View Full Version : Lights Alive New Products for 2013

02-26-2013, 09:17 AM
Lights Alive will be unveiling several new products at the TransWorld Haunt Show next week in St. Louis.

We will be showing our new family of microFLICKER light controllers, which join our existing miniFLICKER line. The new units are tiny and easy to conceal or build into props, and come in several varieties. All feature a single adjustment control to vary the speed, depth, and intensity of the light flicker. Go from a subdued candle effect to a roaring fire with a single device.

microFLICKER comes as both an AC version and a low-voltage version that can run on either DC or AC, and automatically detects polarity. You can't hook this one up backwards! Then, both are available with attached plugs and connectors, or as bare-wire versions to wire directly into your prop or effect.

Then, we took the idea one step further. We're incorporating the microFLICKER into a line of lanterns. These are genuine oil lanterns that we electrify, and build in a microFLICKER. Lanterns are available in solid black or rust color, or individually distressed and rusted for an aged look. No two are alike. And finally, we've added the option of an internal rechargeable battery pack and LED bulb. Actors can carry a lantern that won't have the danger of a flame or need cleaning, and which will easily run for an entire night of haunting. Now you can use lanterns where you could not, or should not, previously.

The lanterns will be part of the interactive haunt at the TransWorld show, and on display at booth 823.

Here are some photos: