View Full Version : Need help guys- last room ideas?

05-04-2013, 03:30 PM
We have a haunt in an old warehouse and we want to change our ending. We
Have a big space, probably 40' by 20' . Our initial idea is to make a choose your own ending
With 2 seperate hallways or rooms. One being a hallway lined in fencing and an actor with Freddy
Like gloves sparking both sides. That room would be 1/3 of the space leavings big room on the
Other side for the other ending. So my question is what is a great final scare ( can't be chainsaws because
We already have them and our exit is close to the entrance so don't want patrons entering to know they
Are there). Do alternate endings even work from anyone with experience? Thanks for your feedback

Joe P
05-08-2013, 10:36 AM
I am stupid and we are going with one haunt with 6 endings but the way we are doing it is no group will be larger than 6 people and we are asking them to separate and pick a room. Hopefully it will drive up the curiosity for them to come back through or we wasted our efforts and some wont see some rooms, its a gamble. But we have some ok ideas for the final six. Its kind a choose your own fate sorta thing, there will be a chicken exit. But the idea for some people to separate will be terrifying in itself, but the final rooms had to be cool enough to bring them back. The downfall? Cool is expensive and if they don't come back that money was potentially wasted. I say get a gore galore puppet and bust that on people in the last set. One room is called the "EZ way out" which is a blacked out maze room on airbags that the patron triggers with a mat a third of the way through and rocks the room back and forth in the dark, by the way the walls are lined with shock mats and then an air cannon at the end. shhhh its a secret

05-08-2013, 11:18 AM
My first year at the Hex House, was their second year of operations, they introduced me to the alternative ending. We had people stop in front of a circus-barker who let you choose either the magic way out or you could leave through the forest. The magic end was made by Corn, one of the creative minds there. He built this fantastic box that a group of people squeezed into. The door closed, trapping them in total darkness. After few seconds, an air blaster shot off and the screams were fantastic. The people were let out by a secret door in the back and that was their end. Our other side, the forest, was more tamed down. I gathered tree branches and built an amazing forest. I built a Zoltar booth for an actor to slam against the plexiglass. Then I built a sliding hidden door for an actor to chase people out.

The set up worked, but not something I would recommend. It caused a lot of additional clogging of lines. We thought for sure our actors could guide and keep people moving, but when people in a haunt are given a choice, they are just indecisive. Much like the scared person trying to decide if they should go through the haunt at all.

I am for the huge scares. The rule of thumb should always be; Big scare at the beginning, big scare in the middle, then big scare at the end.