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02-20-2013, 01:45 AM
In 1987 the Ed Roberts, the founder of the WCHC, started the Nightmare Factory Haunted House at the Oregon School for the Deaf in Salem Oregon.

It was his goal to start not only a fund raiser for the school, but to start an interactive program that would teach students how to operate a business. The idea behind the haunted house was to teach not just the students, but the community at large that deaf can do anything they set their minds to.

The director of the school at the time loaned Ed $400.00 to get the program off the ground and using an unused of the boys dorm where Ed works, he set off to open the first Nightmare Factory.

The students were excited by the idea of opening a haunt and many of the dorm staff chipped in to help get the project up and running. In a manner of a few weeks the haunt was built, lights were hung and sound effects installed.

Every year the Nightmare Factory strives to improve the show, and each year the students have their say has to what new scares might be added. They also work with staff to build new sets each year, build new props, learn makeup skills and everything that goes into running a successful business.

In 2010 Extreme Makeover Home Edition came to the school and completely remodeled the haunt.

The Nightmare Factory at the School for the Deaf is now preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary and it is the longest running haunted attraction in the northwest!

The WCHC wants to help you learn how to operate a successful haunted house, yard display, home or charity event.

All our workshops will be interpreted for deaf and hard of hearing attendees.

The students from the Oregon School for the Deaf will be attending the show, so you can ask them how they like working on the haunted house.

You can meet Kivo Phillips at the show too, he started as a middle school student back in '87 and now is one of the haunted houses directors. He can help you with any questions you might have as well.

Contact Ed today for more information about the show, special rates for schools and more.