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RJ Productions
05-24-2007, 05:17 AM
Viva Haunt Vegas!! Good news from Las Vegas, new home of TransWorld 2008!
As many of you know there was a site inspection of the Sands Expo center for vendors. Major vendors toured the facility, went over procedures and met with officials from the Sands, TW and Freeman (the company that will handle the move in and out) It was well received and informative. TW is committed to making this move painless, working with the vendors to improve and grow the show. It is a very exciting time indeed!

Being that this is our home town, we too are proud to show off our city and all it has to offer! To that end we are pleased to announce “Viva Haunt Vegas” activities created for TW 2008!

Some of you remember our Viva Haunt Vegas tour at TW Vegas in 2001 operated by Randy Grigg of Haunted Enterprises and Rich Strelak of R&J Productions. Randy and Rich are local competitors during Halloween but joined forces to produce the tour. While the Vegas show was only a fraction of the Chicago show, over 200 haunters attended this successful event. There was eating, drinking, partying and …oh yes a haunt tour! With the popularity of the haunt tours at TW the last few years, we felt obligated show what our city can offer…. Hey it IS Vegas!!!

Details are being worked out but there is a lot to look forward to. The tour will include transportation, food (southwest fair), alcohol (beer, wine, margaritas...which explains the transportation!), soft drinks, two or three attractions in full operation, a lights on tour, special guests and entertainment (sorry no topless ghouls!)

While Vegas has a lot of entertainment choices we are putting together special “haunt” related activities. There is actually a Vampire themed Vegas show called Bite!, Madame Tussaud’s Vegas opened “Monsters Alive” section last year, the Star Trek Experience added Borg Invasion 4D and for all us “techies” they now offer a backstage tour. While back east they have walking ghost tours, even Las Vegas has a ghost tour! We will have group ticket rates available.

A major concern is that we do not loose the “Crowne Experience” a place where the haunters can congregate, visit, eat, and swap stories and experiences. Not to worry! A suitable gathering location will be designated and announced. And the best feature will be NO LAST CALL!!!

A web site will be on line soon with all the details. Rouges Hollow will be creating a site at VegasHauntTour.com that will list activities, sponsors and up to date info. This is just the tip of the iceberg, we will keep you informed as details develop. Viva Haunt Vegas 2008!!

05-24-2007, 09:19 PM
Swweeeet! Definitely looking forward to it!

Ken Spriggs
05-25-2007, 09:00 PM
Hey prostitution is le....never mind