View Full Version : Subtle-tease, Screams and Laughter.

Jim Warfield
06-05-2007, 11:13 PM
Tonight a small group was here for the house tour, one guy and four young woman.
They were having such a great fun time here I just kept on keeping on running so inspired I also adlibbing a bit.....the tour ended after 3 hours!
We all sure seemed to laugh alot, all the while I was experimenting with some new poses and language rhythms finding that certain drawnout hesitations create ample time for their minds to over-work and anticipate incorrectly setting themselves up for my droll contrary reply.
I can save my voice this way too. Of course the clock just keeps on ticking......
Maybe the Ravens Grin will be re-named something to do with Gilligan's Island"...."A three hour tour!"
"Would you like the Bob Denver Omlett?"