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07-15-2007, 09:37 PM
Does anyone suggest a very rough timeline of sorts when planning to open a haunted attraction? Like how long before planned opening should you do this and that and so on...

Also, once open does anyone really follow a schedule that works throughout the year? Planning for next year, marketing plans for the next year, purchasing props/haunts, building, etc., etc.

Thank you!

07-15-2007, 10:47 PM
Start planning for 2008 today.
If your NOT working on 2007 already, it's too late.

Jim Warfield
07-16-2007, 12:02 AM
Working towards an October finale....well I am working on my house non-stop of course it is not all directly Halloween related , directly.
This last winter I built two real brick walls in the basement replacing two wooden walls. I made arches in the brick to make them look like maybe they were 135 years old, like the brick themselves, then I enlarged the doorway and made a automatic pnuematic door out of steel plates all welded together. If power or air quits nobody is trapped by the door it can be manually moved open. It startles or scares people on every tour.
I am also creating a antique fireplace of my own design for the Victorian bedroom.
I am using a big piece of fancy cast iron that was the base of an old gravity hot air furnace probably manufactured around 1920. I cut doors out of the center, hinged them, basically standing this piece on-end, putting bricks behind it , mostly for looks... then at night I operate the tours, narrating and leading people through here. Tonight a family from Oaklahoma was here and were they FUN!
Dad, Mom and Son took turns letting out their big, scared YELL! when I would "get Them!" Hysterical!
We were almost half-way through the house when the son told me how great this house was, so I had the distinct pleasure of informing him that he hadn't seen it all yet by any means! (Maybe he was saying these things to buy a "pass"?
"Don't make me scream again!"
I am working on this place ALL the time and I never feel "ready". I guess it's a "work-in-progress"?

damon carson
07-16-2007, 11:23 AM
Jim you are always building with brick when everyone else is using plywood. Your using steel when everyone is using styrofoam. LOL! I have to give you credit your not afraid to work! Or just like using solid materials that are definately gonna stand a beating or still be standing after your long gone. I have to condone you and give you much credit for that. Most of us would be in an early grave if we had to do what you have done with that house.