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02-21-2013, 06:51 AM
It's a good thing Transworld is not this weekend St Louis is getting terrible weather. Heavy snow, inches of ice, string winds etc. I read more than 140 flights are cancelled. Hope the weather is nice in two weeks.


02-21-2013, 06:58 AM
I found a 15-day forecast for St Louis. Looks like March 7th will be cool but dry. Probably a good idea to start watching the weather channel as the date gets closer...


02-21-2013, 07:10 AM

I hope you're right but you know how weather is it can change from one day to the next. I think forecasts about a week out should be fairly reliable.


02-21-2013, 07:19 AM
Agreed. But I will be monitoring the forecast everyday from this point out.

02-21-2013, 07:56 AM
You will get people clamoring for Orlando next year.

02-21-2013, 08:17 AM
Orlando? Is that such a bad thing? Sounds good to me.

02-21-2013, 08:40 AM
Warm weather, more hotels than you can imagine, add a cruise, Universal Studios, or Disney while there as an extended stay. But; find out what vendors go to a show there who are at St. Louis and get their summary.

Wicked Farmer

02-21-2013, 10:41 AM
Yes the weather is really bad here today... let me just say ST LOUIS weather is hard to predict. One minute it snows the next minute its 70 degrees outside. Next years show if you didn't hear is like March 22nd or something. Better for everyone in my opinion.

I will tell you the bad is hurting us today... we can't work.


02-21-2013, 10:50 AM
Sorry to hear that Larry. But I disagree having it so late in the month is good. It's already down to the wire with vendors as it is it's nice having that extra 10 days to 2 weeks head start. I'm sure it buys you more time to get your haunt ready but you get your new props before anyone else does, but eveyone else has to order at the show and wait on them to arrive.


02-21-2013, 11:03 AM
Its not bad here in Michigan it 21 degrees out side and sunny. You can keep all that snow and slush down there.


02-21-2013, 11:51 AM
I know this side subject of where to have show has been kicked around many times. There is a huge show in Orlando with initials something like IAAPA...sure I have it wrong; that coincides with deer season in Michigan in Nov. for amusements. I know a few vendors in St. Louis show have been to Orlando. Thats who I would like to see chime in. We may get hammered one year in St. Louis...even late March. But if St. Louis is where VENDORS want to go that is where I will be. Looks like the vendors know the ins & outs of St. Louis and dealing with the arena. I mean when a vendor like Fright Props jumps in on forum and gives a LOT of advice to other vendors it looks like the system has been learned for dealing with the headaches of getting set up.

But if it moves....Orlando baby!

Wicked Farmer

02-21-2013, 11:54 AM
I'm sure the snow will be gone in March. I remember a post by Larry a few years ago when people were discussing the move from Chicago to St Louis. Larry said it never snows in St Louis in March. Wait a minute; I think it was snowing two years ago in St Louis during TW... But I'm sure it won't snow this year, right Larry!

Remember TW about 10 years ago in Chicago when they got about 10" of snow. We were stuck in Chicago and couldn't fly out. I think the power went out that year while we were at the Crazy Bob party too. A bunch of haunters in costume in a dark room... Those were the dayz!


02-21-2013, 12:04 PM
Last 2 years there were Tornado issues, last year Branson got wiped out, 2011 the Airport got hit - all around the show dates. Just shows ya just don't know.

Heck we got SNOW in Phoenix yesterday... SNOW! It was 78 degrees here 2 weeks ago for The Phoenix Open.. lol. See ya in 2 weeks, can't wait!!


02-21-2013, 12:23 PM
Sat. night at 10:00 pm at the Arch....snowball fight!!!!!!!!!!!

02-21-2013, 01:32 PM
Yes it did snow here the very first year we had the show... however if you can recall it started snowing around 12am at night and when you woke up it was 75 degrees and the snow was GONE! That is St Louis!

Its still snowing here right now... we are probably going to get a foot of snow maybe!

But I can pretty much assure you in a couple days it will all be gone and when you guys get here it will be warm!

St Louis has the best springs in the WORLD... its perfect! We have terrible summer, terrible winter, and actually our falls is great to because it doesn't snow and it doesn't really rain.

Trust me it will be warm for the show I'm banking on it.

As far as moving the show back... I'm more in favor or moving it BACK! We have more buyers than ever before BUYING in the winter now keeping many vendors busy year around. I think the extra two weeks will be a benefit!


02-21-2013, 04:58 PM
21 degrees outside is not nice, lol. The cold weather here in Michigan sucks. The sad part is it lasts until June sometimes. I have always hated fall, winter, and most of spring here.

02-23-2013, 06:57 PM
Orlando or New Orleans would be ideal from a buyers perspective. However St. Louis being more central is more ideal from a vendors perspective collectively. The lack of hotels immediately around the convention center is the primary downfall with St. Louis. Ideally somewhere with a warmer climate and better entertainment would be ideal but that doesn't affect our ability to go to the show and handle our business. However the fact that the entire downtown area is out of hotel rooms is completely unacceptable. And the lack of lower priced rooms is a serious hinderance to lower income attractions ability to send representatives. If the issue of relocation is indeed being pondered I would champion another location in the mid west that can address these shortcomings of the Americas Center.


02-24-2013, 12:49 AM
Couple things... contrary to popular belief I could care less if this show moved. Just fyi! St Louis has many benefits however ... you cite that it doesn't have a lot of hotels near the convention center and I would disagree with that. There are no real hotels across the street from Orlando convention center than St. Louis. In fact I'm betting we have more because the in addition to the REN we also have the hotel casino right there as well with TWO hotels in one building. If you haven't been staying at the Casino its very very very nice...

The thing I like about STL is that you have tons of places to eat, tons of things to do and walk to, a casino simply put everything nearby.

STL is also the most central city you can pick...

Now on the other hand if you move the show where... I still think it should be central to everyone to get the biggest results. That would put you in a host of different options like Indy, Memphis, maybe KC, but STL is like 5 hours closer to anywhere in Texas, or east side of STL. Most of the haunts are east or south of say KC which puts STL closer.

I also think whatever city you go to that city should have an established haunt community which eliminates say Memphis. If you go away from the CENTRAL THEME I would suggest cities like maybe Dallas however you must also consider price of convention space. STL is cheap... Dallas or Chicago would be a lot more. Do haunters want to pay $150 to enter the show and would vendors want to pay 1500 or 1800 for a booth?

That is the question... and again I don't care if the show moves as long as its somewhat central, the vendors can afford lots of booth space, and buyers can afford to get into the show. Those are all things that must be considered.

Orlando NO WAY... that would make the cost to exhibit for say west coast guys go through the roof. IAAPA is already there why mess with that monster. I would throw out one suggestion however... BRANSON which is also in MO. Tons of things to do there... very nice place and not very busy in March.

BTW... Today its nice and warm and the snow was melting. My kids baseball team will be playing in three weeks! When the show is keep into March it will be 70 degrees every single day!


02-24-2013, 02:08 AM

Orlando has over 21 hotels within immediate walking distance of the convention center. It is one of the busiest convention centers in the US. It's also parked right in the middle of Seaworld, Universal, and Disney. Trying to compare that to the Americas Center is like comparing apples to rocks.

Branson is a wonderful place. Is Silver Dollar City open at this time of year?

02-24-2013, 06:37 AM

Orlando has over 21 hotels within immediate walking distance of the convention center. It is one of the busiest convention centers in the US. It's also parked right in the middle of Seaworld, Universal, and Disney. Trying to compare that to the Americas Center is like comparing apples to rocks.

Branson is a wonderful place. Is Silver Dollar City open at this time of year?

Yes there are tons of hotels near the convention center, some good ones too, surrounding the center and many more on I Drive. Hotels, things to do and places to eat will never be the problem in Orlando they just don't have much by way of a haunt tour.

i don't mind where it's at it's a 2 hour flight from here and central to most Haunters and I have found more places to see and eat than I ever did at Rosemont. But Memphis would be interesting..


02-24-2013, 07:16 AM
As much as I like the idea of Orlando...if Larry's views of Vendor show space cost being much greater...that trumps my Orlando desires. Actually, that is pretty much why I said I would like vendors to chime in here who have been to the other show in Orlando. Confession time, Hi my name is Mark and I am a Disneyholic. Being that I do know there are hotels within 10 minutes of convention center galore (sorry Kevin). As long as it is not within 'Spring Break" hotels would run gammit of $45 -any price you want. Would the "Orlando" magnet draw more people to the show...I don't know. But like I eluded to earlier....VENDORS trump my desire.

02-24-2013, 07:26 AM
My only concern is snow. If there is a good chance of snow for this time of year then it needs to be somewhere warmer. Forget all of the other nonsense. If snow cancels the flights you have no show at all so it trumps all others. Show or no show.

02-24-2013, 10:58 AM
A quick google search will show that there are plenty of conventions going to the Orlando convention center charging between 10 to 12 dollars per square foot of booth space. This is on par with what is charges in St. Louis. Has anyone actually done any kind of real study on this? Should we be petitioning the HAA board to look at alternatives, or Transworld to propose alternatives? It seems like a proper study would reveal the answers to all these questions and many more.

02-24-2013, 11:16 AM
Just for the record I've been going to IAAPA show for 20 years... there are no hotels and I say NO hotels near the convention center in the way the REN is to America's Center. That is a fact check it twice check it ten times... Ren is like 50 feet from the door there isn't a single HOTEL that close to the Orlando convention center.

Second there are not a ton of hotels just sitting right there at the front door in orlando... what there is however is a TON of hotels probably more hotels in one city than in any other city in the WORLD. There are a lot of good hotels and a lot of great options when staying in Orlando.

IAAPA already goes to Orlando if you want to go to Orlando for a convention go to IAAPA.

That would not be a good option for the haunt industry and its not because of hotels its because it could hurt how many booths vendors buy. I think the show is thriving because of the central location. It has always been central even when you consider Chicago its still somewhat central.


02-24-2013, 02:14 PM
IAAPA is a terrible show haunt wise fewer Haunters go each year.

But hotels near the convention center? Are you kidding? The gigantic Hilton and Peabody are connected to it. The Westin is across the street along with at least another 6 HUGE hotels on the back of it and the Rosen is directly across the street plus another Rosen plaza two blocks away. There must be 10 to 1 rooms at that convention center compared to St. Louis.


02-24-2013, 03:58 PM
IAAPA is not a terrible show for haunters whomever told you that is an idiot! I can find more stuff there to build my haunt than at the haunt show. If you hadn't notice we build our haunted house prior to the haunt show, but after or during the IAAPA show. We don't get the luxury of seeing the new stuff at Transworld so we go based on our own idea's and concepts we can create in that time frame. We do however get the opportunity to visit IAAPA and you'll see wonderful things that could be used or have never been used before in haunts.

The Transworld show is totally dedicated to Halloween, and yes more Halloween stuff to see but when you are looking for new technology, all sorts of things to make your attraction bigger and better if you skip IAAPA you just don't know time it is. IAAPA is an incredible show! I will say this and its fact...

IAAPA you could probably do every year, maybe every other year or even stretching to once every three years... the haunt show you really need to see every year even if there isn't one vendor who has one thing you want. The haunt show is jammed packed with events, seminars, and opportunities for you to learn from others in the same field. So yes the Haunt Show is VERY much more important to your business than IAAPA but IAAPA not important to your business is just an un-educated comment in my book.

And again there is NO hotel as close to IAAPA convention center as the REN is to the STL convention center... just to walk across the Orlando parking lot is probably a mile walk. Orlando convention center is top of the line place with massive front area, and massive parking lot and total space around the place is massive. There is nothing between ren and the stl convention center but a street. Clearly Orlando is one of the best cities in the WORLD for conventions 100 times better than probably any place I've been to... but that doesn't mean its perfect for every industry otherwise they'd have every convention.


02-24-2013, 05:17 PM
Larry I've been to a couple IAAPA's and unless you are a huge show there is not much there. Transworld is the show that matters most to Haunters most Haunters are busy tearing down their shows to go to look at roller coaster vendors and high priced animation no haunts can afford. It's great for ideas but how much can a Haunter actually buy there? Not much. All the vendors that cross over to the haunt business now come to Transworld courtesy of people like you and Jen and the Transworld folks.

But you're definitely right no hotel is as close to the center them the Renn it's very convenient.


02-24-2013, 10:20 PM
Couple things... again I would agree but disagree with you. I've watched IAAPA change a lot over the last 20 years. 20 Years ago it was a show where a handful of vendors bought almost every single booth. Now the show is mostly small booths 4 or less... and yes you can buy a ton of stuff there. They sell everything there from electronics, sound equipment, food stuff, attractions, cleaning supplies, to just everything between. Yes there are tons of things for you to buy... tons!

Like I said its a show that you should attend every 1 to 3 years its a must for all haunt owners. So there we disagree.

We agree that the haunt show is overall more important to this industry and that Orlando Convention center has NO hotel as close to the convention center as Ren. Yes Orlando as tons of hotels more than any city in the World probably... but they don't have tons close to the convention center like walk there.

But at Orlando it doesn't matter they have a massive easy to use parking lot. In Orlando everyone rents a car its not New York... so in Orlando it doesn't matter what hotel you stay in. Orlando is hte king of conventions no question.


Nic Miele
02-24-2013, 10:32 PM
I think the show should move back to chicago! (:

02-24-2013, 11:42 PM
Good news... the snow is basically melted. As for Chicago HELL NO... I hate Chicago too many unions, hotels cost to much, hate the weather its horrible, everything costs to much no FREAKING WAY!

If it moved to Chicago I wouldn't even go... seriously! If the show does ever move I'd like to see a new city that shares things with St Louis like affordable everything, centrally located, prefer right to work state.

FYI... Missouri is voting to become a right to work state just FYI!


02-25-2013, 05:15 AM
My 2 cents.

Since everyone is talking about Orlando, I challenge all of you to attend the Halloween Extreme show in Orlando in May, especially since Jen and Ben Armstrong are the brains behind it. She has described it as 'TW for the general public' and they are hoping for a big crowd. If you want to see what Orlando can offer the show if it were to move, start by attending HE. I have heard some good buzz about it and am planning to attend.

If you want to move somewhere warmer and not too far from the Midwest, I would suggest Atlanta since it only has the busiest airport in the world and lots and lots of hotels and convention space. Plus, Netherworld would be a rather nice place to visit. March temps can average into the mid-60's too.

Again, only my 2 cents...


02-25-2013, 06:19 AM
I've been to several cities for shows.

Chicago was fine, when I didn't know anything else. Looking back, I wouldn't like to go back there. The weather was always cruddy, the unions were harder to deal with, etc.

Las Vegas is a city I love...just not to hold a tradeshow. If the show ever went back there I would not follow. That's a guarantee.

Orlando is a great city and a great place for a convention. IAAPA is great there. We really love it. The only problem is that it's not centrally located. IAAPA has a lot of international exhibitors and buyers, but TW doesn't. TW needs to stay in a central part of the US to make it make sense.

St. Louis is my favorite city for TW. Yes, I live here so I'm biased, but the unions are easier to deal with, the prices are more affordable, and the weather is a little beter than Chicago. I won't riot if the show moves, but it would have to be for very compelling reasons. Moving the show just to move it is a terrible idea. It should only be moved for a very sound reason and, at this moment, I can't think of one. Simply going to a new city, seeing a new haunt, getting warmer weather, etc. are not reasons I think are good enough. We want consistency in this show. It helps build a customer base. If we just move it every couple years because we get bored it's going to hurt the show overall.

That's just my opinion, but I've been at this for quite a while and I feel like I have a pretty good hold on this show. At any rate, we can't wait to see everyone in St. Louis in just a few days. And with that, I need to get to the shop...

02-25-2013, 06:46 AM
[St. Louis is my favorite city for TW. Yes, I live here so I'm biased, but the unions are easier to deal with, the prices are more affordable, and the weather is a little beter than Chicago. I won't riot if the show moves, but it would have to be for very compelling reasons. Moving the show just to move it is a terrible idea. It should only be moved for a very sound reason and, at this moment, I can't think of one. Simply going to a new city, seeing a new haunt, getting warmer weather, etc. are not reasons I think are good enough. We want consistency in this show. It helps build a customer base. If we just move it every couple years because we get bored it's going to hurt the show overall.

That's just my opinion

That is more than opinion in my book...those are damn good standards to measure a potential move against. I would like the weather (original thread topic)and tying in vacation time. Guess I am going to put a few vendors on the spot and call them out for comment. The ones I will call on to comment on shipping costs are 2 who take large quantity of big things to St. Louis. Adam of Poison Props...and Kevin of Gore Galore; would really like you two to comment here. Adam is in California so Orlando is much farther haul. ; throw a quote difference for hauling to Orlando vs. St. Louis with your
shipper AND get a plane fare quote. Orlando is a cheap flight for MANY. I can get ROUND TRIP to Orlando from Michigan for $190, several airlines do a "Orlando run" because they know they can fill the plane. Kevin (Gore Galore) in Indiana do the same.
Orlando has CHEAP FLIGHTS to help over come extra shipping expenses (And no I am really not hung up on Orlando...Atlanta...Texas...I would still go, but they lack the "vacation" tie in that haunters can do that time of year.) Actually Kevin and I have chatted how he needs a vaction!

Then I want vendors who have been at Orlando working with convention hall to chime in.

02-25-2013, 07:09 AM
I have private messaged Kevin & Adam to chime in. I will look at vendors who have been to Orlando and tag them for commenting as well. Think Haunt Visions has been at that show in Orlando...but of course they would rather it was in their home town St. Louis.

Wicked farmer

02-25-2013, 08:10 AM
I think location should be judged buy the person coming to buy and spend money. I am sure Distortions thinks the best place is Denver. Look at how many vendors come from other areas than St Louis and you will find that there are more outside the state than in. It should be about the buyer, a lot of people spend vacation time to go to TW. it would be nice if the family could travel with them and get a little vacation time in as well. We need to remember that most Haunters have a day jobs that they pay thier bills with and the haunt is a side job. If we only take the full time haunter and vendors in to account then TW attendance would be very low, it the enthusiast and small haunter that are the majority of attendees. I am not for or against St. Louis but it is the largest show in the industry and they should be looking at other venues as a draw for more people to attend the show. From what has been said this year there are more vendor that ever before, I don't know if that is true, but I think vendors would travel where ever there is money to be made. Like I said I don't really care as long as the hotel is close and there is some good food. It's not hard to make a fat guy happy, just don't make us walk too far and keep us fed with good food. The only thing that I will add is that it would be nice to be able to see other high end haunts other than the Darkness, as much as I appreciate that Larry puts a tremendous amount of effort to get his haunt rebuilt for TW, there are a few others around the country that I would like to go see like Neatherworld and others. That my two cents worth and it probably only worth a half cent but that what it is.


02-25-2013, 09:33 AM
There are more haunts than Netherworld. Every post someone mentions them it makes it seems like there is only a handful of really good haunts in the entire industry to see. Netherworld is certainly one of the very best no one will ever dispute that, but it gets brought up constantly when there are dozens of really good ones, hell look at Texas for example.

Also, it look like another storm is heading into the midwest, another blizzard and tornados in the southeast.... Hope it calms down next week for everyone's sake.


02-25-2013, 10:30 AM
Yes there are a lot of good haunts but I am talking no budget over the top type haunts that you can't see most of the time. I love the MHC per tour and am going again this year but if I could go to only one haunt then I want it to blow my socks off. Maybe Neatherworld gets mentioned so much because people would like to see it. MHC covers Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio on tours, Hauntcon will cover the Dallas area this year and covered Pittsburg and northern Ohio last year. I have seen the Darkness and I am looking forward to seeing it this year too, but that is because they do a lot of changes. You act like you don't want to see Neatherworld, but you did not mention a alternative. How about Bates Hotel, 13th Gate, Dent Shool house, Pure Terror, House of Torment, Headless Horseman, 13th floor, Asylum, and the list could go on and on. The question is if you are going to a convention wouldnt you like to go to a haunt that is considered top notch,with a location that has a good convention center. New Orleans , Atlanta, St. Louis, Dallas, Nashville, Memphis and I'm sure there are more. I am not pushing for a individual haunt just a haunt the caliber of the Darkness, if it is not at that level then I don't know if it would draw the crowds that would take to afford remodling for a march TW. Larry said he spent $300,000 to get ready this year, not many haunt have pockets that deep.


02-25-2013, 10:43 AM
What good haunts are in Orlando, the parks are not set up year around with the halloween stuff are they. I went to haunted mansion and Harry Potter last spring but that's all I could find other than a small haunt in Old Town. Harry Potter scenic design was great but we spent $89 for each of us and we rode that ride and were done, kind of pricey but my wife is a Harry Potter freak so we went. Cant piss off the wife or there would be he'll to pay, plus with all the haunt crap I buy a year I have nothing to complain about.


02-25-2013, 11:45 AM
Here is something to consider...

The show started in St. Louis for a couple reasons...

1) Central Location
2) IT WAS THE CHEAPEST location for all concerned

Now on to another topic...

1) Attendance: The shows attendance doubled in one year. This show has over 6000 people attending now and growing again this year. So the location doesn't seem to affect the attendance because it keeps climbing.

2) Support: The show started life in one 50k haul and it wasn't totally sold out. Now its doubled in size and totally sold out. We have more IAAPA type vendors, retail vendors and everything between than ever before it the shows 30 year history... yes not more overall retail vendors but more vendors both haunted and amusement all mixed together than EVER BEFORE!

3) Vendor Support: There are not more vendors that are haunt only supporters than ever before. I even remember SHANE stating there wasn't enough haunt vendors to support a haunt only show. Well where did all these haunt vendors come from... I said from year one make the show cheaper more affordable on all levels and they will show up people you never knew existed would buy booths and they did!

4) Haunt Only Activities: I said from day one even when I was being SLAMMED by many in this industry that if you create a haunt only show haunt only activities would spring up and would create synergy for this industry. We started off just with a couple haunt tours now there is so much to do its not even funny... mostly unrelated to seeing a haunted house. And btw the attendance of this show just keeps going up and up.

5) Central Location: St Louis is the most central city in America period... that is why its called Gateway to the West! Pick a city that fits THIS INDUSTRY NOT the amusement park industry or some other industry. So sure move the show but pick a city that isn't too bad on weather, central location, CHEAP and a city where you can do a lot of activities.

So in short you must remember changing something flying high... hmmm! Make sure it fits the mold of affordable because that is the main reason the show keeps growing. Make sure its central that limits the cities in my opinion to: Dallas, Nashville, Memphis, Indy and KC or maybe a tourist area like Branson.


02-25-2013, 12:04 PM
My 2 cents!
Being from California I have to 95% agree with Kip, "TW needs to stay in a central part of the US to make it make sense."
Yes shipping costs would be more to go to Florida as well as airfare. I think the key here is centrally located in the US.
There is a lot of shipping that vendors do for this show but there is even more driving. More vendors drive their
displays to the show then ship them. It's a lot more work for some but the costs savings out weighs the pain from driving. It is a 3rd of the cost that way.
Most big displays are driven in by the vendors. Haunted Enterprises, Dark Raven, Distortions etc. That's a lot of driving.

Would Vegas save me money in the long run to Vend at the show? Heck YES it would.
But if it's not good for the show overall what's the point.
Transworld works their butt off putting this show together every year and they do a GREAT job! Jen Braverman has managed to build this show into what it is today, A key trade show for any serious vendor or buyer.

02-25-2013, 12:16 PM
to have 6000 attendees fill out a survey...A GOOD survey. One that would take time developing. And find out just what people would want or not want. What would be limiting factors of "go- not go". to show. Central location....St. Louis kicks butt. Someday....snow will kick St. Louis's butt. Texas...south central location. Orlando...extreme east coast BUT it has perks of cheaper costs to get there and unlimited options for those who wehn they take time off of work to go to show Orlando would definitely make many "families" happy. Some of you have seen my ugly mug on the Outdoor Channel and not known it. Friend who does outdoor shows attends a sporting show in Orlando...his family just hops on buses to the theme parks and he joins them later in day.

A survey with question "what city do you want to see haunt show at" would be worse than useless. To take a GOOD survey...you have to have informed people polled. Low cost of St. Louis is BIG; but it needs to be known what costs other places would be, working with event location easiness etc. Until then we will blindly kick around pros and cons of each locataion and never be able to line them up against each other and say to attendees "What say you?" with any amount of reality.

Wicked farmer

02-25-2013, 12:22 PM
Larry you have some good points and the show has grow in St. Louis and I do believe that I have heard that the show in Vegas was not well received. I don't care where it is but we have come to expect that there are certain elements to the show that people come for and you can't move the show and lose those elements without replacing them. Some people come and look forward to seeing the changes at the Darkness, some come for the vendors, some for classes and some just to have fun. I live in Michigan and this weather talk makes me laugh because if my guys said they couldn't make it to work because of snow them maybe they need a new job in a different state. The weather in St. Louis is not bad and the city is clean and safe, it just sometimes nice to go else where for a change. I guess that is part of why people go to. Hauntcon, and that is their niche to fill. I don't want to go somewhere and not get the quality show that I become accustomed to. Unless someone wants to suggest Detroit, I could go for that, any takers got some great scary places we can go and they don't charge to get in. If TW does move then it needs to be for the better not a lateral move. That brings me to a question for you Larry, what haunts are on your list to go see? What haunt interest a person that owns one of the best haunts in America. What does it take to wow you Larry.


02-25-2013, 02:10 PM
Couple more things here...

1) I'm totally in favor of moving the show if you can meet all of the pointed out bullet points such as location, affordability, etc.

2) Haunts that wow me... umm that is a tall order. I'm not moved much anymore because I've seen it all at one time or another. I don't travel to see haunts anymore just too busy but I like it when people post their photos and videos here on Hauntworld. That helps me and everyone else know what everyone is up to!

The Haunts that I truly think are the best based on what people have posted here on Hauntworld nothing more...

Darkness, Netherworld, 13th Gate, Headless Horseman, Haunted Overload, Dead Acres even though its way over the top, same goes for House of Shock. So if I was going to travel and see haunts those would be the ones I'd like to see the most. Others I would want to see for a variety of reasons are Spookywoods, House of Torment, Dent School House, Talon Falls, House of Horrors, Haunt House, there are probably many more but those owners haven't really shared a lot of videos or photos of their attractions. I would really like to see Pirates of Emerson.

I think the overall best in the country is Universal and Tampa Busch Gardens.

I would also go as far to say that Creepyworld our other haunt is one of the best 15 in the country no matter what theme or style of haunt.

I wish more people would post photos and videos so we could get to know them more.


02-25-2013, 02:36 PM
I do like that you post photos of what you have going on, I find it very educational. One thing I have noticed is you have photos that some of us would consider done and then you go that small extra step to bring the realism to that next level. Thanks for the list of haunts ,I have been on a lot of haunt tours and find I can learn something from every one.

02-25-2013, 03:22 PM
I've never seen Headless Horseman post photos.


02-25-2013, 03:27 PM
I'd like to see a haunt stick to a theme as thoroughly as we do... Just saying.


Gore Galore
02-25-2013, 04:16 PM
I am with Adam.
I totally agree with Kip on this.
I am sure ALL west coast vendors would like to see the show move their direction. But there have been some shows out that way and they do not exist anymore.

My company is 2 hours from St Louis so freight is not an issue. We will be hauling in 2 26' penski trucks.
If we were to freight our product it would be 1 full tractor trailer full. Yes, we would buy the whole carrier.
It is about $3000 guaranteed to do that. AND we would have to trust that they would arrive in time.

You know I have been doing Tradeshows since the 90s. And I could NOT be happier than I am right now with how St Louis works.
It is super convenient to get to the convention center from the hotels. I have dealt with much worse unions at every other location.
There is food everywhere. I mean I have never had such ease of being able to find something decent. That was NOT the case at ANY other convention location.
There are good places to hang out too. AND that is critical.

I would never do Vegas again, It was simply the worst experience we ever had even though it was a financial breaking point for us. Yes, that means we did well. But it was a huge hassle. now with taking close to 20 people to work our booth. It is not going to happen.
Chicago was great in the day. But again having St Louis to compare it to, It pales in comparison.
St Louis hands down in every way. Especially since my company has grown so much and we have 10 booths to fill.
We can't afford to ship that much product anywhere.
Transworld would never have moved the show from Chicago if they had not lost the halloween show. But it was the best thing that could ever have happened.

IAAPA used to move between 2 cities. Atlanta and Orlando.
Orlando is a theme park town. so that is the perfect fit, for IAAPA
But I really have no interest in Transworld going to Orlando.
I am sorry to say, but I might even have to tell them that I would NOT go.
That would be the moment that would break my company away from the tradeshow.
I would start looking at other avenues of marketing our products and would stop doing tradeshows all together.
Nothing against anyone or any show.
It is just so hard making a profit regardless, and to add another thousands of dollars to travel to a different location is out in my book.
No matter where they move it, it will NOT get less expensive. It is ALL has tradeoffs.

Sure! Some people are bored of the location.
BUT... It is supposed to be what happens inside the hall that matters. Provide vendors with an easy access location, that isn't too expensive. Allow them to get comfortable and you will get the best products they can offer from them. If you move our company. Our booth will size down, product variety will drop, etc... It would hurt us in many ways.

I just say be happy with what you have. I could NOT be happier with what we have.

02-25-2013, 04:23 PM
There, that is what I was waiting to hear. Yeah, I would "like" other areas for convention...but I know ease of getting crap into a show floor is very important. And Kevin saying with all other places they have been, St. Louis is easiest. I now regretably, but whole heartedly drop support I lent to Orlando location.

Wicked Farmer

02-25-2013, 04:31 PM
Kevin brings up a very interesting point... stop going to tradeshows. I'm going to say this outloud but tradeshows in general have lost a lot of value. Not all but many. Look at Unit 70 when is the last time he's been to a tradeshow and since that time he's one of the busiest companies in the haunt industry, he bought a new building, produces great products and here is the kicker he doesn't even update this website, no facebook page nothing. And he's thriving like never before.

I am for the first time ever SERIOUSLY considering NOT exhibiting at IAAPA first time in 20 years. Why? Because as great as the show is the buyers aren't coming anymore... additionally its not really a buyers show so you talk to people and you may not hear back from them for 5 years.

I have not got ONE SINGLE JOB from IAAPA in like 3 years. I have met a lot of people but leave empty handed.

I am about 95% going to SKIP IAAPA in 2013. Don't get me wrong as a buyer I would still love to attend but as an exhibitor thinking about skipping it. Not worth the investment.

Transworld on the other is a buyers show its a rare show these days where buyers show up with money and buy stuff. But as they saw and experienced when they moved the show to Vegas vendors lost money and they lost buyers. This show can't move to the east or west coast because its an industry that really demands a central location to keep costs low for everyone. If Transworld moved the show to Orlando or Vegas or LA, or New York City, or something that extreme I wouldn't even attend. If the show goes back to Chicago I won't attend because I'm not dealing with those horrible unions, and ice cold wind and hotels that cost like 2 million dollars a night.

Not doing it! I won't go!

Move the show sure... but keep it central, keep it cheap, and keep it fun something CHICAGO NEVER WAS! The highlight of Chicago was hanging out in a hotel... that was the SOLE highlight. Who can argue that point? In St. Louis people are going out, going to haunt tours, city museum, organizing events, parties, bowling , and still hanging out in a hotel.

As for haunts I like... I would like more if haunt owners would start threads on this site and post photos and videos.

I only go by what I see posted here.


02-25-2013, 04:39 PM
I think Hot-lanta and opening Netherworld up would be cool. Maybe CO and or TX would be nice too.

I do wish as busy as Unit 70 was, he would take more pictures as I don't even know what he's selling now.

02-25-2013, 04:54 PM
Hi guys, I just want to take a second to share my thoughts too.

I am 20. I've owned my own DJ business for a few years now on my own, in that market, I don't need to attend any tradeshows and I spend about $300/yr on marketing and obtaining customers, not including donations I make to charitable causes in the form of services.

I opened my first haunt this past year without attending Transworld. And although we faced challenges and I had to sacrifice some of my personal goals for design, we ended up alright.

Now, I NEVER thought I'd be a haunt vendor. EVER. However, I got fed up with crap vendors, and out of sheer frustration decided to get my feet wet. Luckily, I know an INCREDIBLE artist I am proud to be partnered with.

We haven't even made it to the show yet, and I'm already $9,000 in the hole, (for this show alone). I don't come from money, and I work way harder than anyone I know personally to make a living while in school. Compared to the $300 I mentioned before, I am SWEATING just seeing how much money I have into this. HOWEVER, I am confident and prepared for every possible outcome at Transworld. Being a first year and smaller vendor, I created realistic limits on how many orders per item we will accept. I don't want to be rich doing this. I want to network and make people happy. I'd rather have 25 orders and 25 extremely satisfied customers saying good things about me, as opposed to 2500 orders and a bunch of pissed people trash talking me for taking forever to fulfill their orders. WHY does this apply to this thread??

Well, if the show moves, my worry is seeing a drop in attendance and a drop in serious buyers. As much paperwork and terrible union stuff, (and Transworld selling all of my info to third parties who won't stop harassing me to buy their services for the show), I KNOW that Transworld in St Louis has BUYERS, and RESPECTABLE BUYERS. I am relying on their client base for the St Louis location to bring in as many people as possible, even if it is expensive for a small company like me to get there. I know that if the show moves east and makes things easier on me, I'll have a harder time selling. As a vendor I'd rather work harder and spend more KNOWING that we will be in contact will cash in hand buyers, as opposed to a bunch of smaller guys happy the show moved closer to them, that just want to take pictures of our cool looking stuff....not buy it.

Stay in St Louis! Stay in St Louis! Stay in St Louis! Is my vote all day long! Gotta look at the big picture, and the overall impact a move would have. Like Larry and Kevin stated earlier, its what's inside the convention center that matters, not how you get there or how often you've been there. :)

02-25-2013, 06:54 PM
I have enjoyed it but I have seen it over and over and over again. Does Larry have a great show? NO he has an AWSOME, AMAZING SHOW HANDS DOWN! Is the Ren nice? YES but it's not the only nice hotel. There is cities it could go where we could see 6,8, a dozen haunts over a few day period! And YES we are there for a show but it closes at 5pm! I am sure lots of haunts would love the drive it would put into them to remodel their shows and be able to have the Industry contribute to their season remodel and have it done for the year. I mean honestly that's what Larry does and hey why not captalize on that. EVERYONE would he may or may not get all of his money back but he sure gets some back it's no secret and again that's not faulting him because EVERYONE WOULD LOVE THAT CHANCE AND EVERYONE WOULD. Well I say everyone BUT me and Paul from Atrox. We have said we would open our doors for free I would in a heart beat and hell I would love to open our food court and feed everyone on the house! I think were the only two that could care less about the money and I would love the acknowledgment it would bring to us for opening to the Industry for free to me that's the ultimate complement to give I rather have a pat on the back and a THANK YOU THAN THE MONEY ANYDAY! Why do you think we bring in the celebrities to the show on our dime? We dont make a penny off that! It's for the Industry.

Now for the record I am not saying I would want it in Bama I would love to see it in a town that I can visit other haunts other than my own. I think St. Louis is slowly going up on their rates if it were not the case then it would still be free. Does the 50 bucks make or break anyone NO but hey they got to pass the increased rates somewhere and that's now on the buyers. Had they not went up then there would have been no reason for the charge. I see the 50 just a start trust me it will keep going up! I have said it time and time again Move it around spread it out where not only have the show in a different city but have it where we can see other cities and other haunts. Will that ever happen? LMAO my money is NO the politics are way to strong. But it's a nice thought! Shane and it's this is my opinion only.

Gore Galore
02-25-2013, 07:35 PM
Why don't you just start your own haunt convention?
there are SOOOO many of them now, I am sure you could make it work.

then you can have it wherever the hell you want;)

Marr Branch
02-25-2013, 07:42 PM
As long as you got Leatherface you cant go wrong.

02-25-2013, 08:06 PM
I dont want my own show I am not in the business and could care less to get into it. My opinion though you may not agree is just my opinion. Am I right? Are you right? Is Obama right? No thankfully we live in a world where we all see things in a different way. If by smacking me with a cheap shot makes your point stronger than have at it. At the end of the day will it change how I look at things? No will it change at how you look at things? No. And for the record I think Texas would be cool. Also by having a company that does not make my living off of a haunted house it's harder for me to attend the other shows Kevin votes to keep it in St. Louis it's only a 2 hour drive for him LOL oh shoot were not voting we are having a public opinion. If it stays in St. Louis will I go yes unless I get tired my point is if we look I am sure there is other possibilities if given the chance. Shane and it's a thread on opinions not whos right or wrong :)

And Marr yes he will cut you up and skin you........ Cue the music
Orlando NO!
Chicago NO!
Vegas! NO, NO, NO!

Allen H
02-25-2013, 10:54 PM
Moving Transworld to Vegas or Orlando is in my opinion a terrible idea. Themore things there are to do on a town the more people will do non convention things, and not support the convention or the conventions activities. I was at Vegas- vendors didnt even man their booths, they just left pilesof catalogs and gambled. there was also no central meeting place like the ren grand bar- so many hotels equals less saturation of haunters. Its a long drive for me to go to the show Im out $2000 just for moving product and airfare for a few on top of that. Im in Dallas, I wouldnt mind it being here (that would save me a ton LOL) but it does well in st Louis, why mess with it.

02-25-2013, 10:57 PM
Next Year March 22nd Is Just Awe-some ! =) Have even more new props with extra time...Love it.. Better weather, Better Drive, no worries...I remember In 2007 Chicago That crazy
Snow storm that was hitting the show...Who needs that crap..Only hurts the show Sunday was a ghost town everyone left..and as far as ST Louis did you guys hit that Chinese restaurant near the crown plaza..Um best i ever had..and that's from a New Yorker we have lots of it here.

See ya all soon


Nothing worse then unloading in the freezing wet snow after a long fought drive holding your pee..

02-25-2013, 11:10 PM
I think the least important aspect of the show is concerning a bar to meet at like the Ren or Crowne in Rosemont, it's about the show itself. Orlando has the best weather but it will not go there. It's fine where it's at.


02-26-2013, 05:52 AM
The weather is always an issue with me. I hate the cold and the wind and the cold snow and cold rain. I have been coming to St. Louis for at least 5 years now, and only one year was the weather somewhat reasonable. Most of the time the wind just howls or it's raining or snowing. I drive up so if there is a chance of sleet and snow I'm out. Right now I am a bit nervous about the weather. Dallas does not sound like a bad idea at all to me. There are a huge number of great haunts there, wonderful hotels and convention center(s). The only attractions they have are 6 flags and a water park, I think. No gambling. HauntCon will be in Dallas in April. Just a thought. I do love St. Louis. I think it's just beautiful and full of so much history. I don't mind the 10 hour drive at all it's just the weather every year can be a bit iffy. I'm a wimp I know. Just a thought, like Allen, I would not mind Dallas or even Shreveport for that matter. Texas is right in the middle of the country, just sayin.....


Gore Galore
02-26-2013, 06:08 AM
I am sorry if you didn't realize I was just kidding.
I am sorry if I offended you.
That was not my intention.

However, you know what. Your's is an "opinion" as a buyer. Mine is not. Mine is a life changing decision as a vendor who gets up to 50% of their yearly income directly at this tradeshow, and another 20 to 30% as followups from this tradeshow. This show is amazing to us.

I really don't think many other vendor's have such large stakes in this show that we do.
It is a fact the show works for us right where it is at. It has never worked so well anywhere else over the past 15 years. Yes, I have 15 years of transworld shows to compare it to. I am not speaking for any other vendor. And again, this is NOT an opinion, this is fact. Pure fact.

I am speaking as the representative of MY company, and if Transworld wanted to sit down and have a talk about moving the show this is exactly what they would hear from a company that plays a large role in this show.

Changing it could not only hurt my business but could put us out of business. And if they were to talk of moving the show. Again I would have to take a stand on it.

Why fix what isn't broken. It is working better than it ever has. Moving a show drops attendance. It doesn't grow. It slows then it has to build again. In order to grow the #s they would have to cut the $50 attendance charge. Guess who has to foot that bill? The vendor's would. Then Transworld would have to open up their admittance policy to boost the #s so the vendors would get to see more faces but less qualified buyers. Again, that would cost the vendor's more time and money because they are spending more time with people who may like their work but were not serious about buying, and that cuts into the time they are able to spend with the REAL buyers, such as yourself. SO yes, moving the show could not only hurt my business but put us out of business, SO why would I be ok with that.
I think you would understand that being a true businessman yourself.
I wasn't even going to weigh in on this thread. I really try not to get embroiled in this stuff.
I am not out to offend anyone.
But I was asked to voice my position and you got it, like it or not.

02-26-2013, 06:27 AM
Im not offended at all I can give it and I can take it ( no jokes there and yes I am planning a wedding lol). I say this why not open the show up to the public use arm bands the general public one color the buyers another that way the prices would come down for the vendors greatly and I am sure TW would make even more. Many tradeshows are open to the public it's a thought and I am sure open up a whole new debate. And in what you said I can understand Kevin just as I see where Allen said it cost him to go to St. Louis everyone feels different about this if your close then I see your point. If your a vendor far away I see their points that's why I see it as good to move around to spread it out for others. The show is established it's not open to the general public so the buyers would follow most any place it is or stays. Shane and it's here, there wherever

02-26-2013, 06:58 AM
No way, general public? That would crowd it up and run up costs as the scarf up every catalog and hog time with vendors with no intentions to buy.


02-26-2013, 07:04 AM
It will never happen but that's why I said use arm bands there are ways. I mean heck there are many, many, many actors who attend the show who picks stuff up knowing they would not buy. It's like anything NOTHING in this world is perfect and nothing comes without headaches. Shane and it's the never ending-story!

02-26-2013, 07:32 AM
It will never happen but that's why I said use arm bands there are ways. I mean heck there are many, many, many actors who attend the show who picks stuff up knowing they would not buy. It's like anything NOTHING in this world is perfect and nothing comes without headaches. Shane and it's the never ending-story!

You are right there. But I think that the actors too don't really need to be there if it's a tradeshow. Should be about the buyers I would think.


02-27-2013, 09:57 AM
I agree with the other vendors that have been chiming in here on this. I have exhibited at this show in all three locations it has been at since 2003 (Rosemont, Vegas, STL) and I can say that STL is by far and wide the best location to date. The only negative for me being the show "decorator" (name starts with an "H").

A few reasons that come to mind why STL is a good venue for me as a vendor:

Nice, clean, large, modern convention hall. I wish there were better food choices but thatís true of any convention.

It is centrally located to my customer base. By the way, CA and FL are too far removed from the core haunter customer base making them the worst of all places to consider. Actually anything west of STL is a very poor choice. I love the west and Orlando but not for a location to bring in haunters.

The weather ain't that bad! Hey, I live in MN - now that's cold. And Rosemont ("Chicago") was just miserable. Warm places do not have a lot of haunts and haunters = bad place for a show.

Some may say different but the proximity of the hotel bar across the street is a key factor in making the show a success. One reason Vegas was a disaster is because there was no one place where everyone gathered - everyone was all over town. I did almost zero networking there because of that.

Nice main hotel and great restaurant choices within walking distance. Itís not a bad downtown at all.

Easy train transportation to and from the airport

The Darkness. Yes, it does get old seeing the same haunt every year but this is by far one of the best in the country and Larry puts a lot into changing it up each year. This is not the show to see haunts, this is the place to do serious business. Go to MHC or HC for haunt tours!

This type of B2B show needs to stay in one location and not move around. Stability and knowing what to expect is huge for me.

Heads up vendors... Booth prices will be going up a bit next year due to sharp increases in the STL convention hall. But this venue is still worth staying at!


02-27-2013, 10:53 AM
Doug I agree with most of what you said, 100% on Vegas the town has no central point for people to gather and I think that is one of the things that makes TW special. You may be right about the other conventions too they have their tours and that is a draw for them and they have that covered. I am not looking for another haunt tour either, just if TW were to move to a new location it needs to have all the good things about St. Louis as a minimum and then some new stuff. Don't move it if it is not an improvement. I will say that I do like to go to the Darkness and see what is new and if TW moved I would like to see a haunt of that caliber at a new location, that said that limits locations down even more for me. Weather is not a factor for me it snowed 4" last night and it just means I had to get up a half hour early to plow my drive way. As far a vendors go I am in business for myself and I go where the money is. I do a lot of work a the International Auto show every year so I understand how bad it is to deal with the unions so I am jealous of how easy St Louis is to deal with. But that is just a bonus when you are a vendor there. I don't see TW moving unless attendance drop off a lot in the next two years so this whole discussion my be a mute point. You don't mess with success you build on it.


Also if you need to know of some food there, just ask concierge (or a fat guy) I have never had problems finding good food. I eat breakfast every morning at a little gourmet restaurant just two block up the road from the GR and its awesome.

02-27-2013, 10:58 AM
I run a haunt in Branson and while there is a large convention center that would house a Transworld show just fine and there would be plenty of hotel rooms, the one thing we are lacking down here is haunts to open and tour through. My haunt in particular is nowhere near up to the technological levels that Larry has in his shows. We are just going on our 4th season and while I would love to show off my haunt to others in the industry, I'm still learning more from other haunters I think then they would learn from me. I do know that I could probably get a few other haunts to open and I know Larry has a connection at the Branson West haunt, but they don't like us very much so I'm rarely in communication with them and the owner is currently having er......legal problems. But it does make me smile to think of haunters invading the Branson area and the reactions they would get!

02-27-2013, 12:09 PM
Keep working and may be in a few years Larry will be asking you for advice. He started small and grew too. Good luck


02-27-2013, 01:50 PM
Maybe it's just me but I have played Haunted House for 20 years now and I never seen it as a big guy or a small guy industry I have looked at it as a crazy family! Hell I went years not even attending the show because I was busting my ass building a company non haunt related. Don't sell yourself short. I have been to many big haunts that was cool but not scary then I been to some small off the wall haunts that got my ass good! Part of what's wrong with the world is people see status as idols and envy but everyone is human and everyone has passion. Yes I am blessed but money is just a tool and it does not take away heartache, drama, and stress if anything it adds to it I have learned that many times and am learning that now. My point is I have always seen us all in this Industry as on the same team. Yes you have some star players and then you got hidden talent all across the U.S. It's not what's in a haunt that impresses me its the passion and drive from the staff and owners. I had my share of issues with Larry back in the day but hey I call him a good friend now and am not and will not knock what he has and he surly has earned my respect he has a great event, Ben is another one who I say the same thing about there are several really. Sadly I have seen where some think they are better than others and thats sad because in my world everyone has something to offer where you step back and say wow I did not think of that. I am a haunt owner and buyer and that's what the show is about but sure would be cool to see some other haunts out there heck just a new city to explore after the show given the chance. As a buyer hell I can pick up the phone order and save thousands that it takes to bring my staff to the show I got $4000.00 in rooms alone! I may be the only one that see's change as new, and exciting and a new town and new haunts may bring new life to me! Heck maybe I am just burned out who knows but owning a coach company I sure love seeing new cities, new places and people. Shane and it's either way it is what it is and it's not my show :)

02-27-2013, 02:26 PM
Shane I can not agree more with that its not about size it's about doing the best you can. I went to a yard haunt this last year for charity and I will tell you they had two actors that I think could work at any haunt in the country. It's a passion that you can't make but just have. Now if I'm paying for a haunt at a convention I'm doing it for a learning experience, I like going and seeing what can be done and how I can mimic it on a level that I can afford. Sorry Larry, but I love to steel you ideas, but I figure you must be ok with it thats why you put them on DVDs for us. Yours and others pictures here on HW give me ideas and get the creative juices running. But I have bought every DVD you have and plan on buying some of your new CGI stuff this year. Shane you travel a lot for work I believe and I do to. Most people think that because I'm in California, Bahamas, and Hawaii that its like a vacation, but it not, its work. I hate hotels, eating out, and most of all airports. TW to me is about getting together with like minded people and sharing stories and experiences, seeing new stuff and learning. Oh I forgot buying some cool stuff and then banging my head for spending so much. (I'm a impulse buyer, I like it I buy it). I think it would be difficult to move TW to a location that would satisfy the majority of the attendees and vendors. Of course other conventions do it it so I may be wrong.


Gore Galore
02-27-2013, 02:29 PM
Have you ever been to the legendary haunt tour?
I absolutely love it.
I actually get a chance to see a haunt in person without the stress of having to vend at the same time.

I would highly recommend it.

02-27-2013, 02:39 PM
Sadly no! During March-Nov it's tour season for all the top tours in the country thats the coach part of the business. Then Oct-Dec is the Christmas part of my company then when ever Easter falls. I guess I just feel my company can't run without me. My haunt guys will tell you I hardly let them do anything without me. It's just my nature. Hey I can wish lol! Shane and it's I miss it everyway!

02-27-2013, 03:07 PM
Kevin I just started feeling better about not going this year. Are they doing it this next year again, if they are I won't miss this time. Shane it's just a couple of days of time, air fair, hotel and car rental. Plus some of the best food in the country. I'm not missing it again.


02-27-2013, 03:13 PM
I eat breakfast every morning at a little gourmet restaurant just two block up the road from the GR and its awesome.

Whats the name of this place, bringing my wife and she's a foodie, this might make her happy and then allow me to spend a couple $$

Thank You

02-27-2013, 06:45 PM
Stefanos, it's on 10th st. I have only had breakfast there but have been told they have the best calzones in St. Louis. Here is a link to some info.



Marr Branch
02-27-2013, 06:55 PM
Leatherface!!!!!!Is the chef at Stefano's .

03-05-2013, 03:55 PM
Thanks for the reply, maping out places to stop by, Ted Drewes is a must! Also going to try the Candy Shoppe it was on Man Vs food for its malt shakes and then also one of the wests best BLT's

03-06-2013, 12:35 PM
Bring the show to North Carolina! Convention center is big enough, good hotel space, places to eat downtown. Good weather (its raining a little this week and about 40 degrees, but no ice and snow). Charlotte has even more to offer!

03-06-2013, 02:40 PM
My vote would be New Orleans. Weather this time of year is 70-75 degrees. Major airport with convention centers. 3 World Class haunts within 60 miles and entertainment like none other. I can't think of another city other than Salem that has more of a connection with Horror or the occult.

03-06-2013, 02:54 PM
Yes the weather is really bad here today... let me just say ST LOUIS weather is hard to predict. One minute it snows the next minute its 70 degrees outside. Next years show if you didn't hear is like March 22nd or something. Better for everyone in my opinion.

I will tell you the bad is hurting us today... we can't work.


Larry so you're saying Transworld will be back in St.louis for 2014? Being a local myself, i hope it stays in St.Louis. Hehe
By the way can't wait to see the Darkness and Lemp. Me and my wife got our tickets!