007, 11:58 PM
I'll move to Montana and ride a pony pulling CO2 tanks in a little wagon airbrushing plywood cuttouts as we saunter around on the back 100 acres.

I'll drive a Cattle Lac on weekends bein a plywood cut out Tycoon.

Jim Warfield
05-23-2007, 08:07 AM
Your "Tycoon" territory will find tough going around Carroll County, Illinois. I have seen some retired gentlemen's yard display cut outs going for $2.50! They had about ten coats of thick, glossy paint, they will outlast the pyramids!
Even if the plywood and paint were free, he still wasn't making any Cattle-Lack-type munny.
Does AMT make any Cadillac models right now?
Drive THAT Cadillac through a village of monster cutouts of Snow-wight and Sleeping Booty, scary! They be so much taller than my 1/25th AMT Caddy!

05-24-2007, 05:43 PM
We are no longer taking orders for Custom Airbrushed Panels, We have enough business to finish at this time to keep us busy. We plan on starting lifecasting corpses for a couple businesses this year, this along with allot of the other props we have been making and the 75 panels we have to complete by October will more than fill the season with work. Thank You to those of you who placed orders and also thanks for all the positive comments.

Brian Halm
Malicious Studios