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12-09-2012, 01:02 AM
Check out this article here... http://music.yahoo.com/news/cashing-gangnam-styles-youtube-fame-103746853--finance.html

Yes I know you are NOT going to get any checks for 7 million dollars but haunt videos are VERY popular and if you set up your youtube page right and build a following and or simply get people to watch your videos on youtube you could make some money each year. I bet some of the haunters could make 10 to 20,000 a year uploading haunt videos. With all the money you spend in marketing to promote your website all you need is for people to visit your youtube page and boom you are making money on the fact that people want to watch your videos.

This article above explains it very well...


Allen H
12-09-2012, 02:06 AM
I am a youtube partner and have a channel with a fair number of subscribers (over 4,000). The income is very little, you get nothing for views alone, people need to click the ads for any money to be made. To make eve $10,000 a year I figure I need about 40,000 subscribers who watch regularly and click ads.
Now youtube has a great analytics program that lets you know even when they stop watching the videos and helps you figure out what is hot and what is working for you. I dont use that to its potential at all.
If anyone does not know, here is my Channel-It is a how to and DIY channel for haunted houses.

12-09-2012, 07:13 AM
I'm thinking I need to have PSY singing Gangnam Style in the haunt next year, then post to YouTube. Now that will draw them in! And scare the hell out of everyone at the same time!

12-09-2012, 09:25 AM
Psy? Isn't that the guy from a country we're protecting and yet he's an anti-American DB?


Jim Warfield
12-09-2012, 09:34 AM
He was trying to "out-dick" the dixie chicks!

12-09-2012, 12:54 PM
If anyone does not know, here is my Channel-It is a how to and DIY channel for haunted houses.

Lol! In case someone doesn't know about Mr. Hopps' legendary series of DIY haunted house videos. Lol!

12-09-2012, 01:26 PM

I understand what you are saying however I'm more talking about the videos we haunts put up during those HIGH TRAFFIC times ... I have videos that I put up during the season that got 40,000 views, I have other videos from the past with over 300,000 views. In total this year all my youtube videos received over 300,000 views so what I'm saying is yes you can make some jack and I'm guessing 10k maybe more each Halloween. That is like adding a sponsors to your haunt and you do nothing.

You have people making a living from youtube some getting filthy rich!


12-09-2012, 02:08 PM
Again, as Allan stated...Youtube users are NOT paid per video view. So that 300,000 video view count is worthless if you're trying to cash in on Youtube. -Tyler

12-09-2012, 05:31 PM
Ummm... the previous poster is wrong. People have made whole entire business simply making youtube videos and they get revenue from people watching those videos. Youtube is owned by Google and the ad programs are set up through the google system. You can make money with your youtube page 110%. Can you bankroll buying a new house... ahhh YEAH you can but probably not from your haunt videos. But these guys doing parody videos or comedy or whatever those guys are whole entire companies now that do nothing but make youtube videos... so yes you can.

I'm not even remotely suggestion you are going to get rich, but rather you can set up your youtube video page and build followers and promote those videos on your facebook, your website and anywhere else they appear and you could and especially from the Haunt season get a little bump from it. I'm not suggesting millions of dollars but rather maybe you could pick up $5000 dollars, maybe 10,000 if you get tons of views on your pages. YES YOU CAN!!!!

You set up YOUR VIDEOS to run ads prior to them... that is how you make the money! Never will you get rich but when you add it up over the course of a year I'm positive I would see at least 10k per year. But then again I'm a bit different than most I believe in YOUTUBE and I make videos and tons of them... I'm making one to two new videos every single week during the season. So yes I think no I KNOW I can make an additional 5 to 10k. The original post and the thread to the PSY story was to show you how people make money off of youtube, and to a less degree how you can take advantage.

As they say sometimes you can't lead a thirsty man to water. LOL


12-09-2012, 05:39 PM
Just as an example see this video here... see below it has over 350,000 views on it alone. If I had added ads to the front end of it I would have made a nice sum of money for doing NOTHING MORE than to add ads to the video. Its really frustrating to see people be nothing but naysayers to everything only when someone is trying to help you! Listen just come to my seminar at TW and I'll help you add some insight... my seminar this year will be about NOTHING but helping you grow your attraction on every single level.

I learn a lot because I'm willing to be open minded to just about everything... some clearly are NOT!



12-09-2012, 05:52 PM
That is just a dumb statement. Listen you prove yourself wrong... I don't need to prove anything to you or anyone else.

I will be adding the ads to my videos and over the next year we'll see what the revenue ends up being but I won't be coming on here a year later and bragging about how I made $11,345.00 for do nothing but putting ads on my videos, I'm merely going to cash the checks nothing more. The reason your comments are SERIOUS DUMB is because the POINT of this thread is not to DEBATE with you but to throw out there what others are doing to create revenue.

You either can create views on your videos or you can't... if you create views on your videos its for the main purpose of promoting your business not to make a few bucks on it. Like DUH! That is why I make all the videos... one of my pages have over 2 million views and the other has 250k or so... and all I'm saying is if I had been allowing ads on those videos I would have made some bucks that could have gone towards buying ads lets say to promote your business. Who knows!

Your comments are off base because you should be considering how you can raise the marketing at your haunt, how you can find a new sponsor, how you can get people to visit your site or whatever... when you pick up a few thousand bucks for something you are ALREADY DOING those funds can be used to do additional promotion.

This isn't a subject that should be debated its good for you and your business... I don't have to prove anything. I can tell you this some people will see this thread and go wow he's right that is simple enough and they'll make a few bucks to help their business. Some of you guys sell hot dogs even though that distracts you from running the haunt, why? Because you make a couple dollars... this what I'm suggesting is so simple its dumb not to! No disrespect to you but this isnt' a topic to argue about its a thread I started to help your business. So I think its pretty silly to argue about it.



12-09-2012, 07:00 PM
wow! haven't posted in forever on these forums, but this has me all fired up lol

FIRST, Larry that is an awesome article, and yes people make livings off of being youtube, twitter, and facebook personalities left and right. BUT if you do the math on the video in the article, he made less than $1,000 per 1,000,000 views and that is the #1 video on youtube. Could you make $10,000? absolutely!! but its going to have to be viral and not a sales video, commercial, ect and I think as haunters with cool sets and creative teams this is more than doable. Also, other things have to be taken into consideration, the halloween season, when people are watching your videos they are going to be more likely to click ads that are for halloween costumes ect ect then a generic music posting generic ads so you will be able to get a better CTR than the Gangman Style video mentioned in the article. How much better? Would have to test and see!!

SECOND, we are in 2012? is this dude still doubting the effectiveness of social media? hahaha more comical than anything. The internet used to be "The Web" then "web 2.0" then "Social Media" social media = the internet. If you are doubting social media in 2012 then you are doubting that the internet is effective. I will not respond to posts explaining why i am wrong, or some trolling book you read told you that it isnt. It is the same as any other marketing medium. People who don't know how to make a radio commercial, make a horrible ad and spend $50,000 on radio, then see zero return and say that radio is a waste of money. Same thing as social media, people post on a facebook page with no fans, and push there message on people and spam people and wonder why they see no l8Ino97rEfM

NOW back to youtube.
Larry tons of awesome legit ways to get youtube views too.
Look into Stumbled Upon advertising, or buying youtube views straight from google.

Allen H
12-09-2012, 07:01 PM
Are you set up as a youtube partner? You should push to get more subscribers, subscribers is where the following is. Ad rates are adjusted based on subscribers because it is a guarenteed audience. The key to youtube is regular posting of good content. Haunt scare videos will have a chance at big views but you really want to get subcribers as opposed to views.
Allen H

12-10-2012, 12:29 AM
Several things...

To the first guy... ah no not mad at all just you are saying like 'prove it' and I'm like well that is silly. I'm trying to provide information as I find it then to have it turned into a debate or challenge that is just counter productive and not what the original thread is meant for ... I will not prove anything. Its something for you to read about, learn from and see where you personally can take it for yourself.

Now to the effectiveness of social media... here is what I know for a FACT that social media is NOT and I repeat NOT the end all be all of anything. Twitter is totally worthless and not worth 10 minutes of your time... Twitter has become the celeb way to communicate with the media and to make money from tweeting. Twitter is followed by fans of celebs and that is where it starts and stops.

Facebook on the other hand has a lot of value but only to an extent and what I'm saying is that much like myspace before it I think way to much stock is being put into it... facebook is a great took to communicate no doubt but does it sell tickets. I can prove that it doesn't for the amount of money you FORCE INTO IT... it would take a very long post and a lot of back and forth so I'll save it for a seminar at TW.

Everything should be worth cost vs return... right now people are putting a lot of money into facebook and time but what are they getting back? That is what should be evaluated not take something at face value. Fact is facebook as big as it is sent me no more visitors this year to my website than last year, it didn't really sell tickets, and most people do NOT see your posts unless you spend money with facebook to promote them. So really facebook is another form of marketing... to really pierce some eyeballs you must spend money with them otherwise you are mostly talking to a handful of people.

Our facebook pages aren't followed like say your major league football teams, or some celeb... where people are dying on every last thing you do. Haunts have to work hard for their business... money you invest into anything needs to return tickets sold not facebook friends, not twitter followers and not anything but sales.

Many major advertisers have pulled out of facebook because they are convinced facebook does not help them make sales... I'm on board with that concept. Facebook has value and I think its hear to stay but as haunt owners we must lower the obsession of facebook and focus on the real issue which is growing your attendance.

Many haunts say they lost business this year... I can cite many reasons but one of them will be obsession with facebook. Selling tickets doesn't get done through facebook on the large grand scale.

Publicity should still be the KING, find as many sponsors to promote you the brick and the mortar world would also be more important than social media, and finding every opportunity to get people to my website where the heart of my content rests is also more important.

Next year I will continue to try and grow our fan base on facebook but my focus will be on what really sells tickets and sorry charlie facebook just isn't it... to cement like in concrete my point with you is this... I know you won't like me saying this and I won't like saying it either but you have 47,000 friends on your facebook and you post on it like every two minutes, while your competition has 4,400 friends so that is less than 40,000 fewer than you have... and from the last time I talked to you and your attendance and what I know about 7 floors they pound your attendance numbers we are talking maybe as much as 5-1 or more. So you have one haunt who doesn't even pay attention to facebook and the other who might rely on it way to much... and well who made more dollars from running a haunt? Well that is a fact ... I think I've told you a few different times that you'll never grow that attendance without traditional marketing and a ton of it. Facebook is just a bonus way to communicate with fans of your business NOT the actual way you find people to buy tickets!!! I know you'll defend facebook until your blue in the face because this is your new business helping people with their facebook pages, and don't get me wrong this is not attack on our business. This is however reality speaking... anyone can grow their facebook page and fast if they are willing to spend some money, and post on it constantly, and like I said work promotions with their radio stations. I had talked to you about my facebook page however I choose to do it myself and grew Scarefest from 7000 to 48,000 in one season, and Hauntworld from 8,000 to nearly 80,000 I know what I'm talking about and I have incredible analytic on my servers so I know what the real results of all that hard work really is... and trust me its NOT the deal breaker its cracked up to be just like myspace wasn't either.

Here is the reality of social media... its just that social and most of the time people have a facebook page and they post on it to let people who don't even care know what they are doing. Is this a fad? Could be... we'll find out as the bubble has burst on almost all these sites. Facebook is a cool tool but the reality is that people use to almost to the extent to feel some sort of power to voice an opinion hoping someone will listen, or to communicate with friends because we've all become so lazy that we can't do what we all use to have to do which is drive over and see them face to face... when I think of social media I think of that movie WALLE where everyone is fat and lazy and very convienent. The reality is brick and mortar stores where said would all close because of shopping on the web, then we found out people actually would rather try on a shirt, or shoes, or test drive a car or see it, touch it, feel it and TRUST who they are dealing with. The reality is the web has become the most valuable tool in the World for research and information but in the end the traditional media still is what drives people to your business, even if its a lot lessor of a homerun producer than it was 10 years ago. Social media, facebook or whatever is great but as a way to augment what you do NOT rely on what you need! Your insight on facebook and social media I appreciate but lets not oversell it because in reality its just a small element of the bigger pictures.

Let me prove my point again... Google and Facebook now have basically the same amount of traffic. Yahoo has now HALF of Facebook and Bing is maybe a 10th of Facebook. However I get more traffic, ticket sales, and more from bing, yahoo, than facebook and the two of them combined do not have the traffic of Facebook. And here is another one Google has the same traffic as Facebook and I get almost 200 to 1 traffic to my website, ticket sales, coupon downloads and more from google than facebook. Facebook has caught google in traffic but they still can't compete with Google on any level! Why? Because Facebook is a social media site for talking with friends not doing business, Google is to help people do what they want to get done, like find a haunted house, or find tickets to an event or whatever. Social media is NOT and I repeat NOT the driving force to promoting your business.

Anyway back to the original concept here... the original post was about trying to pick up a few extra dollars using google marketing programs. And I can honestly tell you that you can make some money with google be it promoting google ads on your site, or ads on your videos you can pick up a few bucks. As for proving it... hmmm I did pick up well north of $10k last year with google ad programs so I know it can be done. Its not the heart and soul of helping me pay my bills... oh no! But when you think about how the marketing world has changed all around you getting these dollars can simply be put back into promoting your business which is the only point of the original post.


12-10-2012, 08:13 AM
We have done the videos and they pay you almost nothing. There is know way to know exactly what you are getting paid for either. If you can get $10,000 in a year you would have to have some really good viral videos.

12-10-2012, 09:27 AM
Larry great points here.

Guess first off pointing a 20 year haunt against a 3rd year haunt that has moved all over the city isn't fair, but no worries. Also, you haven't heard our growth this year :)! Also have solidified our building for many years to come!

We doubled our marketing budget last year, and we will double it again this year. I always agreed with you that our marketing budget needs to grow, always, it just comes with the territory of wanting to grow your business, its a no brainer.

I will tell you what i was able to do but my competition wasn't. 7pm on friday when it was pouring down rain, i remind all 40,000 fans that we are inside and have covered waiting :) or tell them to bring their football ticket stub and get a few bucks off admission after the game!

Facebook is NOT the end all be all of marketing, no ONE marketing medium works obviously. I understand this. But if you really sit back and look at other marketing mediums, they kinda all suck or are overpriced. Its a delicate balance of the marketing mediums that produce the best ROI.

I will tell you following facebook's future pretty adamantly, there are some really cool things coming out for advertisers and website owners.

12-10-2012, 12:46 PM
Couple things... and I hope everyone read that LONG post I typed because I feel its jam packed with solid debate material. Facebook is a topic that should be debated this entire year because I think people are getting obsessed with it to the point that you are hurting your business. Lets start with the other discussion about picture marketing, another thing you can pour tons of money into to help you grow facebook fans... that system is the perfect example of what I'm talking about.

How much are you willing to POUR into facebook not only YOUR TIME but your MONEY! Does it produce results... for the time and energy NO IT DOES NOT! Its a social media website where people talk back and forth and in some ways for most on the site they are standing in a closet talking to themselves.

How do I know the effectiveness of facebook... oh let me count the ways! LOL

Yes facebook is a very cool weapon for communication with people but not a very effective marketing tool to sell tickets. How do I know this... well I constantly ran ticketing deals ONLY ON FACEBOOK and spent thousand upon thousands of dollars to promote those posts and the results... lost money trying it. In other words I spent more money promoting than I got back in ticket sales. You can track these codes through your online ticket company... I would put these posts up 4 or 5 times a day on facebook and still people would buy 95 times out of 100 from my website with NO discount code.

Think about this for a second... on facebook these people can tell other people they are coming, they can share that code with their friends, they can tell their friends who can tell their friends, and when I promote the posts I'm telling all my fans (47,000) and their friends and still doesn't sell but a handful.

So how important is it really to build up your facebook fan page, when even BING which has 1/20th the traffic of Facebook sends more traffic to your website than facebook, and Google sends 200 to 1 ... traffic to your website does result in online ticket sales not facebook.

Here is the bottom line Facebook is cool but cool your jets getting obsessed with it because it has little impact! And to my point your local competition has over 40,000 fans less than you and he does 5 times more business than you do ... fact! As for you being a 3rd year haunt that has little to do with it... a first year haunt done right can storm on the scene and take over the market when you have all the ducks lined up. Many haunted houses lose money, and a lot of first year haunts lose money as well, but that doesn't mean all first year haunts lose money, nor does it mean a first year haunt can't be the big dog out of the hole.

I'm rather positive if I came to Cleveland that my goal out of the box would be to be the top haunt first year... that is the attitude you must have from the get go or what is the point? I visited your website and its done nice, good job! You do a great job with your facebook clearly, but what you are missing because I think you've put way to much stock in facebook is the nuts and bolts of what really makes a haunt tick. Backing off facebook then taking a more birds eye view of what really works will be a benefit to you!

So no I don't see facebook as WEB 2.0 or even 10.0 I see it for what it is nothing more than a giant chat room for friends, or a means for celebs to promote and sell something to their fans who follow every word they say...

It has become very difficult to market a haunted house now very hard... getting impossible because this smart phones are just becoming someones lifestyle. The smart phone is the big deal now nothing else... how you tap into that is the question.

I will be doing a seminar at TW and strongly suggest you attend because I learned some PAINFUL lessons about marketing this year and I do consider myself very knowledgeable about the subject.

Here is the funny thing, some people will say that I think I'm a know it all, well I say this back, I don't know anything! Every single halloween season I think I have everything figured out then I see something I never thought I would see. Because of technology and how it changes so rapid, the next new thing is never just around the corner no its always right in your face!

How you use that technology to benefit your haunt is in the end the deciding factor whether you are very successful or flop on your face! Facebook is something I can very easy see falling apart, something people lose interest in, or something better replaces it but I also don't have to see something I already know... its not super effective when it comes to marketing. And if I was WRONG then why is facebook stock falling on its face, and its because advertisers big ones already know what I'm telling you! Sometimes and very painfully so you have to learn the hard way and this year I did just that... I'm still feeling the pain! LOL

So when I make these long ranting posts understand its me trying to share and pass along what I learned nothing more.


12-10-2012, 03:19 PM
Facebook... I have a thought here...

What is the most important form of advertising? Well word of mouth right?

The impact of Facebook is NOT your facebook page ... It is all of the guests who attend your haunt telling their friends about it on their facebook pages, in messages and in chats... - WORD OF MOUTH!

What I am saying is that IF you have a GOOD haunted house, Facebook will help you a ton, because friend to friend recommendations are the strongest form of advertising. If your haunt is NOT so good Facebook will hurt you bad!

Do you understand what I am saying? It is all about the unseen world of Facebook and Twitter, the friend to friend viral discussion about your haunt that exists in the million connections between people that we are not privy to.

So the best form of marketing is.....Have a good event! ( and hope a lot of Facebook and Twitter users come see your show early so that they can spread the word!)