View Full Version : Lot of 52 Altman Par Cans & 12 Altman Ellipsoidal Lights $7,000 VALUE for $1750

Nic Miele
12-18-2012, 04:29 PM

Lot of 52 Altman Par Cans & 12 Altman Ellipsoidal Lights
Complete with BARN DOORS (list price $30 each), CLAMPS (list price $10 each), SAFETY CABLE (list price $5 each), COLOR GELS (list price $5 each)

(52) Altman Par Cans (list price $90 each)
Altman PARs are low-cost, highly flexible luminaires de- signed for diverse applications. Intensities and beam spread are a function of the installed light source, so any one unit canserve multiple purposes simply by changing the lamp type.

PAR64 Fixture Type:The smaller size of the PAR56 reduces installation hassles, while the PAR64's optional PAR56/64 adapter ring gives the fixture great versatility. With oval beams and lamp ranges from 300 to 500 watts for the PAR56 and 300 to 1000 watts for the PAR64, these lights are ideal for use in concerts, nightclubs, television and film remotes and architectural applications where maximum flexibility is desired in a small,compact package.
The PAR64-AL is a PAR64 unit constructed from .050-gauge rolled aircraft aluminum to minimize weight without sacrificing durability.

(12) Ellipsoidal 3.5Q (list price $260 each)
A compact, lightweight ellipsoidal spotlight which produces a high intensity sharp or soft edged beam. The 3.5Q series is designed for today's long life, high intensity tungsten halogen lamps. Four adjustable integral stainless steel framing shutters provide beam shaping ability and the pattern slot and holder provide the ability to project visual images. While primarily designed for theatre and studio applications, the 3.5Q Series is also useful in displays, show windows, museums and nightclubs where precision controlled accenting is desirable.

Selling it all for $1,750!