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02-28-2013, 02:32 PM
Hey Everyone,
I thought I would throw out our facebook page.
We have tons of pictures and videos up.
Behind the scenes too! : )
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02-28-2013, 10:11 PM
Do you make all your own sound effects? Some are very scary just having a loud speaker with these monsters would be very effective.


03-01-2013, 01:35 AM
Yes i sure do! I have been recording and collecting sounds for movies and TV shows since I was 15. Working with my dad on classics like RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD! That was a blast!! The whole experience is even better when the director gives us creative license and support to do what ever we want.

So the bottom line is I have about 5TB of sound effects in my library to make what ever you can imagine. And I am still recording new stuff all the time.

The Ambient Sound Tracks I have designed have a lot of depth and changes in them so it's NOT just a short loop. You will hear things 30 minutes in the track that you didn't hear the night before. I try to make it an experience. To put you in the moment of what ever theme you have. Just like working on a movie, we are telling a story with the sound track we create and supporting what's being said on the screen not distracting or taking away from it. Same thing goes for a haunted house. If you are going to play music have it fit the room or theme your in.
Example: Children's Nursery (Music box). Clown theme ( crazy organ calliope). But you don't want to play music just for the sake of playing music. It takes you out of the moment.
Sorry i know I'm rambling, just trying to make a point.

03-02-2013, 01:37 PM
I forgot to mention...
I will be uploading pics from the transworld floor.
So like us on facebook and you will get the pics as soon as they are up.
Just thought id let you know.