View Full Version : It Was Mayfest Weekend

Jim Warfield
05-28-2007, 09:02 AM
Here in Mount Carroll, Ilinois, so as per/usual it rained one of those two days.
Last night we were closed til 9pm, we went to Mayfest to enjoy "American English" a Beatles Tribute band , very good! They changed costumes several times, I might have to get me one of those Sargent Pepper shiney uniforms in day-glo satin!
As hundreds of people sat on wooden benches and the lawn I unofficially was the "Wedgey Inspector". What is a" World-Class Wedgey"?
I define that as one that is so severe that it gives you a stomach ache!
I was asked to do some inspections for friends and old neighbors ,butt I really couldn't do a good job of it without goggles and a mask.
The show was supposed to end at 9, butt it didn't so this old guy ran most of 8 blocks back home while wife and her kin stayed for the finale, and there were ten customers waiting for me!
We had a busy night and alot of fun, too bad I can't recall all the ad-libs that were thrown around in the dark with frisky females and drunken boyfriends of theirs!
One young woman was a slow to start laugher but then would just keep on and on laughing once she got started. A funny thing about her was she didn't seem to always be paying attention, she would be talking with her boyfriend, then turn and burst out with it.
A few cutesie cell phone tones went off a couple of times and I would say, "Tinker Bell? Is that you?"
I then shared an incident with an old fashioned cell phone tour interuption back when cell phones just buzzed.
"Buzz!" (From his back pocket.)
"Sir, I think the meatloaf in your anus Radar Range is done."
Of course the first thing I did was scare some of them even though they thought their glow sticks would warn them, then I confiscated those glowy show ruiners for the rest of the tour!

Frighteners Entertainment
05-28-2007, 08:20 PM
Jim, it looks like you have all the fun!

Jim Warfield
05-28-2007, 11:02 PM
I TRY!!!
Seriously, though, it used to be alot of nervous work having "all the Fun", then over the eons it got easier and quicker to accomplish with most groups. The two guys who showed up here this afternoon heard about me from the book "Odd-Ball Illinois". They were outside going nutty taking pictures of my cars and yard decorations, all the while being extremely complimenterarararaery!
Sometimes they will react laughing as a tension releasing exercise because they are in a scary place, you know! These laughs are the cheapest and easiest type, and no one haunting should allow these to pass the customer by. It's sort of like a skin-flick offering unlimited potential for humor because of the nud-nakaditity and accompanying embarrasments.
Don't most of us react ashamed and nervous if we had no clothing on?
We were taught this by society. Take full advantage of normal feelings whenever you can, maybe put a small, slight twist to their expectations and it becomes stimulating entertainment!
The one guy today would yell and then make these strange motions with both of his arms at the same time, it seemed like a familair movement, maybe one cheerleaders do when they rotate their hands and arms in a quick circle right in front of their chest? Funny.