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02-05-2013, 10:12 AM
After 8 years Nightmare Factory haunt and A theater Of Lost Souls located in central Wi is closing. The haunt www.nightmarefactoryhaunt.com is currently still set up from the 2012 season. There might be a possibility of someone in central Wisconsin to run the haunt out of its current location, however I really have no desire to be "partners" with the project. You would have to buy me out and then negotiate with the landlord your terms for running the haunt in the facility. I did have a great team in 2012, many of my actors would love to haunt there again, and so if you desire this might be a great way to get your feet wet in the industry. Below is a listing of roughly 80% of what I have off the top of my head. I would prefer to sell this as one unit, so please do not contact me asking how much it would be to buy one mask or one prop. $35,000 for everything. You come and take. With everything here, you will need about 3-4 semi trailers. contact Ron 920-585-7663 email abramagic@juno.com (Contact by email or phone. I never get notifications about messages on here)

600 walls, black, in white and distressed .
200 clown themed walls
Crazy Carrie & Jolt prop and rocking granny by distortions unlimited
Unit 70 Kobi scare
Unit 70 zombie reacher prop
Jumping barrel prop
Poison Props flying clown
Haunted enterprises clown closet
Sparky Fence
Fright Props Train Whistle scare w halogen light
5-6 corpsified skeletons
2 unfinished buckies
200 led mini spots
Machine gun poof blaster w strobe
Regular poof blaster
4-5 strobes
10-15 black lights
Hundreds of power cords
100 power strips
hundreds of feet of air hoses
3 metal coffins
2 fake coffins made of paper machet
TABLES for make up room
Unit 70 Hippie Dude and Stabbed in Back prop
Hundreds of Jungle Vines
5-6 fog machines
1 static life sized warewolf
1 animated Warewolf Looks right, left, up down open and closes mouth, howls, tail wags
Hundreds of 2x3s for bracing material
Skull Archway and gothic window by DarkRavendesigns.net (look under props)
8x 25’ enclosed utility trailer w opening side for concessions/tickets
1974 cadillac ss. Victoria hearse for promos
6x12 coffin ride trailer
Ryobi drills
Table Saw
Tons of costumes
2 Life sized Stand alone Zombies by Gore Galore
Make up and brushes etc.
Ghost Ride Company Life Sized Pig
GHost Ride pig head
6-7 6x12' chain link fence
4-5 Fake fuse boxes
100 dolls for Dolly Girl room
3-4 Various clown heads from Haunted Enterprises
Lots of Camo Netting and Jute cloth
3 manquins
Cfx company realistic intestines, heart, brain
5-6 boom boxes
9 heads hanging from ropes by Oak Islad and Ghost Ride

02-06-2013, 03:35 AM
I am sorry to hear this Ron!

02-14-2013, 09:24 AM
I have had quite a few contacts on this, and as of right now, I REALLY prefer to sell the whole thing at once...

02-18-2013, 07:22 AM
Sounds like a good deal. Just curious, (not looking to buy, just flat curious) are your wall panels OSB or Plywood?