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Jim Warfield
01-27-2013, 08:17 AM
My small hometown of Mount Carroll, Illinois is still in the running in Budget Travel's "Coolest Small Town "contest.
Other things mentioned in the article (on-line) are the Mini-horses and "The Mad Hater Tea Room" here ,a few things (besides Ravens Grin Inn) that seem to exemplify the oddness and strange quality of living here! (?) (FUN TOO!)
How often do you get to vote for a "Haunted House " in January? (Talk about OFF-SEASON Promotions! )
Only 1,700 of us live here, this IS an actual "Small town!".
Your vote would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Allen H
01-27-2013, 08:38 AM
here is a link! I voted!

01-27-2013, 09:45 AM
[SIZE=7]Voted! I placed my vote! Shane and it's done deal!

Greg Chrise
01-27-2013, 10:14 AM
I voted. It sounds like they phoned in how cool the town is. No mention of art galleries. No mention of Parrot Guns, even though the town has never been attacked by parrots!

Jim Warfield
01-27-2013, 12:59 PM
For stuffing my Turkey! ERRR Ballot box?
"Gobble! Gobble!"

01-27-2013, 01:45 PM
Voted! Good luck!

Just a reminder- you can vote daily according to the vote confirmed message that pops up when you vote. :)

Jim Warfield
01-27-2013, 02:43 PM
Last night a group of ten young girls came here to Ravens Grin, all first time visitors. After they were gone my wife told me one of the girls"The socialite" of the group was so impressed that as she was standing in the wine cellar for the first time that she glanced around that room and said."EPIC!"
Very good news since she only lives 45 miles away and it seems like she may have a fairly large circle of friends!

01-27-2013, 04:41 PM
Got mine in. Good luck.


01-27-2013, 08:52 PM
Just voted!!


damon carson
01-28-2013, 10:05 AM
Something worth voting for with a clear candidate! Jim old pal you have my vote! No matter what shade of brown the seat of your pants are! LOL!