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Mr. Haunt
06-26-2007, 03:59 PM
Is there a good place to find haunts that are for sale other then what is posted on here? The classified section at hountworld is not working. I know that some are posted at the back section of the magazine, but I am not a subscriber.

Thanks for your help.


06-26-2007, 06:55 PM

I also believe www.frightprops.com has some wall panels for sale! -Tyler

06-26-2007, 09:19 PM
Frightsprops does not have the panels for sale any longer. Doug sold them to a guy in the Nashville area who has in turn sold them all to someone else with the exception of 50 panels which I purchased.

The haunts for sale on www.hauntrepreneurs.com (http://www.hauntrepreneurs.com/) are way over priced for what you get! I purchased a used haunt from Halloween Productions and received a much better, highly detailed haunt for half the price of a haunt on www.hauntrepreneurs.com (http://www.hauntrepreneurs.com). Just my two cents!

07-04-2007, 10:19 PM
I would NOT buy any haunts from Pickel... he sells HIGH and is the middle man between the owner and buyers so he's trying to keep the price high so he can make more money. Typically those people selling used haunts in Pickels magazine will sell for 1/4th that price if you talk to the owner.

In my opinion the best place to find a used haunt is right here on the trading board... make a post that you're looking I'm sure you'll find someone selling.

I know Jim UpChurch was selling his entire show on the trading board.

Keep a sharp eye because people are selling all the time. I usually see 5 to 10 per year come up for sale.