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Gary Starr
11-23-2012, 12:46 PM
I have everthing from my haunted house for sale. It was outdoors made from panels and had a roof over it. I have items from oak island, GEP Vortex assembeled in building, a complete dental room equipment, real grave stones, lots of items new in boxes. Every thing is stored in semi container box.
you make contact me at the farm 785-246-0800. or by email gary @ frightmarefarm.com, I am 8 miles east of Topeka Kansas.
Thank you Gary Starr I have pictures on my face book garyspumpkinpatch.com.
GEP Vortex with mirrowed wall
Clastic Phobic full size walls -Oak Island
Kicker Man - oak island
Maggots and Flys - Oak Island - 3 1/2 buckets
Wicked Worms - Oak Iskland - 1 bucket
Raunch Roaches - Oak island 1 1/2 buckets
3 new buckeys
7 + used buckeys
3 mini oak island wood coffins
air cannon GEP
water cannon oak island
7 air brushes w/hangers compressor hose paint
2 led black lights that strobe
Shock wall oak island
16 - 16 par can lights
4 - 38 par can lights
2 - 56 par can lights
5 used stobes
5 new strobes in box
12 -4 ft flourescent lights with black light bulbs
box of black light bulbs
2 - diablo flames
flickering candle laterns
9 ivy strands
1 ivy strand w/rats
12 luminated exit signs
7 exit signs with lights
lightning control box
7 p-70 PPA power pod audio w/controllers
box of horror cds
dental chair
2- dental stolls
misc dental equipment all from dental office
metal coffin some damage
wheel chair
11 stone head stones
1 metal jail
2 wheel barrows
pvc pipe for cage
Misc masks
3 gilley suits
tyvek suits 1 box
7 fart fans
1 1/2 rolls cheese cloth
6 steros
meat locker bags
army body bags
misc box full of arms legs
roll burlap roll of earth covering
5 stuffed skulls
box of mice that are stuffed and hang from ceiling
two orange jail uniforms
4 outdoor lights
wheel chair