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Mr. Haunt
05-19-2007, 10:41 AM
I was wondering how many people use them? Who are they or what are they? Why did you choose this specific character? And do you have pictures of them?

I am planning on an icon character for my attraction, so I just wanted some ideas.


Jim Warfield
05-19-2007, 01:28 PM
I would suggest an icon that can be used in several personas.
A cartoon like character with an evil sneer might cover all the bases as far as what you may need upon different occassions.
A totally scary-looking, otherworldly creature might be too extreme if you need the icon to ever relate to a younger audience.
I used to have three icons: A human shape all dressed in black with a black cape with a blank white oval where the face should be, a pteradactly with a grin on his beak(impossible, of course) and Mr. Tuxedo , a black and white cat (if he was all black you couldn't see him in a dark setting.)
I used to dress like the black-caped figure for the first few years, so in essence that was supposed to sort of be me.
None of these would really be considered too frightening to most people, I do have a fair amount of young kids come here since I am a tourist attraction all summer long.
There also may be the eliment of showmanship to consider?
Showing a really scary, gory creature for your icon may not leave any suspense of discovery when they are then inside the house?
Showing portions of a thing can build anticipation and increase intrest, showing everything or the main attraction/monster might diminish the experience when it happens?

05-19-2007, 09:43 PM
Our icon is "The Teller Of The Tale" you can see a photo of him on our website under the Head Stones page. By using him the haunt can change into anything and it would always start with Teller, he would just be telling a new tale. This year Teller will be telling his tale on TVs in the Q line replacing the trailer we had last year. This will move the line faster as each group will not have to hear the story told to them, they will hear it before they get into the haunt but, Teller will be waiting for them at the Old Mill Bridge and will push open the barricade and say "I am the Teller of the tale, come to see if my tale is true have you? Well then, walk across the Old Mill bridge and see for yourself!". Halloween Horror Nights uses icons and the people love them, it makes for a great photo op too and gives you a creepy spokes person for the press. A good icon can add alot to your haunt, just make sure it is one of your best actors because you may have a great icon but it is the actor that will bring it to life.

05-20-2007, 06:31 AM
You might find this helpful...



Ben Armstrong

Mr. Haunt
05-20-2007, 10:42 AM
Thanks Ben for the link, I had printed this out and read it. I just wanted to see how many people used them and and if they worked well for their haunt.

Thanks Ice for telling me a little on your icon.


05-30-2007, 07:10 AM
Angus MacKenzie who was a minor lord in Scotland, came to the new world looking for money and power, his goal was to become a coal baron in northern WV and to assist in fueling Andrew Carnegie's US Steel Co. Angus was a shrewd businessman, but a fearsome master. His home was named Angus's Acres, but everyone else in the area called it Agony.

Angus MacKenzie kept his manor fenced and guarded and rarely accepted visitors. His staff was comprised of indentured Scots and Irish straight from the highlands and bogs of the islands. Angus was never seen without his beaver-felt hat or his lead handled bull-whip. It was widely accepted that the number of men that died from lashings could be determined by the notches cut into the handle of the whip. Angus was also known to chew on the brim of his hat in times of stress and anxiety. The way he died was tragic and by the time he did pass, he was quite mad. He had an unusual gait, as if he had been drinking, and his hair had come out in clumps to leave strands snaking out from under his top hat. His eyes darted about constantly as if he was watchful of everything. He trusted no one and rarely talked when he ventured out to go to town. The only contact any of the surrounding lands had with the estate was by speaking to Angus's chambermaid and faithful servant of decades, Livee, Livee Reabouts. After Angus's death, the grounds were opened, and his holdings were made available to the county.

The townspeople were aghast with what was found. Angus was more than bizarre and eccentric; he was corrupt and vicious, agonizing and tormenting, foul and violent, loathsome and despicable. His castle, for that is what his home was, contained various tools of torture, imprisonment and perversion. The abode also held implements of body disposal, including a crematorium and a warehouse of caskets.

Angus’s ranch was sold off piece by piece, but the land his manor was built on was never held for very long. The screams of souls seemed to rise up from the ground in agony, and every harvest season the current land-holder would disappear. It seemed the soul of Angus was forced to walk his acres for eternity. And so, this year you will experience the madness that the tenants of Angus' Acres were forced to endure as you visit with us at Agony Acres.

Jim Warfield
05-30-2007, 08:17 AM
Well that's all fine and good, Angus, but do you use an icon?
(I'm just being silly, pay me no mynde)

Sometimes I do get tired of telling the same true history of my haunted house and it's hauntings, but I keep on telling it. I add goofy humor to most of the story to make it more palatable, but the events are still true whether they make you laugh the way I choose to tell them or not.

The "Icon" of Mr. Tuxedo, Spookhouse Cat here, is seen on tee-shirts, in the kitchen and along the exit tunnel as a silly reminder not to take it all too seriously. (as if they need to be reminded?) hahahah!

Many years ago I would do a small amount of singing a silly bawdy tune during one part of the tour while wearing a plastic WW2 German helmet. As I would put the helmet on my head I would say that I was in the original "Zepplin" group. Some people began telling there friends that I was the original drummer for Lead Zepplin! ("Drummer"? maybe because I can't sing?)
People are strange.