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Cookie Crumbler
05-24-2007, 09:17 AM
Hello, you guys don't know me, I'm just a long time observer of these forums, and a student of the haunted house game. I donít usually post, but to me, this warrants opening my mouth.

Iíve just happened upon what I personally believe to be catastrophic news for many in the haunted attraction industry. Many of you may have seen this already, and some of you might even think that this isnít a big deal.

As a matter of fact, to some of you this isnít a big deal. But to any haunt in a large baseball market, this could be a nightmare. Haunted houses like the Darkness, or Dreamreapers, Iím talking about you.

This past week Major League Baseball announced itís new postseason schedule. Here it is:

Series Date Network

NLDS A Game 1 Wed., Oct. 3 TBS

NLDS B Game 1 Wed., Oct. 3 TBS

ALDS B Game 1 Wed., Oct. 3 TBS

NLDS A Game 2 Thurs., Oct. 4 TBS

NLDS B Game 2 Thurs., Oct. 4 TBS

ALDS A Game 1 Thurs., Oct. 4 TBS

ALDS A Game 2 Fri., Oct. 5 TBS

ALDS B Game 2 Fri., Oct. 5 TBS

NLDS A Game 3 Sat., Oct. 6 TBS

NLDS B Game 3 Sat., Oct. 6 TBS

ALDS A Game 3 Sun., Oct. 7 TBS/TNT

ALDS B Game 3 Sun., Oct. 7 TBS/TNT

NLDS A Game 4 Sun., Oct. 7 TBS/TNT

NLDS B Game 4 Sun., Oct. 7 TBS/TNT

ALDS A Game 4 Mon., Oct. 8 TBS

ALDS B Game 4 Mon., Oct. 8 TBS

NLDS A Game 5 Tues., Oct. 9 TBS

NLDS B Game 5 Tues., Oct. 9 TBS

ALDS A Game 5 Wed., Oct. 10 TBS

ALDS B Game 5 Wed., Oct. 10 TBS

NLCS Game 1 Thurs., Oct. 11 TBS

NLCS Game 2 Fri., Oct. 12 TBS

ALCS Game 1 Fri., Oct. 12 FOX

ALCS Game 2 Sat., Oct. 13 FOX

NLCS Game 3 Sun., Oct. 14 TBS

ALCS Game 3 Mon., Oct. 15 FOX

NLCS Game 4 Mon., Oct. 15 TBS

ALCS Game 4 Tues., Oct. 16 FOX

NLCS Game 5 Wed., Oct. 17 TBS

ALCS Game 5 Thurs., Oct. 18 FOX

NLCS Game 6 Fri., Oct. 19 TBS

ALCS Game 6 Sat., Oct. 20 FOX

NLCS Game 7 Sat., Oct. 20 TBS

ALCS Game 7 Sun., Oct. 21 FOX

WS Game 1 Wed., Oct. 24 FOX

WS Game 2 Thurs., Oct. 25 FOX

WS Game 3 Sat., Oct. 27 FOX

WS Game 4 Sun., Oct. 28 FOX

WS Game 5 Mon., Oct. 29 FOX

WS Game 6 Wed., Oct. 31 FOX

WS Game 7 Thurs., Nov. 1 FOX

Italics indicate "if necessary."

Now not to be an alarmist, but if you look at those dates, youíll notice something. MLB has, for the first time, officially scheduled a baseball game on Halloween. This is not just any baseball game, this is game 6 of the world series. Potentially, this is the biggest baseball game of the year.

On Halloween.

Youíll also notice that, except for Friday, Oct. 26, every major date that a haunted attraction needs to draw customers has a major playoff game scheduled. For the entire month. This has never happened before, but MLB plans to do it this way from now on.

I repeat, this is not a one-year thing. MLB has cracked November, and it is their intention to do so from now on. If this doesnít worry you, think for a second about what this means:

Last year Larry Kirchner reported here on Hauntworld suffering some major attendance loss because the Cardinals were in the World Series. Last year, the World Series was over by Oct. 27th. This gave The Darkness several days to spare, time to rebound and still capitalize off Halloween.

In 2003 when the Cubs almost made the World Series, itís been reported from numerous sources that Chicago haunted attractions lost thousands and thousands of customers. Had the Cubs made the World Series, there are Chicago area haunted houses that wouldíve very likely ďlost their shirts.Ē

And this was before the World Series was scheduled on Halloween. So letís continue to use Chicago as our example. Now picture what it would be like if say, the Cubs, and their hundred years of futility, went to the World Series.

In Chicago, if the Cubs make the playoffs, it consumes the city. Itís all anyone cares about, even non-baseball fans. People who wouldnít be caught dead watching baseball during the regular season become obsessed. Flags, billboards, bar specialsÖ everything belongs to the Cubs. If the Cubs reach the World Series, well then Haunted Houses will pay and pay big.

Because if the Cubs win or lose the Series in six or seven games, that means that, through the entire month of October, October 26th will probably be the only night most people will have free to attend a haunted house. And their Cubs fever would be so high, they probably wouldnít even think to attend a haunted house anyway.

Letís say the Cubs new ownership decides to spend big money on their team, like the Red Sox or Yankees do. This could certainly turn the Cubs into a perennial contender. If the Cubs were to make back-to-back postseason appearances,(unlikely, but certainly possible) with the schedule as it is above, most of the haunted houses in Chicago could easily go out of business, no questions asked.

Itís not just Chicago. Other major Haunt markets, like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, MissouriÖ These are places where haunted houses donít need to compete with one of the Worldís biggest sporting events. MLB needs to be stopped, their season was already far too long, and Iím saying that as a baseball fan. Although thinking about it, that goal seems nearly impossible. Seems like money will always have the last say.

Halloween has long had the benefit of being alone. No competition, a time when thereís no major sports, no other attractions. On Halloween, you either celebrated Halloween, or you did nothing.

Now Halloween is a major sporting event. If your haunt is in a major baseball market, chances are you'll feel the effects. Maybe not this year, maybe not five years from now. But if someone doesnít come up with a plan, IAHA or anyone else, if something isnít done, someone probably will lose there shirt/haunted house over this.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to comment. I canít think of any answers and Iíd love to hear what anyone thinks.


damon carson
05-24-2007, 10:46 AM
I dont think anyone has to worry about St. Louis making it to the World Series this year! Maybe not even the playoffs. Just my two cents.

Jim Warfield
05-24-2007, 11:04 AM
Do people go to these games to see baseball, or to look at some very wealthy people dressed as baseball players?
What percentage of "fans" would remain home if alcohol was taken away from the park?
As a kid growing up before instant replays I got discouraged trying to enjoy baseball on TV because for hours on end the game's action would severely lag, the second I walked out of the room ,"It's over the fence for a Home Run!" ???
Waiting for TV to entertain and inform or go out and live your own real life?
Open the door, I'm going outside!
You can't get beaned or hit in your private parts watching it on TV, you have to go out and throw and bat to really experience the agony of defeat, decrocth, deskull.
The last time a ball hit my eye, the pitcher stopped to see how I was doing, in a dim room I uncovered my injured eye and he made some strange sounds, trying not to alarm me (his victim), I had a piece of raw bacon folded a few times laying on my eye! Scared Him! hahahah!

05-24-2007, 11:44 AM
Should we dub this the "Bats vs Bats" crisis?

Jim Warfield
05-24-2007, 01:44 PM
That's a real swinging idea! Groovey!

"and the pitcher has been ejected from the game , he was using a foreign substance on the ball, bat guano!"

05-24-2007, 01:51 PM
That wouldn't be a good idea. Any ball with guano would end up being a foul ball.

Jim Warfield
05-24-2007, 01:57 PM
The acid in the guano might eliminate some of the shape and weight of the ball effecting balance, making it a real curving wobbler to ever hit though.

"It's a spitball!"
"Nobody has breath That Bad!"

05-25-2007, 01:50 AM
I think its a HUGE mistake to play a WS game on Halloween.

Even though in some ways what they did was good news, they finally decided that weekday games get better ratings so they no longer want games on weekends. GOOD FOR US!

They're phasing out weekend games for weekdays.

But WS on Halloween that's absurd.


RJ Productions
05-25-2007, 01:55 AM
Guess it means we just get creative. Instead of playing old horror movies as line entertainment you put the game on! Instead of outside music, maybe a radio broadcast of the game and then note it in your advertising.
Save your specials for those nights, two for ones, ect. make a deal with a sports bar, discount to your haunt with a receipt from the bar, two for one drinks at the bar with your ticket stub...

We're creative, just think ahead!

Jim Warfield
05-25-2007, 07:25 AM
"Creative", like have a bouncher dressed as the "Vampire-Umpire",
"Yer OUT!" (Of the door.)
Have a hallway of reaching, grasping hands..wearing baseball gloves.
Zombie players from past seasons of long, long ago, uniforms tattered, very dingy.
The old catcher with the cleat marked face, have ears of corn roped to a pole..Tie Cobb! The corn could be visably struggling, trying to get away.

05-25-2007, 07:35 AM
I guess I should he happy that the Orioles suck these days! Rich's ideas were great, and that is the right approach to the situation, be proactive!


Ken Spriggs
05-25-2007, 08:59 PM
Damn that is going to hurt...
Screw the cubs they can't win for anything....
When they were in the playoffs a few years back it hurt
When the games ended they started coming out
When the sox were in the series it didn't hurt too bad....it was over quick
People get mad at me for hoping they lose...hell it hurts biz no matter what!

05-26-2007, 03:07 AM
You should feel lucky that Baltimore and Washington suck.

You know if you took the wins from both teams and put them together they still wouldn't make the playoffs.


Lucky you!!!

The Cardinals in the series last year HURT BIG TIME!


05-26-2007, 04:47 AM
Geeze Larry, what a great pick-me-up that was! Seriously though, Baltimore should finish around .500 this year, but not much noise in the playoffs, and yes the Nats really do suck! I guess I should feel fornunate about this. The Orioles have been mediocre since Ripken retired. But we still have the best ballpark in the country!!!


Cookie Crumbler
05-31-2007, 07:04 PM
Thanks to everyone for the various responses.

Larry, I hope you're correct about phasing out the weekend games. I hadn't heard that, and it's welcome news.

Best of luck, all.