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09-13-2006, 06:30 PM
If you go to my website and go to the about us page and look at the second photo you will see the tour truck. The grave yard in the back of the truck is made like a table that sets in the bed of the truck. I uncovered it today and put the tomb stones back on it and the two skulls so that this weekend it could be placed back into the bed of the truck. The skulls are kept on by a rod that is put through a hole in the plywood it is then bent over and nailed to the wood with a fence tack. So I have this thing standing on end and I start nailing the tack in and this prop start moning and groning at me! I stopped and didn't hear anything so I start bang away again. More moning and groning, now my hair on my neck is standing up, so I look over the top and see the tomb stones and the skulls but the sound has stopped. So once again I start and as soon as I do this thing comes to life again, I look around thinking that my brother is play a trick on me but, he is no where. So I stand back and throw the hammer at it and sure as s&!t it starts up again. I am freaking out and then I see a small hole in one of the 2x4s. I have seen these holes before, wood borging bees, when I got one of them to come out it was as big house. I took a drill and a small bit and started to drill holes in it to find out how big the nest was and it was not that bad but then bee guts started coming out on the drill bit. I made some bigger holes and filled it with foming wasp spray, soon all was quiet. Now all I have to worry about is zombie bees.

09-13-2006, 07:09 PM
I just use Great Stuff and seal those suckers right up with their handy work.
If the so and so is tuff enough to crawl free of the "tomb" they land on the ground in a wad of Great Stuff goo. That solves that problem.....
ever try to get that stuff off your hands?

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