View Full Version : Hauntworld Crash...

06-03-2007, 11:03 PM
Here is what happened folks...

We're trying to update our haunted house finder by adding Cold Fusion MX 7 to our server the site crashed. They had to reformat the entire server and it took a couple of days. But I really need this CF7 on my server to run the new features I'm installing on my haunt finder.

The damn program cost over $1,300.00 so its not like I wanted to add it or buy it but I had to... sorry about all the sites going down.

But now the server is better and can now handle the upgrades we're adding to our hauntedhouseonline website... very soon now we'll be uploading the upgrades and from there we'll start updating featured listings and banners.

Sorry about the mess.

Lastly, trying to work out all the bugs on this new forum as well. But its worth it... check out the LIVE CHAT feature that is awesome!!!