View Full Version : No BIG halloween Party for me this year :( .. But I was wondering

07-10-2007, 06:47 PM
Howdy HauntWorld,

As some of you know since seeing my party pics, I put up a nice detailed party. Well, this year cannot and probably will NOT happen. I already had to call a few companies that I bought from at Transworld to cancel my order. I feel so bad for canceling, but at this time I could not follow through. Hopefully no hard feelings will come from that and we all could work together another day/season.

So my point of this thread wasn't to cry on haunt worlds shoulder, but to ask a question. I was wondeering if there are ANY haunts on the East Coast looking for help, not as an actor, but as someone that could come down and help setting up ones haunt during the summer/fall? It would be fun and I'm up for helping out as many haunts that need it. It would also be a learning experience for me. Also I would be volunteering my time and require no payment. So if your on the east coast and need help let me know and I'll come and help. Just so your aware I'm right near the Boston area.