View Full Version : What vendors/mfgs make haunt lab machines / panels / replicas

02-07-2013, 03:31 PM
Hey Guys,

I am wondering if anyone knows of any vendors that make replica lab machines / large medical devices that are suitable for haunt use.

I know Edge Designs offers these: http://edgedesignsonline.com/lab-equipment/

I know Distortions has their 5 gigawatt generator (or whatever)

Im just curious if there are any other vendors making products like this?

02-07-2013, 04:53 PM
The guys you want are ar Stelter Creative.. They have some of the best stuff out there lab wise...
I sent some pictures to Matt at Edge and the next show WHAM... They had the same looking stuff.. I said same looking but not the quality..
Ann from Edge told me they just might owe me some royalties for those ideas... Go check them out..