View Full Version : How to get rid of the parking lot "feel"?

04-08-2013, 10:52 AM
One potential location I'm looking at for this coming year is offering to put me up in their front parking lot. The exposure would be great, as it's on a busy road and would be more visible to their patrons, however it loses the great atmosphere of being back towards the woods. So my question is how do you get rid of the feel of being in a parking lot? The mansion part of the attraction was going to have a plywood floor anyways, so that is fine. But I also have a man-made corn maze and barn which did not have a floor. Are there any other concerns to being in the parking lot?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Dark Tiki Studios
04-08-2013, 12:59 PM
Hay bales, and corn stalks bound into standing bundles add an earthy feeling. Messy, but earthy. : )

04-08-2013, 04:30 PM
Please don't use hay on the parking lot, it begins to decay quickly and once it gets wet it grows mold, houses creepy crawlies (not the cool ones either) smells terrible, and is an overall health hazard.

Honestly, get harmless sidewalk chalk, different shades of brown, black, etc, and go to TOWN, it'll wash off at the end, or if you're interested in something more realistic (remember, this is gonna be at night so brown is brown no matter what at this point), use the cheapest mulch or topsoil you can find. It's the same overall effect as hay, but less hazardous and you won't get poisonous spiders! Lol.

Another thing I really wanna say (even though you probably already thought of it so I apologize for being redundant), but the sky is JUST as important as the ground in your case. I'm assuming you're either using a giant tent or walling off your section of the parking lot, which if you are, you don't want those TALL parking lot lights flooding into your haunt, and even more so being so close to the road ou don't want the sound of loud cars, honking, tractor trailers etc ruining the corn maze feel of your attraction, so try and use 12' perimeter walls, and a LOT of camo netting above to cover most, if not all, of the outdoor section of your attraction. I'm trying really hard to come up with some neat indoor room ceiling designs that comply with fire codes....so my minds been on that a lot lately lol.