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09-14-2006, 10:52 PM
Hauntworld.com is on pace right now to break every record in the books...

Right now we're doing about 18,000 visitors PER DAY!

I'm expecting that to get to 25,000 or 30,000 per day before the end of the month. We estimate Hauntworld.com will do about 550,000 visitors this month. Last year same month we did about 260,000 visitors.

Overall we're expecting to do around 1.6 million for October but its too early to tell yet...however if September doubles as we expect it to then we'll double for October as well.

For the entire year we're on pace to do about 5 million unique visitors.

Pretty soon you will find Hauntworld.com Posters in EVERY single Spirit Halloween Superstore (roughly 300 stores), we also have a front page link on this site as well. This will boost our traffic a lot.

We also launched a national PR effort to draw visitors to the site. Its VERY possible that Hauntworld.com could do MORE than 3 million just for October...at this point I don't know.

It will be off the charts no matter what thats for sure...

Right now according to ALEXA.com there isn't ANY haunted site even doing HALF of our traffic right now. Matter of fact Findhauntedhouses.com passed up HauntedHouse.com on their chart.

Things are going well folks!

Next year EVERYTHING will change, the site will change, the haunt listings will change you name it. All for the better!!!

I want you to know that Hauntworld.com is BEHIND your attraction and we support you in everyway possible.

Good luck and Happy Hauntings.
Larry Kirchner

09-14-2006, 11:15 PM
Good deal man...keep up the great work. You will dominate in hits this year and break all the reocrds.