View Full Version : Goretorium files for Chapter 11....

07-09-2013, 08:29 PM


Guess I better go use my free pass soon...


07-10-2013, 05:16 AM
I just saw this and was about to post it here. I lose... LOL!

But really? This guy is a great salesman to make us all believe that this attraction is doing great in Vegas. Oh well, at least the "Haunts in Ohio" (Anybody remember that quote?) aren't filing for bankruptcy!

07-10-2013, 11:46 AM
Doubt the facts will come out, but I think their lease payment is probably what created the biggest challenge for them to overcome. It's a good haunt with a great team, hope they are able to find a way to keep it open.

07-10-2013, 10:40 PM
Well, according to the Goretorium and Eli Roth, they plan on keeping it open while they undergo their restructuring. I guess that's some good news...


07-10-2013, 10:48 PM
This is actually awful freakin news.

The Goretorium, although still young, is famous and known throughout the US, their complete and utter failure in creating a business structure geared towards success makes headlines of nothing but bankruptcy. Landlords, public officials and other people who have influence over opening and seasonal haunts will see this and instantly think that this isn't a real industry. And that haunted attractions are just "no good".

It's almost as bad as the sixflags fire.

Very few industries can suffer as much as the haunt industry when it comes to negative PR. This made the lives and livelihood of many current and future haunted very difficult. Celebrities and other people f absurd wealth need to stay away from this business, they start off spending too much and can't dig themselves out fast enough, they cast a negative shadow on the people who do know what they're doing and just screw with our life in a very indirect manner. It's so frustrating!

Ohwell, guess about this time next year we'll be hearing the same thing about the new Rob Zombie haunted house....lol good luck dude, may House of 1000 Corpses save your butt in this lol!

07-11-2013, 01:16 AM
Here is my take... this attraction was DOOMED from the begging. People who don't know or understand the haunted house business shouldn't open one period. There takes a knowledge of operations, marketing and creative to do it... people who open haunted houses do them because they think they will make a lot of money or they think that would be fun. They are wrong on both ends... operating a haunted house on a large scale with lots of debt and bills is NOT FUN NOT EASY and 110% not a money making machine.

I've now seen MULTIPLE vendors from this industry try and fail to open haunted houses, I've seen celebrities try to open haunted houses, I've seen people attempt to create a chain of haunted houses all failed. People have lost their entire life to opening a haunted house and some people get in so deep over their heads it ruins their existing business.

Bottom line this just wasn't ever going to succeed... they spent way to much money, tried to make a haunted house more glamorous than it ever could be or should be, they put it in a spot where the rent was so high it never had a chance. People don't go to vegas to visit haunted houses they go there to gamble, get intoxicated and act stupid. LOL

Then to boot they charge a fee like its an amusement park... never going to happen.

I remember this topic coming up before when one person who acted like a know it all said... these guys plan on opening more of these, all these great things are going to happen, they are in the know and will be the first guys called basically... LOL! Listen if you haven't learned by now that people like to act like nice guys to get your business, or because they want you to believe they are more than they really are... the reality is I'd always rather deal with someone who shoots me straight and don't pull any punches so you know where you really stand. At the end of the day these guys said a lot of things but when its all said and done they failed because they tried to make a haunted house to be more than it really is.

I said it when it opened I called it spot on... this won't last even though a couple idiots who said they would open more and do great things said otherwise. Haunted Houses can't on its on support million dollar rents, tons of girls running around in a bar dancing in cages, or heck who's going to a haunted house to get a drink in VEGAS? I mean c'mon...

I don't agree that this is bad for the haunt industry... because we don't want our industry being homogenized or franchised we want people to know IT AINT EASY BABY... that is what this did more than anything. It reminded people that you can lose everything opening a haunt no matter who's name is on it or whatever...

This Rob Zombie thing happening LA that sound to me like another total disaster waiting to happen! You can't complete with Universal and Knotts not to mention Queen Mary and the five million other things going on in that town. But we'll see...

Go against the grain it will bite you every time!


07-11-2013, 08:20 AM

I disagree about zombie's haunt. It's going to do just fine because its about selling concert tickets first and the haunted houses are secondary. Kids will flock here to see these bands and then hike they're there they also get to your a cool haunt WHILE CHARGING ONLY $30!!!! That alone will kill universal. Universal plays more towards tourist now the local kids want something different and edgy and Zombie can deliver that. This isn't a year round haunt this is a festival and he'll see tens of thousands of people more than a typical haunted house all because its a concert first haunted house second. I'm going at least twice for bands I like at least. I wish I came up with the idea.


07-11-2013, 10:25 AM
LA is a BIG CITY... so there might be enough fans around there to check them out. Who knows... you have to remember that is a town where a 1000 bands play every single night. Rock for the most part is a totally dead format record labels aren't really supporting it anymore... right now its country, pop and rap. Halloween is first and foremost about just that Halloween everything else is secondary add on type of things... the main draw should be the haunted house aspects first and foremost. Universal and Knotts own that town... then on top of that you have Six Flags, Queen Mary, and then a bunch of other things. I will say this if it was going to work it could ONLY work in LA so if it does work it will be because of the city.

We'll see how that plays out... but my overall point is and still is that opening haunted houses are risky business and they can fail and ruin a person just as fast as they can make you a good business. Its not easy... and you defiantly do NOT under any circumstances rent million dollar locations blah, blah and expect to make it. Haunted Houses are popular but not that popular...


07-11-2013, 10:37 AM

I don't know how closely you follow the music and concert scene, but most on those bands playing will sell out in a flash. They're not trying to sell albums to the entire country they only need 5-10k people to buy tickets and some of those bands can do that in an hour or two. I know LA, they want big bands and Zombie alone could sell 10k tickets in his sleep, so could Blood on the Dance Floor and many others.

They'd make alone on people traveling in out of town or state people drive a whole day to see their favorite band play.


07-11-2013, 10:53 AM
I've never heard of Blood on the Dance floor ... I know people like Rock music and it does well for live shows but on the charts and selling music its not doing so well anymore. Maybe one day it will come back around... Country is kind of taking over right now along with Dance music. I've been around long enough to see things go up and down and back around so I'm sure it will eventually come back around. Reality is though like I said LA is a HUGE city and yeah there is probably a lot of people there to support that there but probably not anywhere else.

The whole event sounds more centered on music than Halloween...

I've been called in the past for touring events like Ozzies, Lollapoluza however you spell that, blah, blah where they wanted to set up a haunted house at the events. The problem is most of these concert venues have no space to do that, and or the codes are so tough its not possible for quick set up and take downs. I was looking at some images of the location this place apparently its a fair grounds something that is open year around and very well known to people... looks like they already have built in rides and more. This looks like a great location... but getting down to the brass tax how well will the haunts do to the rides, the concerts and everything else.

We'll see...