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Raycliff Manor
07-23-2007, 12:10 PM
I wanted to share the announcement that just went out to IAHA Members. I just like those of you considering membership to be aware of the exciting things going on!


Greetings IAHA Members!

As the IAHA Internal P.R. Director, I’m happy to present to you the second Board Meeting update! This will be the first update presented to you using Constant Contact. In our effort to better maintain good communication between the board and members, we will continue to send updates following the board meetings, as well as updates on IAHA and haunt related news and announcements. There is a lot of exciting IAHA news to share so… on to the news!

Transworld 2008!

The IAHA Board of Directors is hard at work exploring numerous exciting possibilities for making Transworld 2008 in Las Vegas, an event to remember. I can’t say too much yet, but I can promise you that there are incredible things to come. As things evolve and once things are nailed down, you can bet I’ll be sending out the latest information!

Update on Midwest Haunters Convention

During the IAHA Board meeting, Mike “Tattoo” Krausert, provided an update on the Midwest Haunters Convention. In his review, Tattoo used words like “blown away”, “great show” and talked about writing a “glowing review”. Be on the lookout for Tattoo’s write-up on the event. I know I’ll be looking forward to reading it! One thing he discussed was the fact that IAHA sponsored several networking opportunities at Midwest Haunters Convention for members and guests, rather than traditional booth services. This and the BBQ on the roof at the Erebus Haunted Attraction during HauntCon are a couple of examples of IAHA’s decision to “think outside the box” and provide new, fun and interesting ways of making a presence while introducing people in the industry to our association. From the reports I’ve heard, this is proving to be quite successful! The IAHA Board and members are really shifting the paradigm creatively and the positive impact is already being felt!


Many of you have probably already received your IAHA Census in the mail. For those of you who haven’t, please be patient; there are 200 more being mailed in the next couple of days, so yours is probably on its’ way. The IAHA Census is a direct result of the board’s desire to respond to the members’ request for good industry and market data. We realize that the census has room for improvement, and it will continue to evolve, but we felt it was important to initiate an effort and get the ball rolling. When completing the survey, if you find that any of the questions are not applicable to you, or you run into a question that you aren’t comfortable answering, please enter “N/A” in the space provided and complete the rest of the survey. The results of this survey will finally enable IAHA to provide its’ members current industry and market data that haunted attraction owners can provide their sponsors, investors, lenders and the press and media. Your participation helps us to help you as individuals and the industry as a whole!

Yahoo List Etiquette

Very soon, you will receive an email with the revised IAHA Yahoo Email List Etiquette. Please take a moment to review this information. The board approved changes have been made as a direct result of input and feedback from the members regarding the IAHA Yahoo List. We want to make sure that IAHA members are able to obtain value from the emails and correspondence on the list and that abuse of the list does not interfere with this taking place. As a part of the new etiquette policy, action will be taken to prevent such abuse and ensure the quality of this communication method. This is a perfect example of how you as members have directed the actions of the board to improve IAHA!

Scream Zine and TAP Magazine

We hope that you are enjoying the Scream Zine and Tourist Attraction & Parks magazine articles. Have you ever read an announcement or article and thought to yourself, “How do I get an articles published in Scream Zine or TAP?”, or “I could write an article that would benefit the association members.”? If so, we’d love to hear from you! If you have industry related articles, announcements, updates, pictures, etc., please share them with us! This is your association and we’d love to have your participation! If you aren’t sure who to send your articles, announcements, updates and pictures to, just send them to me at info@eurekascreams.com and I’ll be sure to forward them on to the right individual for consideration.

IAHA News Page

If you haven’t been to the IAHA NEWS page of the IAHA website, be sure to check it out at http://www.iahaweb.com/news/. Bookmark the page and pop in regularly for IAHA and IAHA member news. Recent news posted on this page includes information about the Friday the 13th National Press Release. This press release was the first “priming the pump” press release in a series of scheduled press releases to take place as an endeavor to keep haunted attractions in forefront and on the minds of the press and media. We are confident that the benefits of this and the remaining press release efforts will positively impact the industry and association members, but back to the point at hand. The IAHA NEWS page of the site is just another method of the association’s commitment to providing good communication between the board and the members using several mediums to do so.

Exciting Times We Live In!!!

The Board of Directors and I would like to take the time to say thanks to each and every one of you for your participation! We have never known the association to be as unified as it is today and to be truly SCREAMING AS ONE! As I’ve already mentioned, this is your association. The IAHA Board of Directors is not a private club and we know and understand that our role as volunteers of this association is to serve the best interest of the industry and the association members. We know that we can only do so with your participation. We are overwhelmed by the showing of interest and support we are experiencing right now. All of your participation, whether it is feedback, suggestions, the contribution of an article, pictures of an event for Scream Zine, or even an email note of support, collectively motivates us and promotes and affects positive momentum. When you hear interviews like the one between Jonathan Johnson and Rich Hanf on Rotting Flesh Radio, in which Rich says that the haunt industry is experiencing a renaissance, it just confirms what we are all feeling. The tide is rising and we are all living in exciting times for the haunted attraction industry. As we continue to work together for the benefit of the greater purpose, we will all realize the potential and rewards together!

Onward and upward while paying it forward!