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03-11-2013, 01:31 PM
Keegan posted this question in the other thread. I really do need some input. Maybe more people will see this question on this thread. Radio, in , out, what do you all think? Where should my money be spent? Help!!



For the past two years Sue from Graystone Haunted Manor and I have been doing local radio ads. Dick does the voicing, I do the editing, and we air then with radio station packages in her area Longview/Tyler/East Texas.

Is it worth it anymore? With the Internet radios like iheartradio, pandora, etc, I find it almost counter productive to spend huge wads of cash on radio ads that won't even really be heard by our target audience anymore, since the twenty-thirty somethings are now more plugged into the Internet than ever, I have a hard time believing that it's worth our money anymore.

I'd almost rather spend that same amount of money on billboards along a major highway...

Sue I'm sure will be watching this post, and I hope someone can give us some insight.



03-11-2013, 08:13 PM
We have wondered the same thing. I started kind of taking an informal poll....people i work with, high school students, middle aged adults, etc. to determine what they listen to. I was surprised to know how little of them actually listen to public radio. I kept hearing Ipod, pandora, satellite, iphone, and ocassionally someone would say they listened to the morning show on their way to work on public radio.....but I for one still do listen to the radio. The only people who are still loyal to radio and newspapers are 40+ year olds who are generally not our target audience. So then I started noticing the people that I ride with that do listen to the radio will turn the channel to another station as soon as commercials come on to hear another song....which again defeats the purpose. I have no hard facts to give you though, I hope someone else chimes in on this discussion.

03-16-2013, 10:06 AM
Now, keep in mind, we're a convention and not a haunted attraction.
However, I would imagine that the rules apply similarly.

After talking to dozens of guests about our advertising:

Our most popular (in no particular order)



PODCASTS (certain ones)

FLYERS (ones in the shape of a door hanger)

CERTAIN MAGAZINE ADS (some magazines work awesome, others didn't)

Our least popular (some of them not even being picked ONCE!! in the survey.)

RADIO (Our radio ads even included FLASH MOB advertising for free tickets!! NOT EFFECTIVE !!!)

FLYERS 8"x11" with coupons (Different type of flyers, distributed at other conventions and select HOT TOPIC stores)

PENNYSAVER NEWSPAPER ADS (you know, the local free newspaper that you pick up at restaurants.)
These newspaper ads were coupons

OTHER CERTAIN MAGAZINE ADS (some magazines work awesome, others didn't)

05-12-2013, 11:17 PM
I own both a haunt and a radio station, so my ads on my station are free lol. I will say that it would be good to get some on the pop and or rock station. Try to work a trade-out for them to give away tickets, it may not cost you anything. Studies show that local radio is strong as ever, but I can tell you that back when I was just a dj on pop radio, 80s/90s, kids knew and were fans of the dj's, now all the kids I talk to are getting music from anywhere but radio and have no idea who any of the djs are. I own a talk station, so not really in the demo as it caters to the 25-54 year old male. Good for me is that I feel music radio is dying, as the kids want to pick the songs they hear and it is as easy as downloading songs to their phone, look around and see how many have earbuds in. But adults will tune into talk radio and local programming, kids just don't care for the most part. We will see if they grow into talk radio lol.

btw I also hear from kids that facebook is uncool now and they are all about Twitter, but it's all free, so I will use all the social media I can, just cost a little time. hope this rambling helps.

08-01-2014, 10:02 PM
Thought I'd dig up this old chestnut again before I finalized any radio advertising for the season. My radio budget has remained the same for the past 3-4 years. The surveying I have done over those years does not really make me believe that radio is working. I'm thinking about seriously cutting the budget this year, and relying more on ticket exchanges alone for the radio side of things. Did anyone cut their radio last year? And what were the results? I've heard all the different speculations, but I wanted to know if there are some solid proven examples.

08-03-2014, 08:19 PM
One of Connecticuts larger radio stations just went out of business entirely just two days ago.

Radio is DEAD. If you have to pay for it, light your money on fire and you might have a better return on your investment.

Online, billboards and postcards w/coupons on them in EVERY store/restuarant/hangout spot you can get them in and make a presence in parades, and local festivals. LET THEM SEE YOU, don't rely on them to hear you.

08-04-2014, 10:03 AM
Totally agree, radio is SO DEAD!! We are going with billboards and fliers and fliers and more billboards.... We got a pretty good deal with Lamar. We will have 7 billboards in and around our city (Longview TX.) All of the billboards will be different and each will feature one of our actors along with our logo. The BUZZ is already loud. These kids are anxiously awaiting to see if "They" are one of the actors on the billboard. School starts here pretty soon and I can tell you thats one of the things that they will be talking about. Get the highschool kids talking and word spreads!!


08-04-2014, 12:22 PM
Radio can be very good for advertising if used correctly. I've been designing and recording TV and Radio commercials for over 10 yrs. I don't think radio is dead more rather the format and design of the radio spot we're use to making is tiresome to the public. We have to think past filling the spot with wordy dates, times, directions, specials etc. Your radio spot shouldn't read like your flyers do. Your customers won't remember all that content. The public wants to be entertained for 30 or 60 seconds and if you notice while listening to the radio or watching TV commercials, more often the spot barely has anything to do with the product itself. Think of your radio spot as a very short film with no picture. Entertaining equals memorable. If they can remember the spot they will tell their friends about it, remember who made it and possibly visit your attraction. My advice is keep the information of your show limited to about 10 seconds. Name of the attraction and the url are most important. The rest of the spot use for grabbing your audience. Be creative.

08-07-2014, 10:07 AM
I don't believe that radio is dead not at all not even close... is radio on the other hand less effective than say 10 years ago! Simply put YES ... notice YES was in capitals. There are multiple ways now to get music content and people are using them everyday which makes your old local radio stations less effective but still effective. In the car still most people listen to the radio their local radio but maybe working out, in the home office, jogging they listen to PANDORA or they listen to ITUNES who knows. So yes LESS EFFECTIVE because most people sitting around their pool or cleaning their house are probably listening to digital radio like me ... but in the car for the most part still listening to traditional radio just not as much as before.

Radio stations should be hammered on these points and they should give you lower rates, tons of promotion, sponsorships of something a concert, their webpage, facebook promotions something...


08-10-2014, 12:11 PM
Does radio work? YES AND ITS NOT DEAD Many companies tune into stations and people listen to it as they work. The popular pop and rock stations in your town is the way to go. I love 80's but would I advertise on a 80's station? NO because the kids are not listening to that. I don't go by what I like with radio I go by what my customers would listen for. I say this Cable TV ads are CHEAP $1.00 PER SPOT! YOU CAN PUT THEM ON SYFI, CHILLER, MTV, THE STATIONS THE HAUNT CROWDS WATCH! I love TV Land but would I advertise on it NO! I have Dish Network but I have found the Haunt Customers are Cable TV type people it's the WAY TO GO! Facebook promotions is AWESOME AS WELL! In 25 plus years I have found flyers don't work most people just wad them up and throw them on the ground. BillBoards has not worked for me either to many and too cluttered! I just don't think people notice them. If you use the new digital ones with cool graphics and things you can add daily like OPEN TONIGHT helps but I find it expensive and not worth the effort! Small political type signs posted close to collage's and school's is great too. Shane and it's these are just what I have found works for me and each person and business will be different!