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06-20-2007, 03:29 PM
IAAPA.com sent me over all the details for Universal Horror Nights tour at IAAPA Show in Orlando 2006.

Fright Night Behind the Scenes at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Night
Thursday, November 15
4:30 - 7:00 pm
Take a very special tour to a very frightening place! Universal Orlando Resorts offers one of the best Halloween experiences in the business and this year IAAPA is offering a unique look behind the scenes of these thrilling attractions. From the Dungeon of Terror to the Psycho Path Halloween Horror Night leaves nerves frayed and hearts pounding. Universal’s creative team will take you through their Halloween house and maize experience and will explore with you the design features, operational challenges and other aspects of managing a truly scary experience.

You must be 16 years or older to participate. Separate registration fee required (IAAPA members - $65; non-members - $80)

06-20-2007, 05:47 PM
Hahaha... Anyone want to sponsor a college student to go down there for educational reasons? Remember, we are the future of haunting!!!

Thanks for the info. Larry. -Tyler

06-20-2007, 06:57 PM
To add to Larry's post........

I would like to take a moment to thank the I.A.H.A. Board Members who have met with I.A.A.P.A. to make the following possible, it's because of the dedication of people such as yourselves that make this Industry better every year!

The IAHA Board of Directors is happy to report that IAHA and IAAPA have reached an agreement for the benefit of Haunted Attraction Members of both associations.

The International Association of Haunted Attractions (IAHA – www.iahaweb.com) and The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA – www.iaapa.org) will work together to offer benefits to haunted attraction operators. “Since both our organizations serve haunted attraction owners and operators, this arrangement just made sense,” said IAAPA Executive Vice President Susan Mosedale. “We are confident members of both organizations will benefit.” Many of IAHA’s members already attend the IAAPA Attractions Expo, which will be held this year in Orlando, FL from November 12 -16. “As a result of this arrangement, IAHA members attending this year’s IAAPA trade show will see many benefits,” said Ken Donat, IAHA Tradeshow Committee Chair.

IAAPA will offer IAHA members a free trial membership valid from July 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007 (A $495 value). This membership will entitle all IAHA members to attend the IAAPA Attractions Expo 2007 in Orlando this November for the member rate of $80 (compared to the non-member price of $190). IAHA members will also be able to attend the Attractions Management School at the member price of $210 (compared to the non-member price of $335) and the workshop sessions for free (compared to the non-member price of $285).
On Thursday, November 15, IAAPA will host a behind the scenes tour of Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights. This event is open to all IAAPA and IAHA members. Not only will IAHA members receive the discounted IAAPA member price of $65, but IAHA members will also be given the first opportunity to register for this “limited availability” event.

“Universal’s Halloween Horror Night’s is one of the nation’s most respected haunted attractions,” said IAHA Marketing Director Brett Bertolino. “I am extremely excited that this agreement will allow our members to tour this extraordinary attraction during the off-season. Like the chance to see the Netherworld Haunted House at IAAPA's Attractions Expo in Atlanta last year, this is an opportunity not to be missed!”

For additional details about the benefits of this partnership, please visit www.IAHAweb.com/news.

IAAPA is the premier trade association for the attractions industry worldwide. Founded more than 80 years ago, IAAPA is the largest international trade association for permanently-situated amusement facilities and attractions worldwide and is dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the amusement industry. IAAPA represents more than 4,100 facility, supplier, and individual members from more than 90 countries. Member facilities include amusement/theme parks, water parks, attractions, family entertainment centers, arcades, zoos, aquariums, museums, science centers, resorts, and casinos. IAAPA is a non-profit organization. Funds generated for the association by its involvement in trade shows are returned to the association to fund services for its members and the industry. IAAPA maintains offices in Europe and the United States.

06-20-2007, 09:03 PM
Wait! 2006! OH no! We all missed it! :-D

06-21-2007, 03:37 AM
If you're an IAAPA member its the same price $65.00... so no big deal unless you're not an IAAPA member then I guess it is if you want to save a few bucks. If you're not an IAAPA member I think the event costs $95.00 per person, but if you sign up early it might be a few bucks off not sure.

For the money you would pay to join several smaller amusement assocaitions you could join IAAPA ... If you join you get discounts into thier show, Funworld Magazine, a really cool buyers guide that is over 500 pages, and all sorts of other stuff.

Everyone should be an IAAPA member because IAAPA is really the only assocaition in the amusement industry that really performs for all of us... there are many small and unique asssociations for niche industries, but IAAPA covers ALL amusement operators small and big.

I've been a member of IAAPA since 1995 I think... if you don't join you can't even exhibit at their show. Amazing huh. LOL. IAAPA also send out a daily newsletter about all things going on in the amusement industry from haunted houses to major amusement parks.

For whatever reason though VERY few haunted house owner attend IAAPA show even when a MAJOR haunted house like Netherworld opens its doors... I have a few idea's behind that. MOST haunters are nomadic and must take their show down from one year to the next, and when do they take it down? Hmmm... the same time the IAAPA show is going on! The most haunters I've ever seen at an IAAPA show in one year was maybe 30 to 40 tops. When you go to Transworld you see 1,000 plus... November is just bad timing for most haunted house owners unfortunatly. IAAPA understands this but there is nothing they can do about it... Haunts are just busy right up to Thanksgiving tearing stuff down, or they're just plain WORN out from the season, one or the other or both.

I'll keep trying to convince haunters to attend the IAAPA show atleast once every three years at the least! Very soon my company will be opening a MAJOR indoor family fun center. We already have and own a $200,000 electric go kart system just sitting in a warehouse. I'll tell you something, many haunters should look into opening something like this because your haunt can coexist with something like this and will help your business.

We will be building MOST of the attractions ourselves (Laser Tag, Mini Golf, theming) but its almost impossible to to open something like this without going to IAAPA I can tell you that!!! I find many awesome things at IAAPA even for just my haunt!!!

Transworld will always be KING for haunts, but sneak in an IAAPA or two every 3 to 5 years...you'll thank yourself for it!

Anyway no matter how you cut it... make sure you come out and see the Universal Horror Nights back stage tour. That should be a fun event!!! Its should be worth the $65.00 if you're an IAAPA member or the $95.00 if you're not. I'll be buying a ticket!!!


06-21-2007, 05:22 AM
The real deal here this year is you don't have to be an IAAPA member to receive the member discounts. If you're an IAHA member you get the same benefits as an IAAPA member and IAHA members get first crack at signing up for this great event.

If you're not an IAHA member and plan on going to IAAPA this year you should DEFINITELY join IAHA and save $$$. You will more than pay for the cost of an IAHA membership in savings at the IAAPA show and the events.

06-21-2007, 11:02 AM
Its too bad that haunters don't go to the IAAPA show... sorry to say but thats the sad truth. Haunters feel that either IAAPA doesn't have anything for them in terms of products (which isn't truth), or they do not have time to go (which is the truth). I've begged people to go and everyone is either 110% worn out, or they're taking down their show, packing up, or whatever. Then you've got the people who say they can't get any more time off work, or they had a bad season and can't afford it, blah, blah, blah.

I think every year I see about 30 haunt owners show up at IAAPA each year, and another 30 or so people who are in some way related to the industry come. When IAHA tried to have their annual meeting at IAAPA one year they couldn't have a vote because they didn't mean the quarom (hope I spelled that right).

If ever people were going to show up it was that year, because that was the year everyone was mad, and people showed up just for that vote! It was the biggest turn out I'd ever seen but not enough!

IAAPA would love nothing more than to have all the haunters, and all the haunt vendors at their show. Personally I think it would be great to have only one show, but November is not good for the vendor or the buyers for our industry.

I will be at IAAPA with bells on, I look forward to this show every year, its an amazing show. It will take any person a couple days just to walk the show floor.

But I would NOT expect some magical turnout at IAAPA, on the other hand you can expect a magical turnout at TW...LOL

I think this TOUR of Universal Horror Nights will hopefully bring out MORE haunters, because this is exactly what haunters like to do and see... OTHER HAUNTS! We'll be promoting the universal tour in the magazine and on the site for some time to come!!! I hope to see more haunters come out this year!


06-21-2007, 03:38 PM
So.... anyone, sponsor? anyone... college kid, consider it an "educational funding trip"...

I know Timmer and I have discussed trying to get IAHA to sponsor the haunters that are in college (like myself and others) to go to one or two haunt conventions to LEARN!!!

We're talking doing EVERY seminar, EVERY coinsiding bus tour, etc... it would be a chance for IAHA to put it's door into the REAL future of haunting.... US!!!

Netherworld, Darkness, TOTF... these haunts won't be around for forever! So think, IAHA sponsoring one student haunter a year... sending them (free to the student) to one, maybe two, MAJOR conventions to LEARN about haunting, like a "Haunting U"!!!!

Maybe someday this can be worked out. -Tyler