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Matt Marich
12-17-2012, 09:55 AM
I'm reposting this here, form the Sale Thread,,

Austin, You ar completely wrong here, I told you that seven people replied to that sale. You called and assumed, you had been the first. I told you I had to decide whom got the offer. It wasnt you, Mark Roberts replied first and therefore won the race. I'm sorry for your innconvienience, but please as all Haunters do, don't race for a stupid decision about me, includeding you Zach, Bobby, and the rest. You can get on here and do more damage to someone with your keyboard than you will ever know. Its why this gross opinion of vendors exists. I wouldn't even bother to reply to this crap about going out of business with you folks.But someday someone will get a lawsuit handed to them regarding slander. We are in fact moving to a larger building, as of Jan. 1, 2013. No I'm not a herion addicict, I am in fact a religous person of Catholic Persuasion, and in regards to the clown bikes, we purchased them from Walmart, they own the rights to this model. They where out after Transworld and we waited. A shipment arrived and we received several of them damaged, in fact Walmart didn't even let us see them. We had to wait again. All this time we had all the fabrication work completed to be bolted on. Everyday the parts we make are there waiting for the bikes. It is in fact that you request these to be shipped in Late AugustSept. at time of purchase. You also only pay 50%, correct? Thats right, we only bill the balance at time of shipment. Most of the time buyers have maxed out their cards by then, leaving Ann to chase people down for new cards or form of payment. If I had a dollar for evry one of you that owes us money for being nice I'd be living in Pismo Beach with Bugs and Daffy. Isnt that right Headless Horsemen, Scott from Scarehouse, and Shane, whom negotiated his shipping down to $ 199.00, then didn't pay that either.Bobby I think you have purchased from us before, the others I've never heard of you. Forgive me if you have. It's alway's a couple piss ants that want to show you how your 35,000.00 investment in doing Transworld and building new product for you to copy is misinterpeted. Get your facts straight, pay your fucking bills, know your vendors, talk to them, we don't always get it right, we try, and we love feedeback, especially now after the season. We have so much time after the March show folks, non of us start out to fail, nor want you to mistrust us. Stop this cycle of crap, brought on by a few bad vendors. If I find the asshole that was spreading rumors about me, step up, I sware to God that I will lay your ass out and put your mangled body on a stretcher.
I for one, will not attend TW this year, why? no not for any other reason that I beleive TW does not have our backs, in fact have been screwing us for years, and it is in fact on paper. Ask Doug at Fright Props, the dirt he uncovered should settle this discussion. We are moving into a new direction, with investment dollars and a new product debueing at IAPPA 2013. Yes its Haunt Oriented, butm I've been working on this for years. Years? I started in this business in 1976, before most of you. I'm 54 now, and looking to reduce the load a bit. After being involved in, or owning about 15 Haunts, I can safely call myself an expert.
Be good to each other, your a small interest group really, TW has only about 100 real buyers. But about 2,000 looky loos. However, support them so you can all get together and really mix it up, wiothout them, your nothing. Your so lucky to have an industry, when I started all we had was Morris and the fantastic itgemsfrom Ed and Marcia..revil in it. It's a magic time, so much cool technology. We didn't even hve event timers, we made our own from Radio Shack plans.
We will return some day to TW, but this damaging heresay is to much for Ann and I to bare, we love everyone, and it truly hurts when I see this, especially for her, she works so hard to know each of you personally.
So long for now, stop chasing teenagers with chain saws, try using a sonic care toothbrush.

12-17-2012, 11:24 AM
WOAH hey there killer lets take it down alil bit buddy. I understand your upset and all but lets just take it down, and talk about it civil.

12-17-2012, 12:47 PM
Matt you need to look up slander I have not stated anything untrue and I can prove it. How about you. I can't help your situation. You did it and you are not man enought to admit it. Nice that you stared a new thread so people could not see what we were talking about. Don't go blaming everyone else because you are not happy about how people view you. All you need to do is answer one of 15 emails, or one of 20 calls that I made and we would not be here. I am almost starting to feel sorry for you right now because how pathetic this has gotten. My thread started because I could not get a hold of you and I was looking for a number to reach you .not as a shot at you. I like your designs but not your service. Still waiting for a call.


PS. Here is the original thread. http://www.hauntworld.com/haunted_house_forums/showthread.php?19240-Anyone-buy-from-Edge-Design.

12-17-2012, 01:33 PM
You know as well as I do that I bought 4 lab machines from you in 09 one of each and when they arrived I had 4 machines but two were the same, I contacted you and you never got back to me. In 2010 at TransWorld I talked to Ann about it as a matter of fact at the same time the Atrox guys was standing there. She said and I quote " oh yes a guy in Florida got yours and you got his and he never said anything" and my responce was " well why would he he got the most expensive one" I even said look it's easy when someone orderes the one I got two of let me know I will send it to them and you make me the one I am owed. We even talked about it this past show when you thought I wanted to buy one? Honestly I do think there may be crack involved because I am yet to get what's owed to me and you keep ignoring the fact. Maybe in your mind you think well he got 4 but hell Matt I did not get the most expensive one!

Matt I don't know what's going on. But I can speak for myself I owe you nothing you owe me. And for you to start shit with me knowing how I am about doing people right will BIT YOU IN THE ASS BIG TIME! Do I need to post invoices, emails, and photos to back up what I am saying? My mind is very straight. Also I know several that you did not come through on and I am sure they will come here and point it out. Remember you brought this up not me I never once came here and made a stink about the machine. Maybe the drugs are talking, maybe your desperate. I honestly don't know what's going on but I want let you mislead the public like that I wil fight it all day and night! I might add if there is another Shane then I have spoken way to soon but I recieved an email saying you ment me. Maybe I should ask which Shane but this is the issue at hand with me. I can's see Scott, The Guys at Headless Horseman owing you anything either just don't make sense! As far as shipping and $199.00 I think you have me confused with someone else.

If this is a cry out for help I am willing to help you but you got to come clean and tell the industry whats going on? Lay it on the table tell us what's going on with you and your company. This is all way out of left field for me. But Matt you owe several vendors yourself and we all know this come on dude there has to be more going on here? Shane and it's I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong.

Honestly I after reading this again I can see why Matt has lost it. He's not going to TransWorld because at this point broken promises has caused everyone to shy away. I know of several that contacted me about buying product in March and still trying to get in in August or early September. Right now I think you should take some time away and IAPPA might give you the boost you need it will open you up to more buyers that may not have all the info the Haunt Industry Has. And all you Looky Loops don't jump on him hes just lost it and he's just venting. Hell I am not even mad because he did not hurt me I can prove what I am saying he just proved to me that I think he may be doing drugs because he can't even get his arguments straight. Anyway as a person I wish him well and hope he get's the help he seems to be crying out for! Sending well wishes your way Matt!

12-17-2012, 03:17 PM
If you think you are in the right at least be a little more professional in your reply. In fact, you could be 100 percent in the right but as soon as you started cussing and talking about laying people out, you lose a little credibility. And what is the the point in bringing up a bunch of people's names that aren't even involved in the original thread? Beside's Austind's original thread didn't seem that bad.

12-17-2012, 03:32 PM
Thanks mind tumor I didn't think so, I was just asking for people's opinion as to do I want to deal with this company or not. I guess he answered that for everyone out there. This is the forum where you should ask that right, I would go to a Ford Forum to ask about Ford products. Some times the question cut deep I guess. I am sorry Matt for the big deal it was not my intent when I started it. I don't believe every thing I read on here I draw my own conclusions. I had someone tell me they had a bad experience with a vendor that I have always had great luck working with, that does not make him wrong it just means sometime shit happen. But when shit happens deal with it fix it and move on. That is what I am doing now. Moving on.


12-17-2012, 08:34 PM
I think we just saw a vendor have a total meltdown. Talked to some haunt owners that you named in your thread...They seem to all agree they dont owe you shit. Drugs, where in any of the threads was it said about you and drugs. Judging from how quick you were to point out that you weren't on them seems to make me wonder if you really are. I didn't realize that we flashed back to 5th grade and started handing out empty internet threats about laying people out, but whatever if you wanna represent your company like that then will make sure that we all know that it was


12-18-2012, 02:07 AM
Speaking about Transworld let me just say a few things here... I would agree that TW has always looked out for themselves and their business because I think that is what most business do. There was a lot of mismanagement going on over there, and well they lost a whole entire show. I know however that it wasn't just things they got wrong, there was a lot of play there, however Joe Thayler stepped up and fired all those goofs that acted like they were more important than everyone else. Since the time Joe and Jenny have taken over the show 110% they've done nothing but support this industry like 110%.

I talked to Joe multiple times when this show was getting off the ground he opened up his wallet and took a ride on this industry where everyone was saying it would fail... he took the chance. Now with business anyone who takes the risk should reap the rewards! Do I think TW is making money off our industry, off this show... DUH! Why would they do it otherwise... however they work their ass off for it! Jenny I think loves this industry more than anyone so I think its a cheap shot at best to take a whack at TW. Totally uncool!

These guys stuck their neck out as did I but all anyone ever wants to do is accuse people of making a profit, or screwing people, or doing things for their own personal gain. I know what I was doing, the chips I threw into the fire was for the greater good to finally separate ourselves from those pompous asses in the Halloween retail industry. TW put everything into this and they deserve praise not ripping.

Lastly I wanted to say not that it matters but this industry has really grown since the formation of a haunt only show... ask any vendor! And lets be honest here there are WAY MORE than a 100 year buyers I know this first hand. We run a haunt directory in case you didn't know and I have a really good idea how many serious haunters there are and its way more than 100 and when you add in all the amusement parks and stuff we talking maybe you should add a ZERO to your number.

So I wouldn't totally disagree with you because yes there will always be your people who just want idea's, people with no intentions of buying and blah, blah... however every industry has that. I have been to IAAPA for 20 years and trust me out of the 25,000 they report I bet 24,000 are just looking around as well. So that is the case with all tradeshows.

Anyway wanted to put that out there... and listen I respect your opinion and unlike many others I'm not one to say debating a topic is an argument. I think two people have a difference of opinion one guy is for this and another for that... you think TW is worthless I think otherwise. Not a big deal either way.
Let me also put on the record that I don't say this because the show is here where I live, because I hear rumors althrough I hear they are false the show will move in 2015 to Nashville or something. Personally I could care less if the show moves, I don't care where the show goes, I just want what is best for the industry 110%, somethign that makes people feel like this indsutry is real, to be respected, to give people a place they feel what they do is valued! That is all I care about... so if the show goes to Nashville or wherever I'll still be happy that TW is supporting the industry, and the industry has a show all to themselves!


PS: Speaking of paying bills can you contact Patti you owe us a bunch of money. Thanks

12-18-2012, 06:29 AM
PS: Speaking of paying bills can you contact Patti you owe us a bunch of money. Larry given Matt's state of mind I really don't think he will even recognize what you just said. This will just go right over his head and he will talk about something else. Shane and it's something is going on.

12-20-2012, 08:21 AM
I think you and Ann are good people... You just have bad business practices and need some business 101 classes.. The CUSTOMER is always right!!!
The new stuff you came up with two years ago was sparked by what I had sent to you from my friend in orlando. Probrobly should have gotten a percentage of sales from that idea...Your welcome!!
I heard the same thing about your issues from mulitble people and was scared I would not get our stuff this year..I did get it though a week after we had opened.. Mine is still on the pallet if anyone wants to buy the clown bike..
I think that the industry (haunt) as a whole most likely would'nt buy from your company and longer because of the bad blood between those same people.. Good luck in your future ventures...

12-20-2012, 02:46 PM
This is the kind of response I hate to see a business owner give. The response you gave Matt just confirmed that my original concerns in dealing with Edge Designs were accurate, and I should therefore look elsewhere for props. I myself gave you a try and the experience was not a good one. I am not going to go through all of the specifics but if you would like for me to go through it with you personally, I would be happy to do so. I keep diligent records and notes on all of my transactions. Best of luck

Greg Chrise
12-20-2012, 02:51 PM
How much was the clown bike?

12-21-2012, 11:14 AM
Greg I think it was about 1800.00 bucks