View Full Version : The Haunted Mansion

09-12-2006, 11:47 PM
This ghoulish delight is a walkthrough which honors the original masterpiece at Disneyland. Our mansion front features a synchronized music light show which is guaranteed to impress. Step into our stretching gallery and you will never turn back. During the walkthrough there will be appearances from Madame Leota, The Singing Busts, Little Leota, and MUCH MUCH more. Full sized jumping AA figures are also used. THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE ON HALLOWEEN!!! The best part is that it is free with tons of candy for everyone. Last year we had over 1500 people show up on October 31st and it was a blast. Kids might be scared of the enhanced haunted mansion soundtrack which creates loud lightning sound effects and bright strobe lighting. The lightshow and walkthrough will both be featured on the 31st. If children do not wish to go in they can watch the lightshow from the front. Hurry Back………………

We have moved from Nelie Gaile Ranch to Portola Hills.