View Full Version : Halloween Products? broken into

02-08-2013, 06:08 AM

Hope they didn't do to much damage Larry.

02-08-2013, 09:15 AM
Wow that's a bummer. Hope everything is ok that's something I always fear at my haunt.

Jolly Pumpkin
02-08-2013, 10:44 AM
I think they meant Halloween Productions.

02-08-2013, 11:48 AM
No one broke into the haunted house... there is a build in front of the exit of the haunted house and they were found coming out of that area. The Haunted House is totally locked up! I did a call about it though and we are checking the property just to make sure.


02-08-2013, 12:09 PM
Good to see that no major damage was done! And they caught the bastards!

However, the news up there needs to learn how to spell....looked like a fifth grader wrote the article lol, Yeesh!

02-08-2013, 01:11 PM
They may have gotten into the haunt but they actually probably wanted in the caves... I've told you guys before there are REAL CAVES under the brewery they are just one floor under the haunt itself. People want inside those caves. But nothing was damaged but a door. I'm glad they got caught. Larry

02-08-2013, 02:59 PM
Coincidentally, our shop is in the same complex. My guys got in early this morning to check us out as well, but it appears as though we made it out just fine too. Larry's right, they likely just wanted to explore the brewery and the caverns below it and didn't realize they were walking right into an area where they would be easily heard breaking in. I love that they just went to the pub right across the street after escaping. I'm guessing they didn't really think that through...

02-08-2013, 06:07 PM
I'm glad they got caught too. Thieves suck!


Jim Warfield
02-09-2013, 01:26 AM
Those :Lemp" caves! Do they really run all the way to the Lemp mansion? Are there really such large rooms as a swimming pool, an ampitheater?
I read that when the massive highway was put in next to the Lemp mansion the construction crews cut through a part of the cave and discovered some prehistoric pig bones! (A new monster for the Lemp Brewery haunt, "The Prehistoric Hogg!" (I guess he would not have a cellphone then?)
"..and a great deal of the St. Louis Winter,social scene took place in those caves." 1900? quote from a book.

02-09-2013, 06:23 AM

The caves do run to the mansion and beyond it. The swimming pool and the theatre are both still there, although they are not much to look at now. The pool is disgusting, as you might guess, and easy to pass over if you're not looking for it. It just looks like a wet part of the cave unless you know what it is. The theatre is just a pile of crap now accept for part of an old lighting truss hanging from the ceiling. It's really cool. And yes, there were many fossils found in the caves, but they're long gone now.

That whole part of the brewery is really neat, but it's also pretty dangerous down there. There's actually one area where the basements go four levels deep that I like better than the caves, but that's just me...