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06-07-2007, 04:16 PM
We all have seen that creepy looking building that puts the thought in our head that, "Hey that'd make a great location for a haunt."

So my question is with money not being an issue, what building in the United States would you love to run a haunted house out of and why?

Please provide photos of the building if at all possible.

Jim Warfield
06-07-2007, 07:02 PM
I love my house and think it's pretty great as a haunted, haunted house but there was another house in this town for awhile that made me think about branching out!
It was on Cemetary Hill, a steep hill that puts you back into your seat as you drive up it. Right at the crest of the hill as the grave yard comes into veiw was this 1840 two-story house that had not been painted in 100 years, nobody had lived in it in maybe 35 years or more?
Yes it's ajoining property line neighbor was the city graveyard.
The house had a second-story porch built into the house and those old dark grey porch posts looked about as rotten as an 81 year-old candy-hog's teeth. Shrubbery was taking over, hiding the house from many angles of veiw.
I was told the house was full of it's old , original furniture and things.
What would I have done with this house?
There was maybe only parking for about 4 cars at one time, so I would have been renting it out as a Bed & Breakfast!
As guests would be spending their night in this creepy old shack with the "killer" location and scenery out the window, what do you think that I would have going on in there?
I would stand back and allow them to possibly terrorize themselves.
The night's survivors could feel good about seeing it through , then as they might be congratulating themselves upon being so Brave (and were walkiong out the back door to leave, carrying their night bags) The floor infront og them would virtually "Explode" infront of them as the nasty , evil creature would come rising up out of the basement making an instant feces festival in their undies.