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Jim Warfield
09-17-2006, 11:42 AM
Last night as some guys were just done seeing my house the one man said he has been here numerous times and he asked me what he could do to get his friends to want to come all the way to Mount Carroll to enjoy my house?
He said they complain that such a long drive from Chicago to here is like driving to "Iowa", well we are only ten miles from the Miss. River and "Iowa" is across that body of water, no arguing this fact.
All that I could come up with to try to get his friends out here is to talk about the marvelous camping and natural sites of the Miss. Palasades State park on the river and the widest spot of the entire river is in Thomson, Ill.with a 2,000 year old Indian burial mound right next to this place.
His major problem is describing my house and the house tour to them, I guess?
I then told him that I had been running my house for many years before some other people came to see it and then they described it for me, in terms that I had never thought of, even though I am the one doing all of this!
I guess this could be defined as the old, "Being too close to it to see what it is" syndrome?
My wife, Jessica did do some survey work asking some of last night's customers how they liked their house tour since we had some helpers doing alot of it?
We had very good feed-back on this score! Allright!
I had to laugh when I overheard John telling the group that the old cistern at the end of the hallway was "The Ravens Grin Inn Olympic pool!" For whatever reason his German (affected) accent was great! Then he took off running away from them all as they were looking down into the "pool", so he could get them again.
There are steel, welded bars blocking anyone from falling or getting into the cistern, there is the lower half of a female manniquin floating down there with a speaker with my ex's voice playing from it, it's neat the way her voice echos up from way down there........
Who says I resemble "Dr. Lector"? He resembles ME!

09-17-2006, 09:53 PM
Sorry Jim, Love your posts, and your haunt was very cool when we saw it last year...but where was a 'problem' in the above post? Ya lost me, but that tends to happen a lot when I read your stuff!! ;)

Greg Chrise
09-17-2006, 11:06 PM
Doctor Phil would just say this guy needs some new better friends!