View Full Version : How Many Murders Have YOU seen?

Jim Warfield
12-16-2012, 09:04 PM
As depicted via a TV or a movie screen?
5,000? 50,000? It might surprise you if you could actually get a count.
My complaint about TV & Movie realistic violence is I think if they are going to make it and show it, they should make it as REAL as possible.
No quick, silent, painless demise, because I think most inflicted deaths are usually a bit more noisey, featuring prolonged agony for everyone nearby, Hospital operations attempting to SAVE. Pain, physical and of course emotional, guilt later for the inflictor, delve into that awhile.
Make cheap entertainmenta and time-killer into a lesson of what really can happen .. and maybe, just maybe,.. the "happening" rate could diminish, somewhat...

12-17-2012, 07:55 PM
Jim I don't blame the movies or tv. I watched a lot of horror, war, bloody movies when I was growing up and turned out just slightly screwed up. I blame a lot on the video games and the fact that you achieve a higher score depending on how many people you kill. You combine that with a warped Mind and someone who lives in a fantasy land and it comes to life. We had fantasy s but it was alway being the hero and saving the world, now all the hot video games are about distruction of the world. Plus you add in the realism of the games you can really get immerse in a world that you may not be able to turn off. It was hard getting messed up on pacman. The other thing is the news hammers stories like this and while we are shocked there are a few that think it cool and dream of doing the same to people that they think are mean to them. You are right as far as how many people we see die now. I remember when someone being killed was more implied than a visual that you would see. Damn the A-Team never killed any body and how many years was it on tv. We need parents to be parents and teach these kids morals and honor not excuses.