View Full Version : Friday the Thirteenth!! Give me ten more!

Jim Warfield
07-14-2007, 07:38 AM
Last night, Friday number 13 was Very busy here. Why?
Friday and the 13th And the weather was perfect, no storms, not real hot and my first big group were people in town for Grandpa's funreal! (Can't miss with a captive audience, even if they seem pretty somber, averall)
I could not have handled the people here last night without the excellant help from my wife, Jessica! What a "Trooper"! She kept going even though she still has on her Poison Sumac "makeup" that she has been fighting for the last week!
How do you apply it? Very simple to do. Take one new weed-wacker, walk into a bunch of poison sumac with it running, throwing it all over you.
"It's the Sumac -Zombie! Run for your life!"
Early on she tried to keep a straight face (through massively swollen eyes) and tell some of my family that I had beat her and that she was leaving! She couldn't hold back, then she began laughing!

07-14-2007, 08:51 PM
You know a lot of people have been doing these spring break (scream break) but you know what... I think a much better idea is to open for a Friday the 13th weekend rather than Spring break. Spring break is in NO way associated with Halloween, in really kinda a dumb idea really unless you're someone like Cydney Neil who can promote the hell out of it. Opening for a Friday the 13th is MUCH better because you can get radio stations on board and more.

Something to consider down the road. Larry

Jim Warfield
07-15-2007, 08:01 AM
A local woman said:"Those movies were So Scary!" ("Friday The 13th")
I said, "Those weren't "movies", they were documentarys!"
I did not promote a Friday the 13th weekend or night here, popular superstitious thinking and the movie and TV shows did .
Enjoying really nice predictable summer weather, not too hot, no storms forecast helped too, also now once again having a large nice campground just 3 miles down the road helps too. Four? Years ago they restarted under new owners, it had been closed for a few years .
I also had people show up who had been here before, one guy 18 years ago!
(We got to scare him infront of his family a few times, this was fun!)
Same location, same name for 20 years does pay off in the long-term of things.
We had people screaming at Halloween levels this weekend! (Ouch! Go the ears)
Friday night also saw at least one person in each of the first three tours do some nasty in their pants. The resulting smell that followed them through the house did not leave the issue in doubt! (I have absolutely no fetish involving such a thing, it was almost stomach-turning, but at least it wasn't in MY Pants!)
Of course the guilty acted as if this was normal and they seemed normal otherwise too!?
Very strange........