View Full Version : Iaapa show 2012

11-18-2012, 11:45 PM
Okay let me give you some info on the show...

It wasn't really any different than any other year, didn't really see anything I didn't see last year, and the attendance was probably down a lot from the year before. I think it goes to show that IAAPA might be charging to much for entry, or that there is so much consolidation within the amusement industry that the buyers are just down overall.

Despite the fact this shows attendance was down, and there wasn't much different than the year before I still think the show was cool ... there was just so much different stuff being offered.

Transworld walked the show like crazy trying to find IAAPA vendors for TW. TW didn't hold any parties this year like they had in the past but several haunt owners decided to meet up at Bahama Breeze and everyone had fun. Overall I would say I saw about 50 haunt owners at the show plus tons more from overseas.

At any rate I'm going to upload some photos from the show. I'll upload them all over the next couple days.

I do suggest in the future you try to attend the show the show itself is almost nothing now but small business owners. Hardly any amusement parks are even there anymore just a bunch of FEC owners, haunters and everything between. I posted tons of photos on the Hauntworld Facebook page. Larry