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06-06-2007, 12:59 PM
As we are now well into our build season the media buying time is
coming up fast. This brings up the decision of where to spend our
hard earned boo bucks. Do you just write a check to the top 40 radio
stations in your market, or buy billboards, or go for TV

I wanted to share some simple tips that I refer to this time of year
to assist in those buying decisions. If you are not evaluating how
your customers get to your door, you may be wasting money.

In our queue line we employee two ladies dressed in Gypsy costumes
that have dozens of necklaces around their neck. She kindly asks as
many groups as she can while they are waiting in line a few
questions. In return for their responses she gives each person a
necklace. You will be surprised how many people come up to her
wanting to take our survey. Here are the questions we ask. Last
season we got over 15,000 surveys answered by our customers. The
cost of the necklaces was only 3 cent each.

1. How did you hear about us?
2. What zip code do you live in?

We have done this survey for a few years in a row to see what is
working. For us the best form of advertising based on the number of
people answering "How did you hear about it?" has been repeat
customer, word of mouth, internet, billboard, TV, radio in that

Granted this is all subjective to the amount of advertising you spend
on each medium. But you have to ask to know if it is working.

I also have a survey on our website when guest gives us feedback.
The questions are as follows. This type survey gives some insight
into the show itself.

1. What is your favorite part?
2. How long did you drive to get to Spookywoods?
3. How did you first hear about Spookywoods?
4. How many times do you attend yearly?
5. What is your age?

I highly suggest if you're not asking these types of questions
already that you plan on doing so this year.

Jim Warfield
06-06-2007, 08:46 PM
Customers arrive here from as much as 2-3 hours away on a regular basis because of customer satisfaction from previous experiences here over the last 20 years. Having the same location, same name all of this time does help alot too.
Being open for tours everynight of the year helps too.
A website does help alot too, the internet is the biggest , best, cheapest advertising ever conceived.
Maybe it works so well because people coming looking for your information and there it is. Any other type of an ad has to bombast at deaf and unconcerned multitudes busy with other thoughts and agendas.

06-07-2007, 10:59 AM
Good stuff Tony...

I will throw out a tip and thats LOOK INTO WEB MARKETING... its fast become the #1 place to market your products now. There are so many ways to market on the web but look into advertisements on myspace, where you can buy banners ads on users profiles, or buy banners ads on local radio station websites, popular local sites, local newspaper websites, and so forth.

I think its possible to now do all 110% of your marketing online with no radio what so ever. Now I'm not willing to try it just yet but I do think its possible.

Because think about this...

With radio you have 60 seconds right? If you get someone to your website, with a click through from another site you could have them for five minutes downloading videos, reading all about it, photos and more.

It doesn't really matter how someone hears about you as long as they do... but no one these days is coming to your haunt without first visiting your website. Getting to your website is priority #1!