View Full Version : Have a great Idea

06-27-2007, 02:20 PM
I am not quite in the business yet, I am still working hard to find a location and a building and all, actually just found an hotel for cheap! Any way, the Idea I have, may or may not have been done But I would like to know what you think, or if I can make any improvements on it. I actually have two.

1. A rotating picture. The Idea is a drum behind a wall, with several pictures that rotate into a frame. With a few holes for actors to pop through. Would anyone have any suggestions on how this could work? or any disadvantages?

2. Mental theme park. I like this one but it puts my insurance through the roof. The complex we will be surround by large fence, (including Parking lot). all the doors in the Asylum are "power controlled". As well as the fence gate. At 11:00 on Saturday, the power fails and This allows the patients to run free, scaring people all over the place. Does anyone think this would work or do you think it may cause "unnessecery" risk to both actors and/or patrons?

I would appreciate any input.

Just a curious question, Is there any room in the industry any more for a good old fashioned Psycholocial Haunted house?

Mobhit (Future Haunted House owner)