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07-22-2013, 09:40 AM
This year we're throwing around the idea of naming an actor, actress and rookie of the year. We've stayed away from this in the past due to egos and drama queens but have weeded out the issues over the years. We now have a solid core acting group. My question for anyone that does this is, How do you choose? As casting director I want no part of voting. Don't want the favortism card played. I can't see the actors voting because they don't get to see each other in action. We thought about an exit poll asking people what their favorite room was. Has anyone done that? Prizes would be trophys for actor and actress and a personalized blood splattered baseball bat for rookie.

07-23-2013, 09:22 AM
After visiting and talking to several haunt owners/actors, and what they do similar to this, we'll be adding this (this year). Zone managers and tour guides will hand out tickets to actors that did well during the night. Actors will do the same for tour guides at the end of the night. Multiple tickets can be given out each night to the same person (50/50 style tickets). At our end of the year banquet, the winning ticket will be pulled from a hat and the winner gets 500 bucks. Nice incentive to BRING IT throughout October.

07-23-2013, 11:51 AM
For me its not just about the best actor its also about dedication... did one guy always want to help out, always there when needed, enjoyed what they did, never missed a day, never complained, plus was a good actor? Its not just about who's the scariest although that is important.


Jim Warfield
07-24-2013, 12:13 AM
The Haunted House Chicago.com -Jim Warfield- Haunted Actor Of the Year award.
I do not vote upon nor pick the person getting this award that was named after me (So I could never win it again!) hahahah!
Some of those getting this award are noteworthy recipients!
I guess the voting is done via the people visiting the houses who write for Haunted House Chicago?
Unfairly, I have had more experience hours, nights and Years more than anyone.....I sure should be good at it!? (Even though I don't use any Make-up or much of a costume I Do keep people paying attention to what I am saying and doing in that small, dark room... called... "My Mind!"
Yes, My Mind invades and holds hostage... their minds!
Some fight this process but I have all the needed weapons, er.. "Tools", and I succeed in entertaining them, even those who are stubbornly resisiting .. at first....(Insert Evil laugh.. here~)