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06-10-2007, 06:06 PM
I noticed there re almost 14 people on.... why arent any of them in chat?

06-10-2007, 06:27 PM
I just logged on... the whole message board is new. I'm not sure if people are still seeing the old board and not this one. I'm going to look into this...

But as far as chatting goes, the whole thing is new. In the next few weeks we're going to have schedualed chats with industry professionals and really fire up the engine! You'll see everything start coming together in days ahead.

Additionally, I've been holding off waiting until everything is done but we'll be inviting over 6,000 new people to join our boards probably end of this week. We've got every haunter from coast to coast's email address and we'll be sending them an invite any day now.

I think some people as I said are still finding the old board, I've got to fix that.