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01-31-2013, 09:09 PM
Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been on here but I wanted to update you on the latest developments at Darklight.

Last year, we developed the Precision Alpha - Micro Pinspot (http://www.darklightsystem.com/led-luminaires/precision-alpha-micro-theatrical-pinspot/) and it quickly became our best seller. This LED spotlight is about the size of your finger yet packs enough punch to light up an entire room. It can be fully configured to to be any color or beam spread with the included gels and can also be programmed to flicker, strobe, dim, etc. with our controllers.

The Precision Alpha is changing the way many haunts light their show because it is fundamentally different from the "mini spots" that most of you are already familiar with, here are the key differences:

Much brighter single point source of light
Using color filters, the output light ENCHANCES scene colors instead off washing it out
Most scenes only require 1 or 2 Precision Alphas instead of numerous "mini spots", decreasing install time
Having less # of light sources increases realism (simulates moonlight, street light, or other natural practical lights)
No more choosing what color or type of light you need for each scene because the Precision Alpha is re-configurable (no wasted fixtures)
Built-in regulator for each light allowing constant output brightness even over long distance wires


Color Enhancement Example:
White Light

Pure Green LED (typical mini spot)

White LED with green filter (Precision Alpha)

This year at Transworld you'll see over a dozen vendors using the Precision Alpha to light up their props and displays (most of the vendors in the Dark Zone and several on the main show floor) to give you an idea how it can be used. I hope you'll have a chance to see for yourself how a single light will really make your show look a lot better and installation much easier.

Lastly, I wanted to mention that we've partnered up for distribution with some of your favorite haunt suppliers so that it'll be even more convenient to get our products in your hands. United States: FrightProps (http://www.frightprops.com/lighting/miniature-and-micro-led-spotlights/darklight-precision-lighting-systems.html), Canada: The Boneyard (http://boneyardbargains.ca/lighting/led-lighting.html). Our original loyal customers can still buy directly from us, just send me an e-mail: quan [at] darklightsystem.com. We will also still be open to taking orders at the shows at which we exhibit.

Hope to see you all in St. Louis, booth 811!