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07-09-2007, 01:59 PM
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27TH LIVE AND IN PERSON! Betsy Palmer aka "Pamela Voorhees" from Friday the 13th Part One will be here signing autographs for all her devoted children.
The signing will be from 12pm-7pm CST.

We are offering the Commemorative Ticket Package and an optional Speedpass Ticket
The Commemorative Ticket Package includes:
• a color/glossy Commemorative ticket
• a 11x17 color/glossy Commemorative poster

Last time for Doug we had a new feature, Speedpass.
This time is no exception, although the Speedpass has been re-worked to better serve you.
The initial ticket price is $25 and that will get you (2) two autographs on any two items that you bring (or you can get your poster and ticket signed).
The speedpass is an additional $10 ($35 total) but the advantage of this special ticket is that say you arrive at the store at 5:45pm, as soon as you are logged in you will be escorted to the front of the line and be the very next person to meet Betsy, by passing everyone else in line (or you can call ahead to schedule a specific time to meet her). The purpose for this ticket is to provide a service for those people who cannot afford to stand in line 2-1/2 hours or longer.
The Commemorative Ticket Package and the Speedpass are only available to advanced ticket holders.
We will be limiting the availability of Speedpass tickets, so please call or email on availability.
The “walk-up ticket” will be slightly different looking ticket and will NOT include the 11x17 color/glossy Commemorative poster (which will be available for purchase the day of the event) nor have the Speedpass option. Every ticket includes (2) autographs on any (2) items you bring yourself.
For those who aren't familiar with how the signing will go, here's the breakdown:
• A ticket is required to meet Betsy Palmer/Pamela Voorhees
• Each ticket is $25 and that gets you (2) two autographs on any two items that you bring (ie you want 4 items signed, that requires 2 tickets)
• Any item purchased in the store on the DAY OF, will be signed for free • Betsy will have her own 8x10 photos available at an additional charge • Betsy's DVD A Scream Queen Legend: In Her Own Words, we are expecting to have a limited number of these on hand for purchase the day of the signing
• Tickets may be purchased online, in our store, or over the telephone @ 414-486-1751
• All tickets will now be held at the counter for will call, please have picture ID available, if you order online please print out your order email and bring that with you.
• Once the Speedpass and/or VIP tickets sell out, only "walk-up tickets" will be available, and you will not receive the Commemorative ticket or poster
• Everyone who has a ticket is guaranteed to meet Betsy Palmer, we are expecting to cut off ticket sales at some point so don’t delay in getting your ticket early, last time for Doug we stopped selling tickets at 3pm. Betsy will be signing until approx 7pm or until the last person in line has their items signed.
• Everyone who meets Betsy will have approx 5-10 minutes of personal face-time with her one-on-one. You can talk to her about whatever, and if you bring a camera she will pose for pictures. We will have staff on hand to take photos if you need it.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 414-486-1751 or email us at store@graveyardrecords.com


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