View Full Version : PLEASE Help; Paintball Shooting Gallery Questions?

07-20-2007, 01:27 PM
We are going to do a paintball shooting gallery this year. I some haunters do this at their attraction. If anyone could answer some of these questions or even post pictures of their gallery that would be helpful.

1. How far away should the shooters be from the actor they are shooting at?
2. What do you charge?
3. Safety measures taken for actor? customers?
4. How big is your shooting gallery?
5. How successful has this been for you? (i.e., is it worth my time to set up)

Any and/or all hints, suggestions, etc.. are welcomed, the more the merrier!!!


07-20-2007, 01:48 PM
I would also be interested in the liability insurance issue as well as how hard is it to get actors to volunteer for this?

damon carson
07-20-2007, 02:38 PM
Weve done it in the past. Pay your actors a little extra for taking the shots. Pad them up well. Have them wear the protective eyeware/helmets ect. Ours was at pretty close range. The arena was about 100 ft long and 25ft wide. We had barrels we painted to look like toxic barrels w/spray foam painted glowing green coming out the tops. We dressed our guys up as zombies. You need a barker to make this really work. Someone who can talk it up and dare the people to shoot. Only fill your guns with the shots they pay for at the time they are shooting. We only had two shooters at a time. We set up a table for them to stand behind. And they were in an enclosed area as well so they couldnt really shoot anywhere but straight on. And someone was at the table at all times when they shot. We never had any problems. Except maybe a few small bruises where the shots got lucky.