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the ogre
02-21-2013, 03:14 PM
I should have done this earlier, but really couldnít put into words the shame and embarrassment that I felt for how haunt tactics dissolved from under me. This is in no way a sob story or excuses, this is the truth. Iíve always made it known that I wasnít an artist, sculptor, welder or engineer. I was merely the face of the company who answered the phone and emails, also leading the sales team at tradeshows. After the 2012 TW haunt tactics head artist and sculptor walked away and left Stan and I to finish the rest of the orders. He had his reasons, which later became very evident as the company collapsed. One being told he was not needed and he was dragging the company down. This couldnít be further from the truth. If it wasnít for this artist none of what we did would be possible. Ultimately animatronics killed us, mainly because the person responsible for the work had every excuse not to do it. I was told time and time again, these orders of the 2 Haunts that were shorted in this mess were about to go out. Thatís why on 2 different occasions I was instructed to email Tim from HH letting him know just that. On October 16 I went to the shop and found everything gone, pistons, molds,controllers,steel and everything else that could be boxed up. Stan informed me he could not do it anymore and took everything to try and sell for refunds. This was not my decision, I tried very hard to keep this afloat and at least ship the orders late rather than not at all, but he was the account holder and proprietor of HT so I was told not to worry and he was taking care of the customers who were owed. Stupidly I put my faith in that pledge to later find out all of his contact info had changed and nothing was done. I will not sit hear and say I am innocent. I should have realized what was going on and took care of it. Now I am taking strides to right the wrong. I want to be part of this industry and help repair the damaged done by getting those refunds out. I will be in contact with the 2 haunts and try to come up with a plan to pay them their money. I ask that all who knows me believe me in this and I deeply apologize for it taking me this long to respond. I know the heat is going to pile on after this is seen and I accept that, just no that HT was taken from me and I will do what I have to make it right.

Some of you saw on FB a page for ďHaunt AmourĒ very similar to what the old logo used to be. The former head artist to haunt tactics has contacted me now that that a certain someone is out of the picture to try and rebuild the right way so we can first and foremost pay the haunts owed back. I Hope all of this can be resolved and rebuilt, the process of doing so is being started now. The only thing hindering that is getting the molds back. Iíve reach out to Stan trying to get the stuff back in hope he still has them, but to no avail. Either way I will do whatís necessary and now know others will not be responsible for their actions.

02-21-2013, 04:56 PM
First it's awsome your here trying to make a wrong right! I commend you for that looks like you may have been a front man to take the fall and thats sad but looks that way! I hope you can rebuild and do it on your own that way your not a face, front man or an escape goat. What do you have to do to get the molds? If I was the guy that took them and made off with the money looks like he would atleast return them so you could get someone to come in and make this right! Who is is? Will be be vending? Is he still around I think the Industry would want to know. Your taking a big step and I wish you the best. Shane and it's your doing the right thing!

02-21-2013, 07:02 PM
I really hope that you can pull your company back together, you had great costumes and unique animations. I'm pulling for you..

Dan Augusto
Owner Tombstone Productions

03-03-2013, 08:13 AM
just wanted to thank Tim McCall for opening up and letting people know the truth of what happened and how It destroyed a Dream of mine, I left because of the business practices of the "so called other owner" the lies the betrayal and then dishonesty to so called business partners and friends and most of all good customers that were expecting a good product. I am going to try and rebuild this thing in the proper professional way, with honesty and integrity. But we are going to have to start from scratch, since Stan K has taken all the molds and everything and never sinished the pants that needed to go out then blamed everyone else even business professionals who had nothing to do with the company. Ii know we will never see the molds again and I know he will never pay the customers back. the business is in his name but Tim and I know we will be the ones to make this right. If you need to know Stanley full name and address and info I will give this out on a personal level through email. And yes he will be at Transworld and I better not see him. The haunttactics products are dead and now I will start from scratch and make something 200% better. Tim is the most honest and standup guy i know and he trusted people who threw him under the bus.

At a loss

03-03-2013, 11:09 AM
wow i am still waiting for some contact

dream to create .
I sure do appreciate you and tim breaking your silence..
well at least here on hauntworld...
since the fact is

i have never received one call or email from you despite emailing you on your new facebook page.
the only way i ever heard anything was ready to ship or any news about your company is here on hauntworld...
if what you say is true...and you want to build this thing back up with proper professional ways with honesty and integrity ....than why do you not answer any of my emails or call since i have left you my phone number ?????

interesting isn't it..
your concerns seem to be how your organization is viewed by those who haven't been ripped off...
a little honesty would go along way....

i am fine with doing business here on hauntworld..
I of course know you guys are spending alot of money to exhibit and hotel rooms and make new product...
to take more orders from others when i have received nothing but excuses .....

soo when should i expect a check ??

thanks for finally coming out a few days before you start taking orders again

Jolly Pumpkin
03-03-2013, 11:34 AM
It's a joke when companies can't answer their emails. He has time to post on Hauntworld, but can't spend a few minutes to answer a customer's email or Facebook message. God, what a joke.

03-03-2013, 12:00 PM
having a moment to reflect...

i think i would like to publicly say thank you to both tim and rob for coming on this forum..
for acknowledging the short falls of their company and taking the responsibility to repay me despite
the fact their partnership fell apart...

it doesn't matter to me what the facts of their relationship are..
what matters is both of the remaining members of this company are publicly offering to give me my refund...

of which i publicly accept
and i think we should publicly set the date to have me paid by...

soo everyone can see whats up....

again...thank you both

how soon you thinking ??? i am thinking soon...

03-03-2013, 02:16 PM
BA I hope you are ready to wait for your money. I will say that it is nice to see someone take the chance of being laughed at by coming on here and saying that they will try to right the wrongs that they have done, but they will need to generate some cash flow to have the ability to pay people back that they owe. I know back in the 80's I had a business that went bad on me and my accountant told me to declare bankruptcy to take care of my debt. I informed him that I cause the debt and I would pay it back, it took me two years but I covered everyone that I owed. It was not easy, but I felt that it was what I had to do for me to feel right. The people I owed were patient and worked with me and that is what it took for me to get them paid back. Now I did make payment arrangements and got them a little money as my company had it, but I will say they were just happy to see some money come in for something that they thought they would receive none. Good luck to all involved and hope it all works out.


03-04-2013, 07:29 AM
Just to put the facts out there, I left the company after transword, and was never an owner in the llc. Stan kravel was the owner and the one who was making the plant animatronics, all i know from what i was told was that the skins were done and Stan never finished them then he decided to close up the business and take everything, I was months removed from working there by then, and also I to this day have never received a phone call or any email from anyone since I was not on any of the companys list of people to call, so I don't know where I would have gotten a call on this. i just heard what happened in the end about your orders not going out, Stan is in hiding and i finally was able to get his contact info, See i want to get back and make new products and make a new company but took all the molds that i designed, know I have no responsibility to pay anyone anything legally since I was not apart of the company then but i feel a moral obligation to be a honest business man and knowing he used my art to take people for a ride, now i know it was only two companies hoochie and panick attack, If I can get some things made and sell them i will use all moneys to pay the people who got screwed back but I might take some time, but it might take some time, as i have to start from scratch and im very sorry for anyones loss in all of this, if someone would email me at rob@valleyoffear.com i can give out certain info and we can talk about this, but like i said i personally have never recived an email or call.


03-04-2013, 07:58 AM
So this post has been brought to my attention from a few of my past customers. I will not play the blame game or tell half a story to make myself look better. Here are the facts. I didnt turn off any of haunt tactics ways of communication. My email stanHaunttactics.com shut off by rob but is unknown exactly when so i created hauntrepreneur@yahoo.com for all haunt tactics customers to get ahold of me. Tried to contact everyone the best icould being that tim had all the contct info and wasnt talking to me. My old phone was owned by my old attraction of 17yrs. So when i wouldnt appologize to rob for laying his hands on me for a second time they wouldnt take me back as to not upset rob. Also i didnt get all the molds. Rob still has allthe plant molds and some costume pieces and mask. I only have what was bought by haunt tactics to sell to get refunds made. So being broke and no job i set out to try to make things right. I am building money slowly to give refunds. I even told tim a week ago where i was on things and he still felt he had to falsify my status on things. Also tim i ask that you dont talk about conversations you were not there for especially what come from rob who has screwed and lied to haunt customers for years. He wanted me gone and a bigger cut he got it. He didnt tell you about that did he. Hate to see someone as great as you tim being put out on all this.

I wish the haunt armor crew the best of luck. I say this because the person they stand behind( robert dovan-dreamtocreate ) has numerous posts which show him lying and deceiving customers. Will post sources at the bottom of the page because i have no need to lie or hide anything. This will show him personaly lying and even to go as far as to tell someone his wife died only to have her chime ( screen name jdovan)in to say shes alive. That they got a divorce. If this is the type of person eveyone wants to do business with or associate with thats on you. I will not work with someone who lied about having cancer for 10yrs just to get sympathy in which he admitted to not having on facebook. And to see him talk about me here is funny. Please read the source files below and see just who the lier is.

Any haunt tactics emails should be sent to the above address. Wish tim and rob much success. And i hope that he dosnt screw anyone in his 4th buisness attempt with 3 fails already. I also hope this dosnt get deleted because i have been told by person affiliated haunt armor that they have the power to delete posts here. I am looking forward to straightening all haunt tactics issues as fast, easy and as freindly as possiable. Its just funny that the person that is broke and no job is one being blamed and the one who took more than 4000 and ran is able to start a new company on what he stole. Also find it humorous that they felt attacking me would be a good idea. This is the last time i will defend my self from this den of theives. So i hope that sets the story straight and i hope to here from ht customers soon. If it hasnt then also contact me. Thank you.

A few Sources. There are plenty more if you like search Google, the halloween group robert dovan


03-04-2013, 08:42 AM
Everyone should get on the phone and do a conference call with the ones still owed. Work it out so all involved can move on. Everyone goes through issues but anything can be worked out you just need to figure it out. It's a he said they said he said kinda thing. But it's clear everyone agrees that product or money is owed. I think Tim coming here in public want's and plans on doing the right thing and it seems like a big mess for sure. Hopefully this can get cleared up and everyone can get back on track. Shane and it's hoping for the best!

Michael Inks
03-04-2013, 10:16 AM
I hate to be selfish in the face of adversity, as it's not my way. But... uh... the Stilt Fawn we bought was awesome, incredibly popular at our attraction and we want more stuff! Any chance?

Michael Inks
03-04-2013, 10:57 AM
In all seriousness, let me just say this: The real tragedy here is the loss of a very promising company. (Not discounting the losses incurred by customers, don't get me wrong.) I just can't help but consider that there are a lot of great folks with solid business creds who start a company in this business but don't make it because they have products that just aren't all that great. That's not the case here.

The first challenge of a successful business is creating a product that customers want. Haunt Tactics did this in spades. Really nice products. And I speak as a customer who had great success with an HT product.

I don't want to go all "Oprah" here on everybody but I wonder if it wouldn't be helpful to step back and look at the whole picture. I can appreciate that individuals feel the need to go 'public' but allow me to lay out an honest truth:

Although everyone love a bit of drama and gossip, at the end of the day, your customers aren't concerned about the dirty laundry. We're interested in two things: 1) Getting refunds on lost orders. 2) Seeing this company and product line get back on it's wonderfully stilted feet.

I don't pretend to know the details, but man it would be great if the folks in that group could consider those facts, see the potential in this product line and consider putting differences aside and rebuilding this business. And I know it's never that simple.

But just speaking as someone on the 'outside looking in,' the bickering back and forth between parties involved is not enlightening. It's just depressing. I encourage you guys to work out your differences behind the scenes, develop a plan to repay customers and consider a plan for going forward or not going forward. Whichever direction, present a unified front.

But just know that A) your products are good stuff B) everybody loves Tim and C) A lot of us in the biz are rooting for your Phoenix-like rise from the ashes of discontent.

03-05-2013, 07:09 AM
Stan Kravel this has to do with HauntTactics, not The Halloween Group! Haunt Tactics a company that you! Yes you own In your name! and you OWE Haunted Hoochie and Panic Attack the Money! You were the welder right? did you NOT make the Animatronics for Haunted Hoochie and Panick Attack? Simple Question Stan Kravel? Did you not make the animatronics for Them? buy lieing to tim about being there and getting them done? did you not promise him they would be done? did you not promise the customers they would be done? Stan you OWE THEM REFUNDS because you are lazy and a liar! You cheat people and you make promises that you cant keep, you need to pay the people back,. here is Stans cell phone! Stanley Kravel OWNER of Haunt Tactics 267-709-0001. he is the one who owes you money! I was the artist that was lied to betrayed and made a fool of cause he couldnt get the job done becase of excuse after excuse after excuse! plain and simple haunttactics is Stan Kravels business! somthing from 2005 has nothing to do about this Stan! you want to dig, Ill be contacting your Boss at Creamy Acres Night of Terror today to left him know what kind of lying drug addict piece of crap you are! and the mold for the plants were hayride property that you still owe 1800.00 for since Stan shipped out hayride property to fill a costumer order! there you go, Hey how about the customer orders that you left on your porch for months! How about the invoices that you left all over the floor. how about you never doing anything right and your welding that broke all the time! This is about what you owe 2 customers stan plain and simple! YOU!

03-05-2013, 07:28 AM

03-05-2013, 08:30 AM
I've got no dog in this fight, but I can saw I've dealt with Stan and have had no issues. I saw the Facebook post that Tim was upset with which kind of said Hey its close to show time we can make some good cash by selling costumes. There was No communication for months but hey it's show time so let's apologize and play the blame game. It sucks I really liked and supported Haunt Tactics. We all lose.

03-05-2013, 09:13 AM
This is true customers dont care about heated turmoil, I for one am heated beyond anger but im done with the verbal attacks on here ill take care of it personally, I just hope the people get paid back that all, I just wanted to be an artist and create things, I didnt ask for any of this to happen, it was a good thing in the beginning, but when I would walk away and be stabbed in the back Ii had to leave, I was told I was not needed and the company would survive without me, this is what i was told. but i hope in the end we all learn our lessons and the customers get there refunds, thats all I care about.


03-05-2013, 10:34 AM
No one cares about the drama

I appreciate Tim N Rob saying that they will pay me back the five grand...

soo just do what you say n ill keep everyone posted ....

And rob I messaged haunt armor months ago.. I think that's your business and yeah no reply ...remember honesty and integrity

03-19-2013, 08:27 AM
sooo how was the show for haunt armor ?

i am still waiting on that phone call ? email ? or a check ? or the plants i ordered ...something

maybe a payment ???