View Full Version : Gift Shop Sales and Line entertainment

06-11-2007, 01:47 PM
Hi to all my haunters brothers and sisters out there. I wanted to take a sec and say thanks for all the support we've gotten in the past few months for our new tV show.

The Horror Host game can be as wacky as haunting, with the personalities and hardships seeming all too familiar.
and it's good to check in back 'home' now and then.

So as a little payback, I had an idea I hope can help us both.

If any of you would like to purchase our dvd's for sale in your gift shop, I'll give you a great deal.

you get a 10 pack of dvd's,5 each 2 different volumes , each with almost 4 hours of programming on them. for only

yup, and they'll sell for 20.00 a piece no problem.
but here's the big thank you,
I will give you the rights to use them as line entertainment for your show

So you get PLENTY of etertainment for your que lines, and it will act as a sales tool for selling them later.

so that's 100.00 for 200.00 in merchandise PLUS free line entertainment

if you haven't seen anything of the show yet, go here and we've put a little clip show together.

it's just our segments, not the movie.

Thanks again, for all your support for the haunted attraction based TV show.
and of course if you have a public access station in your area and would like to get our show on there year round, I can get them rights to it, no problem.