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Jim Warfield
02-09-2013, 01:12 AM
CBS channel 4 from the Quasi-Moto cities sent a young lady here to Mount Carroll with her camera. She was sent here because of the on-line voting contest to discover "the coolest smalltown"! Our little village of 1,700 people was to be compared to a down-the river competitor, LeClare, Iowa.
The young woman asked sort of a quarrelsome question and she got quite a goofy answer from me!
LeClare is home to 'The Pickers" TV show,so she needing to stir up a controversy and asked which was better and why, Ravens Grin Or the Pickers antique store?" (Apples versus Oranges, Deary!) I was sort of stumped for a short while, then I pointed out to her (and her camera)"Well, the Pickers have been to Ravens Grin, but I have never been to their place. The girl that works for them , Danelle,has been to Ravens Grin a couple of times, but I have never been to Her House, so I guess they proved which place is better by their own actions!"
I think I had a really goofy expression on my face that whole time, anyway I hope I did because the question itself was so Duh" and I hope anyone seeing this doesn't consider me a horse's ass, a smart-ass , maybe and played for humor, of course.
Then my Wife, Jessica came to my rescue by pointing out "We get a lot of familys coming here with kids,this place is a "hands-ON" experience unlike any antique store where it's "hands -off" for kids, usually."
Then we went on to extoll the entertainment and food advatages of little Downtown Mount Carroll (all true!) "Many nights a parking place in the downtown is hard to find,live music ,4 or more nights a week in two to three different buildings, great food,new menus, new ownership of old businesses,it is just amazing! I have never, ever seenit like this before!" (All True! and this is my home town, I have lived here the majority of my years.)
The girl with the TV camera was too nervous to walk into the wine cellar here. she claimed her camera quit working,flipped the viewing screen to show me a black picture, which she could have influenced with the flick of a switch,thereby creating her rightfull excuse!
Jim will probably be "The Star of the Cutting Room floor" This Wednesday when it airs, yes I did threaten to put my finger up my nose when she wanted to compare us with those famous "Pickers"!
Nothing beats free advertising,and on a channel transmitting from just 90 minutes away!
Time will tell...

damon carson
02-09-2013, 11:24 AM
Jim I would have to pick, no pun intended you and the Ravens Grinn Inn and Mt Carrol over the Pickers and there town. I mean ya they may of had a t.v show for a few years and that might give them some fame! But look at how famous you are in the haunt community and your town and surrounding areas. I dont know? Those two stiffs Mike and Frank might beat you out because of there t.v fame. But maybe you should of done this? Challenged them to come pick at The Ravens Grinn Inn! Have them pick at night at a real haunted house! Now tell me that wouldnt add some entertainment to there little show! One I can see Franks little ass being scared before he even comes in! And Mike wouldnt be much better off! And then you showing them thru scaring them as they go and there emotions probably getting the best of them! Call them up and invite them! Maybe in the long run this would give you the added publicity you need and do more for you in the long run anyway! You already know Danielle! Im sure she could set it up! It would make one hell of a Halloween Episode!

Jim Warfield
02-09-2013, 12:25 PM
Sort over more than the little channel down the road could probably successfully pull off though.
Several years ago a young woman was coming here sposered by The Chicago Tribune to do a story avout Ravens Grin. At the last possible minute she called to say it was cancelled because the Tribune was going broke!?
They could not afford to send a photographer with her!
Two years ago another writer for the Trib. did make it here, wrote his story. I had to drive a total of 60 miles to find a Tribune !
His story had good placement in the physical layout of that edition, but almost nobody ever saw it or came here because of that story that I could determine!
That's why newspapers are and have gone broke, nobody reads them except the elderly in nursing homes and where do they go,spend money on?
It's all "about" the computer screen and TV.
The bad thing about advertising on them is there are way too many channels to know what anybody is watching, except unless it's the Super Bowl!

Jim Warfield
02-09-2013, 09:00 PM
Had more "likes" and more seeing it over a short time than any other Facebook message of mine ever did before!