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12-21-2012, 12:29 PM
After seeing all the bad post about vendors on HW I was thinking we should list who to stay away from. This I determined was a bad idea because it would just cuase more arguments on the forum and I don't think that is good for the industry. So my next idea was to see if people would post there good experiences with vendors and a list of the ones they like and trust. I am not looking for a list of just the big boys but also some of the small guy that give great service. Some of the smaller suppliers do a great job and deserve the recognition to help there business grow. As far as myself it would be imaginArts Studios - flexible to deal with and good products, Fright Props for the fastest shipping in the business, shipwreck productions for great prices, Haunted House Supplies for educational DVD selection, Unit 70 for quality, Sinister signs for price, and Gore Galore for some of the best costumes. I almost for got Stuartizim - Stuart Smith one of the best 3D artist out there and one of the easiest guy I have had the pleasure of working with. Ok that's my list lets see yours and if your vendor is not one of the more main stream vendor please share what they make. Thanks


12-21-2012, 02:37 PM
There are tons of them out there ... I'd have to make a list and it would be several pages long.

We all know Gore Galore does a great job. I love Ghost Ride, Unit 70, and who hasn't been using Distortions for years? I really like Robert Kurtzmans stuff in fact I like most of the mask companies out there they are all great. I don't see anyone getting screwed by the mask companies so I think we are safe there!

I did order something from Fright Props and it was on my door quick... there are so many out there I'd have to make a very long list.

But its a ton! Most of these vendors are very good people with great intentions and I think some vendors who get a bad rap meant well just didn't understand what it really takes to do this. Same with haunt owners they have great intentions and something doesn't go right it happens... its business. I would however agree you have people out to do nothing but screw ya those are the ones to look out for!


KaoTic Entertainment
12-21-2012, 02:57 PM
Larry you or someone else booted eric from Shipwreck productions. And he is one of the nicest most honest guys in the industry with great products and unbelievable prices. Super fast shipping and incredible customer service goes above and beyond to work with a client we bought a unit 70 hatchet man from him and the customer service continued after delivery please contact eric and let them come back to the forums he did not deserve to be kicked from forums he did not know about the ebay posting rules. But yet other vendors continue to pump there ebay merch on here. Thats unfair thanks. For listening

12-21-2012, 03:50 PM
Larry I haven't seen anything in your haunt from Distortions in many years, maybe going back to the foam angel prop. Do you have a lot if their stuff?


12-21-2012, 04:26 PM
Kaotic thanks for your post but this is for who you like, not to say that someone is else is wrong, I like Eric too and that is why I posted it but I want this to be a positive thread not about any other issues with people or vendors. I have had issues with guys that other people love so it must have been an Isolated incident. I forgot to list on my list Brandon at Scareprops, he has been great to deal with and alway professional. I agree with Larry that the list could be long for a lot of people and that is the point to this, we sometimes focus on the few bad guys and forget about the numerous others that do a great job. If you read the forum you know it has been vendor negetive the last few months and someone pointed that out to me. Thanks guys.


Marr Branch
12-21-2012, 05:06 PM
Poison Props! Great animatronics at a decent price, and the sound is awesome. I am really looking foward to what Adam has in store for 2013.

Haunt Freak
12-22-2012, 08:50 AM
Just had a recent order with XtremeCreators all i can say is the products & service was Fantastic! They answered everyone phone call and email along the way & explained what was to be expected. Extremely helpful and was on TIME ! This is a excellent vendor haunters if your serious in having professional quality props & effects in your attraction. I will for sure be doing more business with this vendor in the future.

-Matthew M. Lopez-
Halls Of Horror Haunted Attraction

12-22-2012, 09:37 AM
Thumbs up for Poison Props. I have been buying from Adam for the last three years and everything has been terrific. The quality of the props and customer service is outstanding.

12-22-2012, 09:52 AM
I have had good luck with xtreme too. They always answer the phone and emails. I bought some used stuff off John and was always happy with the price and quality.


12-22-2012, 10:15 AM
Dapper Cadaver, great and unusual stuff. Fright Props always - I always get my stiff super quick. Mehron - one of the bigger guys but of the bigger guys their stuff is quality, and I have no issues with their makeup. Gag Studios - when one of my props got knocked over and busted they stepped right up and offered all the replacement parts quickly, no problems. Haunted Memories - cool pictures and I know he was having a tough time at TW last year because it was just Ed by himself, and he was scrambling trying to keep his orders straight but he did and we got everything from him quickly and accurately. Dark Light has great product and great customer service. Quan is always quick to reply to his emails and answer any technical stuff you might have. There are several others that have always done us right but I cant think of them right now.

12-24-2012, 07:47 AM
Not sure if your criteria is just getting stuff on time or what, but Fright Props is the ONLY vendor that I have gotten everything I have ordered from in a timely fashion. Every other vendor I have ever ordered from has at one time or another sent me stuff too late. Even the ones that people have at the top of their lists as great vendors. I will clarify though that just because it has come late doesn't make anyone a bad vendor, stuff happens. I will say I am grateful that I have at least gotten everything I have ever ordered eventually.

12-24-2012, 12:00 PM
Jared it just who you like and would do business with again. I have noticed that there are not a lot of real small companies on the list. I am curious if this is because of bad service or just because we don't think of the as much.

12-24-2012, 12:41 PM
Lets not forget about vendors like Mini Spotlight, Darklight, or Froggys Fog...they also provide services to the market and all of them in my book have delivered product on time and are great vendors.

12-24-2012, 02:05 PM
Yeah but Darklight is WAY overpriced for simple LED lights they should be much cheaper. He has connections back in china but they don't seem to be passing off the savings he's getting to the industry he's profiting BIG TIME. Making profit is good but $60 for an LED mini light is outrageous compared to cost of making it yourself or Bert's mini spotlights.


12-24-2012, 04:36 PM
I don't buy darklight myself, but they have great service from what I am told. If you think their price is too high them you have the choice to buy from other vendors. If your only negative is price, then that is not a complaint, that means in your opinion that service and quality is not your priority and price is. This topic was started to hear who you think is a good vendor not to voice why you think they are not about others comments please. I am trying to keep a positive feel here not an area to bash vendors, that's being done in plenty of other threads on HW. Thanks


12-24-2012, 07:12 PM
I must say Darklight has bent over backwards and listened to all my needs. He has customized his products to fit my requests.
Quan is a great person and his company does an outstanding job taking care of what we need to fit our Zombie Safari Paintball trailers.
He has customized a product especially for us that we will preview at TW.
Another 2 companies no one has mentioned yet I dont think is Pale night productions and efx tek ( probably spelled it wrong) Their easy 8 timer is my favorite of all!

Thats 3 companies I love to work with. Great service!

Zombie Protection Services L.L.C.
Zombie Safari Paintball Attractions
Fearfest Haunted Attractions

12-24-2012, 07:28 PM
Thanks Greg I would like to say that you have been easy to deal with and always willing to talk to people about how to use your trailers.


12-25-2012, 12:48 PM
I have to quickly jump in and agree that Quan and Darklight have been nothing but amazing for us to deal with. His products are more expensive than some of the competitors, but they also offer much more than the competitors products do. Doug, at Frightprops, sells Darklight and has more information about exactly what makes them better but for my money the Precision Alpha is the best theatrical lighting option available today. It can be gelled to any color, can be either a pinspot, spot, or flood, is insanely bright but fully dimmable, is weatherproof, comes with quick connects, comes with gels and filters, and draws next to nothing in amperage. These lights are amazing!

Beyond that, let me say that I deal with tons of other vendors being a vendor myself.

I regularly deal with Ghostride and am always happy with what I get from them.
I buy chemicals from Reynolds Advanced Materials and they are teriffic!
I buy some things from blacklight.com and they always ship super fast.
We have also bought a few things here and there from Frightprops, CFX, Dark Raven, Froggy's Fog, AtmosFearFX, and MiniSpotlight and have always been happy with products and services from them.

We've really only had one seriously negative experience with a vendor in this industry, but I don't like to air my dirty laundry publicly if I don't have to.

12-25-2012, 02:35 PM
Thanks Kip for keeping it positive, it is nice to hear one vendor complimenting another's product they use.


12-26-2012, 08:31 AM
Oh, I forgot a few yesterday...

EFX-TEK - we use their controllers exclusively and wouldn't use anything else
Nimba Creations - amazing gelatin prosthetics that I use anytime we do a make-up job requiring seriously flawless results.
Brutal Rust - we use this on nearly every job we do anymore. The stuff is easy and the results are awesome!

Okay, that's all for now.

12-26-2012, 11:38 AM
There are many, many good vendors out there! Thankfully they out number the bad ones! Shane and it's some really great guys!!!!

12-27-2012, 06:07 AM
Frightprops, Unit70, Distortions, Guilderfluke, XtremeCreators, PureTerror, Efx Tek, Palenight All have been awesome for me.